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Neighbourhood Scan

Pakistan: Baba Farid in Jerusalem

Pakistan: Baba Farid in Jerusalem

Neighbourhood Scan


Baba Farid in Jerusalem

The wanderings of pious men connected people, cultures and languages. One such connection, laid down around 800 years ago, is in the form of a building in the heart of Jerusalem, established by one of Punjab’s greatest saints and poets: Baba Farid. According to folk memory, much of the duration of the revered saint’s stay was spent in fasting, praying or acts of devotion. Around Herod’s Gate, he found a lodge and after his departure, the khanqah was transformed into a hospice and a lodge for all travellers from South Asia. Dawn


High-profile visits to China

China has recently stepped up its engagement across several fronts in Nepal. After several high-profile visits to China, including by Vice-President Ramsahaya Prasad Yadav, National Assembly Chairman Ganesh Timilsina, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Urmila Aryal, the northern neighbour has invited Nepal’s chiefs of the judiciary and military for official visits. Chief Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha and General Prabhu Ram Sharma are visiting two Chinese cities at the end of this month. The Kathmandu Post


Thimphu-Paro development

Thimphu and Paro may be located in different valleys but have become synonymous with each other over time. The PM mentioned that the Thimphu-Paro capital region will be ranked among the top liveable cities in the world by 2029. The vision is guided by a sustainable economic model that encourages development where people’s basic and other needs are met without destroying the ecology. The population of Thimphu is projected to grow to 2,63,152 in 2047 and of Paro, to 74,067. The project will nurture community neighbourhoods that are equitable and support wellbeing at all life phases. The Bhutanese


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