Films & Partition

train of History
In Hindi films railways helped to showcase historical events. They often became metaphors of a journey, both internal and external, writes Prabhjot Parmar
In Bollywood cinema, railways are an integral part of the film landscape, and frequently of the film plot. Be it a moving train, a bogie, diesel, electric or the good old steam engine, or the railway yard, platform or the station from outside on the streets, coolies, vendors, and so on, all find exposure on the film screen.

Gadar, one of the recent movies depicting the trauma of Partition, struck a chord in people‘s hearts
Gadar, one of the recent movies depicting the trauma of Partition, struck a chord in people‘s hearts

One for the birds
Rishad Naoroji’s book on the biogeography of the subcontinent is among the most lucid expositions on the subject, says Lt Gen Baljit Singh (retd)
The first attempt at scientific documentation of India’s avifauna began with, The Book of Indian Birds authored by Major T.C. Jerdon of the Madras Presidency Army. It was published by Thacker Spink and Co, Calcutta in three volumes in 1862-64. The book was a summation mostly of the collective knowledge of the subject by Jerdon, Brian Hodgson (British Counsel at Kathmandu), Lt.-Col R.S. Tickell of the Bengal Presidency Army and Capt Sykes of the Bombay Presidency Army.

Isle of leisure
This is one of the best gaming spots of the world, matching Las Vegas casino for casino. But there’s more to Macau than just blackjack and roulette. The island offers a rich Portuguese and Chinese cuisine and has some magnificent monuments, writes Anurag Yadav
Legend has it that a ship sailing in the South China Sea was hit by a devastating storm. Everybody gave up hope, when a young girl started praying. Miraculously, the storm stopped and calm returned. The girl then stepped ashore and walked to the crest of a hill where, in a glowing halo of light she ascended into heaven.

To survive, you must have passion
As Mr Walia of Kasamh Se and Mr Thakraal of Kyunki`85, Ram Kapoor is enjoying the best phase of his career. The actor in a chat with Kiran Mehta
With two serials on air currently – Kasamh Se and Kyunki `85, you must be very busy. TV stars like you work for long hours for years — are you worried about burning out?

Face of a new India
Ashish Kumar Sen in Washington talks to film critic Anupama Chopra about her recent book on Shah Rukh Khan
Film critic Anupama Chopra has been writing about Bollywood for years, so it was only natural that she pen a book about its biggest star. King of Bollywood; Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema chronicles the rise of a middle-class Muslim boy from Delhi into the superstar of the $1.5 billion Bollywood industry.

Bollywood’s talent pool
A new DVD collection of diploma films made over the past 20 years has been brought out by Rudra Entertainment. Shoma A. Chatterji looks at it
When we go ga-ga over Munnabhai’s antics, barbs and potshots at everything beginning with the state of medical education in the country, we hardly bother to think who directed the film and what is it that has equipped him with the craftsmanship that made him churn out such wonderfully successful entertainment like Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Housewife’s hi-tech crusade
Information technology may well be the means to fight corruption. In Karnataka, Jayashree J.N.’s website to tackle the problem has generated widespread interest, writes Jangveer Singh from Bangalore
Jayashree J N is a housewife with a difference. She is married to an IAS officer who has been fighting a lonely battle against corruption since the last 25 years. Used to annual transfers, the lady says she has even educated her two sons in four different schools in the course of one year in 1997.


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Flying high at 75
B. G. Verghese
Himalayan Eagles: History of the Indian Air Force (Volumes I, II & III)
by Pushpinder Singh. The Society for Aerospace Studies, New Delhi. Pages 612. Price not stated.


A blueprint for harmony
Mohit Goswami
Discordant Democrats
by Arun Maira. Penguin. Pages 210. Rs 395.

Of love and hope
Deepika Gurdev
High Tea in Mosul
by Lynne O’Donnell. Cyan. Pages 213. US $21.95

OFf the shelf
Forgotten treasure trove
V. N. Datta
1857 Revisited: Based on Persian and Urdu Documents
Ed. Prof S.M. Azizuddin Husain. Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi. Pages VIII+329. $45.

Superb recreation of a lost world
Chandak Sengoopta
Filming: A Love Story
by Tabish Khair Picador. Pages 399. £16.99.

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S. Raghunath

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