Historic epistles on Kashmir
G.S. Bhargava
Jammu and Kashmir, 1949-64. Select Correspondence between Jawaharlal Nehru and Karan Singh
by Karan Singh. Penguin/Viking. Pages 374. Rs. 595
A product of Doon School and Delhi University, Karan Singh is a multifaceted scholar. He made a deep study of Hinduism, in which his proficiency in Sanskrit was naturally handy; he chose Sri Aurobindo’s life and work as the subject for his doctoral thesis.

Books received: ENGLISH

Celebrating the Golden Gate
Twenty years after Vikram Seth’s book created waves in India and abroad, Harsh A. Desai doffs his hat to the Golden Gate
T is 20 years since it was published and I stumbled upon it in a little corner book shop on 116th Street and Broadway in New York across Columbia University where I was a student. I picked it up, enjoyed it and enjoyed it again.

‘Authors do not write with the audience in mind’
Vikram Seth, in a telephonic interview from London, talks to Harsh A. Desai about the process behind the writing of his first novel

Press and pressures
A.J. Philip
The Goenka Letters: Behind the scenes in The Indian Express
by T.J.S. George East West Books (Madras) Pvt. Ltd. Pages 239. Rs 250.
AS T.J.S. George, editor of the book, wrote pithily in his not-so-brief introduction to the book, "Ramnath Goenka was not the founder of the Indian Express. But he was overwhelmingly the Father of the Express". The letters published in the volume were selected from nine boxes of Goenka’s letters, Manoj Kumar Sonthalia, chairman and managing director of The New Indian Express, inherited following the partition of the Goenka estate in 1995.

Teenager's dilemma
Gaurav Kanthwal
Sumit Runs Away
by Mahesh Suvarna Frog. Pages 249. Rs 300
TWO young boys pass through their college years.... The narrator and his classmate Sumit, are different from each other. Whereas the narrator is reclusive and an introvert, Sumit is a typical college bully, leading a pack of frivolous college boys.

Recipe to STEM backwardness
M. Rajivlochan
Muslims in Indian Economy
by Omar Khalidi. Three Essays Collective. Pages 240. Rs. 575
AN absolutely fascinating book, for the depth of its research and the authors’ ability to discover hard-to-find information about the economic status of Muslims in India. It also is quite depressing the way that Muslims have been sidelined in our economy.

Return of a classic
Deepika Gurdev
HEY say great stories never age. Charlotte’s Web is a case in point. With the movie set to hit the screens near you soon, there has never been a better time to revisit the book. The inspiration for the movie is the E.B. White classic Charlotte’s Web. The book, which was first published in 1952, tells the story of a spider named Charlotte and her friendship with a pig named Wilbur.

Encounter with inner spaces
Arun Gaur
Over the Edge
by Randhir Khare Rupa. Pages 288. Rs. 295.
THE novel deals with three things—the process of writing, human relationship, and the unconscious. It takes up these issues on two different planes. One is the stable sequential narrative—the story of the coming of Biren, a writer, to Calcutta and his subsequent interaction with different characters; the other is that of the inner-self.

Psychology & spirituality
Randeep Wadehra

  • Margaret Atwood
    by Rama Gupta New Dawn Press. Pages 166. Rs 500.

  • I Believe
    by Karan Singh Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai. Pages: XII + 75. Rs 90

  • Exploring Speech Language
    by Medha S. Rajadhyaksha National Book Trust. Pages: xiii + 124. Rs 55