Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh girl, 27 year old, 5'-3", working as Electrical Engineer in Vancouver, looking for Jatt Sikh preferably Doc/ Eng/ MBA boy settled in USA/ Canada. WhatsApp: 1-778-955-7338.

Wanted suitable match for US citizen Sikh Khatri girl, 34 yrs, 5'-4", Doctorate of Pharmacy (USA), MBA (USA), working as Hospital Pharmacist in Michigan. Divorced, no children. Looking for a well educated Sikh boy who resides in USA. Caste no bar. Email: WhatsApp Number +1-262-506-4748, No calls.

Suitable match for professionally qualified Jatt Sikh beautiful, slim girl US citizen born in Oct '87 and height 5'-6",. She graduated with Masters in Public Health, Biostatistics, currently she is working as Quantiative Research Analyst with well-renowned hospital research institution in Northern California. We are well settled family in the U.S. for the past 35 years. Please contact with biodata and recent pictures: or WhatsApp at (530) 218-5948.

Well-settled Jat Sikh professional family of Canada, looking for professional qualified match for their Canadian citizen daughter, 24 years old, 5'-2", fair, beautiful, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) working as Senior Accountant in Toronto, raised and educated in Canada. Email:

Jat Sikh professionally qualified match for beautiful, smart, well-cultured girl, November 1991, 5'-5", Masters from the world renowned University. Working in MNC in India. Well-connected Chandigarh based family. Email:

Upper caste match for Goyal, 5'-5", 15.08.1983, unmarried, fair healthy, ME (PEC), MNC, Gurugram, 22 LPA. Parents Doctors.Preferred NCR, Bangluru, Mumbai, Pune, Tricity. Whatsapp: 95017-07788.

Doctor only from USA or Canada for 32/5'-3" girl, born and raised in USA, doing first year of Residency in Psychiatry. Contact at

Suitable match for Sikh Tonk Kashatriya beautiful fair girl, 1988, 5'-2½" B.Tech. CSE, working Mohali. Parents retired  Govt. employee. Preferred Tricity/ abroad settled, WhatsApp contact 82848-67772, 97800-68513.

Seeking a tall, well educated, clean shave Saini or Jatt match for our US born daughter. Born in 90, 5'-8", Bachelor of Environmental Science, Master of Health Care Administration. Working as Business Operations partner. US and Canada only. Please email biodata and picture to:

Wanted tall, handsome, never married, professional Jat Sikh match, preferably working in the USA, for our daughter who is US citizen, beautiful, fair complexioned, never married, IT professional, aged 39, 5'-7" tall, and belongs to an educated Jat Sikh Sidhu family from Ludhiana, Punjab, currently well settled in the USA. She earned her Bachelor Degree from UC, Davis. She is now working for an IT Company in the DC Metro area and draws a handsome salary. Please send particulars and picture at: or WhatsApp: +12404297477.

Match for 5'-7",27 years, BA, ETT, Hindu Arora girl, hearing 50% working on contract basis in Chd. administration . Tricity preferred. Contact: 90414-01168, 98140-40475.

Match for Jat Sikh, Nov.1985, 5'-6", B.Com, MBA (f) girl. Father retd. Gazetted Officer. 95018-53070.

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeking well settled alliance for their Australian citizen daughter - 38, 5'-5", fair, beautiful, young looking and never married. Highly educated with double Master' Degree, working as a Senior Manager in a MNC in Sydney. Family well settled in Australia from last two decades, working at reputable positions. Please email details with recent pics at

Green card/ American citizen match for Sikh girl, April 87/ 5'-8", DDS (student- completing April 2021). No bars. Whatsapp 9988019191.

Suitable alliance for beautiful girl, very fair complexion, smart, intelligent, convent educated, Height 5’-6”, 1985 born, Serving as PCS, status family. Father retired Bureaucrat. No caste consideration. Contact: 6280136178 or Whatsapp.

PQM for Jat Sikh working girl in MNC in Gurgaon, 85 born. 98016-13001, Email:

Match for Khatri beautiful girl, 5'-5"/ 1.6.1995, 7:05 p.m. Patiala, convent educated, MCA. Biodata on whatsapp 9478725200 or mail:

Match for very fair and beautiful HCS Brahmin girl 76 born, 5 feet 2 inch, slim looks younger upper caste no bar teetotaller vegetarian HCS/well placed in Haryana preferred. Mobile No.: 97817-81524.

SMF, B.Sc., MBA, 33, 5'-5", khatri Arora girl, PR in Canada. Whatsapp: 98557-07305.

USA / Canada based match for 29 years 5'-1", DMD Sikh Khatri girl in Boston from affluent family in Punjab . 98140-51690, 98146-85690.

Amritdhari suitable match for Amridhari Keski wear Ramgarhia girl, 5'-3", Dec. 90, B.Sc., B.Ed.,M.Lib., Govt job as Librarian. 94632-06289.

PQM for decent educated Canadian citizen Khatri girl 5'-5", 27.9.92, Chandigarh 11:55 am, working as Accountant In BC prefer to vegetarian, upper caste no bar., 604-506-1439 WhatsApp.

PQ match for Sikh Khatri Architect girl 5'-4", 28 years, own practice, 12 Lac. ND/ NT only. Tricity preferred. WhatsApp: 98149-04168.

Required Doctor/Engineer/NRI unmarried/divorcee (issueless) below 36 for Hindu Prajapati slim, fair, 5'-1"/1987, BDS divorcee (short marriage) girl. Parents retired officer. Upper caste welcome. 9417859277, 9417658577.

Vegetarian, teetotaller and preferably settled in Canada match for Canadian PR holder, Jatt Sikh vegetarian girl, 5'-5", 1992, M.Tech., working in MNC in Canada, parents Govt. employees, residence Patiala. 70097-32065.

Doctor match in USA for a beautiful Jat Sikh girl 30, 160, US citizen, MD, doing Fellowship in USA. WhatsApp +1 443 467 9933.

Affluent Mair Rajput Masson family, looking for a matrimonial alliance for their Canadian citizen 28 yrs, 6' son. Presently working as an Attending Physician at a hospital affiliated with Medical College of Georgia, USA. Looking for a beautiful tall girl MD/DDS or in Residency. Girl must be Canadian-born or with US status. Parents are well settled in Canada with a respectable family background in Punjab. Please respond with pictures, biodata & family details at:

Seeking professionally qualified match (Canadian based only PR/citizen) for Jatt sikh Bains boy 5'-6", 89 born, non-drinker. Well settled in Toronto with a Master's Degree in Engineering from Canadian University. Working with one of the top IT Solution Providers. Contact with biodata and latest photographs on Email: Phone: 647-786-5204.

SM for Jat Sikh boy, Canadian citizen, 6',38, IT Engineer, very handsome, income six figures, parents retd. Gazetted Officers, marriage annulled shortly. Preferred match below 34 years. +1 4372261054, +919463366190 (WhatsApp).

Looking for a suitable match for our American born, Jatt Sikh, 6'-1", DoB: Aug. 91, handsome son who is a currently a Resident Doctor in New Jersey. Looking for a well educated, confident and graceful girl. If interested, please send details and photos to, Ph: +1 848-223-2138.

PQM for Jat Sikh Doctor in USA, June 1984, 5'-7", doing residency in Internal Medicine, never married, from family of Doctors. girl working/studying in USA will be preferred. Send biodata recent pictures to

Seeking professionally qualified match for Aggarwal boy, 5'-8", 27 years, teetotaller, Grad in B.Tech, working with MNC in Gurgaon with Pkg. 12 lac. Contact Phone: 93136-37344 (WhatsApp only). Email:

USA Citizen handsome Rajput boy, M.Sc. Nursing, Supervisory govt. job, California, 1993, 5'-9". Beautiful medical line preferred. All upper caste welcome. Mobile: +1 9166075758, +1 9162661844.

USA Citizen handsome Rajput boy, M.Sc. Nursing, Supervisory govt. job, California, 1993, 5'-9". Beautiful medical line preferred. All upper caste welcome. Mobile: +1 9166075758, +1 9162661844.

Jat Sikh Canadian parents - Chandigarh based, looking SM never married, convent homely professional girl from affluent family for 5'-8"/89 born convent M.Tech. non turbaned son. Secondary & University education Canada. Consultant MNC. Pic. & Bio at or +91 805 495 3060. Brokers excuse.

Professionally qualified match for handsome Canadian PR Saraswat Brahmin boy 1991/5'-11", B.Tech. (Thapar), MS (University Waterloo, Canada). Chandigarh based family. Working as Engineer in Toronto. Preferred girl in Software/IT. Whatsapp 78884-17645.

Suitable match for turbaned non-trimmer Gursikh boy, 6 ft, fair and slim, Canadian PR, Salary 6 digits, well settled, has own house in Toronto, working as a Product R&D Manager in an established software firm. 17.1.1990/9:11pm/Chandigarh. Girl should be professionally qualified above 5'5"  and willing to settle in Canada. Contact 93160-03421.

Handsome Punjabi Canadian citizen boy, 5'-11", 1986, Master in Nursing from Canada. Father Doctor from Kerala, Mother from Punjab, looking professionally qualified, tall, slim, very fair girl below 30. Caste no bar. Send latest picture, profile on WhatsApp. 0016472390613, 01823-222635.

Suitable match for USA H1 Visa holder Ramdasia/Ad-dharmi, vegetarian boy, 6', March 87, MS from USA, working as Software Engineer. Looking for well qualified citizen/H1 Visa holder girl. Contact: 9417327270, 8725093304.

Suitable match for Graduate Khatri handsome boy, 5'-9",18.11.1989, 10:45 pm, Chd. Currently working as Cafe Manager, New Zealand. Girl working nurse or in health sector will be preferred. Contact: 98786-29676.

Canadian PR handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy, LL.B., Masters in Law from UK, working as Legal Analyst with good package in top Canadian Bank at Vancouver. Family owns urban property and agriculture farm near Ludhiana desires beautiful, educated bride from any upper caste. Ht. 5'-7", 24.01.84, 11:44 a.m. Ludhiana. Parents are Doctors. Contact 98148-25712, 98142-45712.

Beautiful working match for handsome divorcee Brahmin boy, 5'-10", 32 year, higher post in MNC, Mohali. Family settled in Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 89681-81452.

Looking for qualified girl up to 36 yr for 43 yr, 5'-7", slim, handsome, Khatri, Doctor, settled, working health services Canada, British citizen, Canadian permanent resident, belong to family of Doctors, issueless, divorcee, short marriage, looking for a decent family. Caste no bar. , 94163-78082.

Well educated, beautiful match from status family for Jat Sikh Gill handsome boy, 1989/5'-7", BBA, 11 Acres Land, (Punjab) Transport (120 Buses),  2 Hotels, 4  Restaurants. Family/business ,Raipur Chhittisgarh. Contact 88724-74213.

Suitable match for Lobana Sikh divorcee teetotaller, Sept. 77, 5'-10", Capt. Merchant Navy, good salary, one Kanal house. Caste no bar. Whatsapp: 7973742589

Delhi based Ahluwalia Sikh family seek Punjabi working match for 1987, handsome, fair, 5'-6", divorcee son, very short marriage, no liability, own assets. Working in reputed Airlines. Prefer working match in Delhi/ NCR. Contact: 93104-01251, 98109-75667.

Manglik Valmiki Hindu boy, 30/ 5'-5",MA, English and french dipp. pass. Working as private school teacher and own gerneral store in house. Please contact wapp: 95929-15444.

For Jatt Sikh only son, age 30, height 5'-10", working in USA with Management Consulting firm, earning 200K p.a. Masters in Management from MIT, USA, Undergrad in Computer Science from IIT, World Championship athlete. Parents with Gazetted status seeks well qualified match. Interested parents may reach out at: or WhatsApp 88727-71238.

Seeking qualified working at least 5'-4", above match for well educated turbaned Rakhrao boy, 1990, 6'-1", private job. Mohali based family.97812-63656.

Well educated match for Labana boy, 3 year Diploma Electronics Com, 26.07.90, 5'-8". Residency Europe & U.K.. Elder brother sister settled U.K. Canada. Younger brother Bank Manager having rural urban property. 98961-64810.

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri entrepreneur , MNC owner with offices in USA, UK, India, Dubai, Mexico, B.Tech, 9.10.1990, 6:45 a.m. Rajpura (Punjab), non-manglik, height 5'-9", settled in Chd. Owns property in Mohali & Chd. annual income in 7 figure. Father businessman/ Mother- Govt. Job, Younger sister in job, working girl preferred. Marriage bureau excuse. Contact: 82838-34930 (Only WhatsApp).

Suitable match for Kashyap Rajput 28, B.Tech. ECE, living and working in Canada, 6'-0". Preference to girl willing to settle abroad, preference to B.Sc. Nursing & professionally equivalent courses. Contact: 70181-87021.

Match for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh divorcee boy 5'-9", B.Tech., age 34, Contact: 78146-65016.

Seeking suitable alliance for handsome, fair, tall, athletic body, smart and intelligent boy,  6'-1", 1989 born,  practicing advocate. Status family. No Caste consideration. Contact: 6280136178.

Australian citizen Jatt Sikh boy 1985, 5'-6", Bachelor in Commerce, Chartered Accountant, working as a Manager in MNC Australia. Migrant Australia in 1996 with parents. Seeking Jatt Sikh well educated girl. Contact with photos & biodata to:, WhatsApp 0061412595521.

Employed Compatible match from Tricity for Arora Handsome boy D.O.B. 22.03.1988, 1.15 am, Chandigarh Height 5'-10'', B.Tech Computer Science, Working in USA based MNC at Mohali, Caste no bar, Don't believe in Kundli, Father (DMF) Pb. Govt.. & younger Brother (Unmarried, 29.04.1993 born) Asstt. Manager Scale -II in Govt. Insurance at Chandigarh. Mother retired as Officer from Chandigarh Administration, Residence Chandigarh/ Mohali. E/Mail:, Whatsapp 9888611032.

Wanted professionally qualified Lobana only son, Law Graduate, 26, 5'-11", Sister settled Australia. WhatsApp 98772-58505.

SM4 Lobana Gursikh, 10.10.1994, 5'-10", B.Tech, M.Tech from Austalia. Rajpura based. Status TR Father ASI in Punjab Police. Mother Housewife. Elder brother studying in Australia. WhatsApp: 81469-96625. Gursikh girls holding professional Degrees with height 5'-4" above.

Looking for Canada based girl citizen/ PR/ student visa, working, educated, tall, beautiful, slim, not more than 30 y/o from reputed family, of Nursing/ Pharmacy/ Medical related profession for a Jatt Sikh 1985/ 5'-11", clean shaven, fair complexion, Canadian citizen (never married), well-settled boy working in IT Sector. Caste & religion no bar. Please only Canada based matches may respond with recent photograph & complete biodata - +639278160051.

3 storey, Modern Cottage, 200 square yards, Chail, HP (Transferable to non- Himachali. 98883 -36004:

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