Parents looking for US/ Canada born or raised willing to settle in US  equally qualified Jatsikh match for an adorable US born Doctor daughter,  26/ 5'-3". Please text interest with picture to 1-516-859-0138.

Seeking Dental/Medical/ Professional match for our Jat-Sikh daughter: 31, 5'-7", practicing Dentistry DMD in USA from an affluent family of Medical professionals. Please respond with details and recent photo to:

Seeking Ramdasia Weaver Gursikh, Doctor, Engineer boy living in USA or Canada only. USA born girl in 1991, 5'-7", double M.Sc., employed in NYC. Contact:

Educated Khatri Sikh family seeks PQM/ BE/ MS/ MBA, US employed, progressive, caring, tall, handsome match from educated family for their beautiful daughter, 29 yrs, 5'-5'', Engineer, working as Senior Manager in Software MNC California. Please Whatsapp full particulars and latest pics at 94171-82983.

IAS or Allied Services Govt Officer Brahmin match for educated, smart Brahmin homely girl, 22 years, 5'-10", sharp features, Wheatish, perfect health, highly Senior Govt. officer's daughter. Bureaus excuse.

Equally qualified match, preferably from US for beautiful 5'-2", 1983 specialist MD Doctor girl, born in India, raised and educated in top schools of US. Well familiar with both cultures, never married, Jat Sikh family of professionals well settled in US. Send biodata/recent photos:

Educated well settled Canadian Jat Sikh parents seeking suitable match for their professionally qualified Canadian citizen daughter, beautiful, 5'-2", 1987, working in Toronto. Father Professor and mother Teacher. 647-927-6717.

Suitable PQM Canada PR/ work permit Gursikh NT/ ND for May '1994, 5'-5", Software Professional Arora girl on work permit. WhatsApp 98728-09916.

Seeking a tall, well educated, clean shave Saini or Jatt match for our US born daughter. Born in 90, 5'-8", Bachelor of Environmental Science, Master of Health Care Administration. Working as business operations partner. US only. No divorcee. Please email biodata and picture to:

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh girl, M.B.B.S. (2020), preparing for M.D., 5'-6", fair complexion, slim, good looking from good family background. 98140-92711.

Professionally qualified match for 81 born, Ph.D., 5'-6", never married Canada PR girl, working Toronto. 90414-72503.

PQM for Ramdasia girl 1984, 5'-5", M.Tech. (CSE), working in IT Company, belongs to educated family. Father retired Pb. Govt. Class-I Officer. NRI/ IT preferred. Ph. No. 98775-05406,

Suitable match for Sikh Kamboj beautiful girl 26 yrs, 5'-5". Senior Analyst in U.K in Top MNC. Parents retired Class-1 Officers. Elder brother married and settled U.K. Preferred Doctor/Engineer in UK, Canada, Australia from well established family. Please contact: 9417153513.

Suitable match for beautiful, smart, slim, Ramdasia Sikh girl B.Tech., MBA, Jan. 1988, 5'-3", HDFC Bank employed. Father retired officer, mother LIC Officer. Caste no bar. Contact: 098963-34847, 99922-20216.

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh turbaned match from reptued family of Tricity for beautiful girl, Oct-1989, 5'-5", BDS,private job Mohali. NRI/well settled local match preferred. Contact: 98550-90067. (WhatsApp: 88723-49797).

Equal status match for Jatt Sikh I.R.S. July 1981 born, 5'-5" beautiful, slim girl. Package 14.25 lacs. Posted Chandigarh. Contact: 98550-47923.

Smart Jat Sikh well established match for convent educated, beautiful, fair, 32 years, 5'-3", M.A. from PU Campus, Diploma in Counselling, B.Ed. Belonging to family of Doctors. Divorcee without issue from NRI marriage.  99155-48882.

High status, handsome suitable match for Hindu beautiful, slim Arora girl 29-10-1989, 14:20, Chandigarh, height 5'-4", BDS, working pharmaceutical company Chandigarh, 7 LPA, seeking professionally qualified groom having own house and settled in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali only and earning 10 LPA plus. Matrimonial agencies please excuse. Whatsapp/ Call- 97810-40301.

Match for legally divorcee issueless Saini Sikh, Gotra Dhamrait/ Pabla, beautiful 28/5'-1" girl, M.Sc. Chemistry Hons PU, B.Ed., CTET, Science Teacher in Convent School Chandigarh. Handsome salary. Educated, reputed family. 96468-83894,

Parents looking for only doctor Jat Sikh match  willing to settle in USA for my bright MBBS, Doctor daughter, 26, 5'-6".  Please respond:

Match for Jat Sikh girl 5.12.1991, 5'-1", B.Tech(Computer Science) MBA(Finance) both from India, PMIT(Project Management IT) SCM(Supply chain management) Both from Canada Profession working Permit 3yrs (Canada) 88724-66604, 98786-54614

Qualified US based Jatt Sikh match for Jatt Sikh girl,1992 born  5'-5", B.Tech Gold Medalist from PEC Chandigarh,  MS from topmost University in USA, presently working at Global Software Major in California USA. Send biodata/pics at: enggusa92@g Whatsapp 91-7838628966.

Match for Hindu Bhatia Manglik slim, beautiful, M.Com., B.Ed. (29.11.94, 1:25 a.m. Karnal), 5'-6" girl. Karnal based Agriculturist family. Preference Arora, Khatri. WhatsApp: 94166-59925.

Match for HP Rajput girl B.Tech, Employed at Chandigarh, 14.7.1989, 5'-4'', Upper Caste Welcome. Contact 94184-94149, 98058-36733.

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Ramgarhia Sikh Manglik girl, 5'-0", 1990 born, MBA, Working in IT Company, Mohali. Family well settled in Uttrakhand. Contact: 84392-61483.

Looking for suitable match for beautiful vegetarian Punjabi Brahmin girl, 80 born, 5'-5", Postgraduate, settled in Canada. Boy willing to settled in Canada or working. Parents retired from Govt. service, Chandigarh. Call: 062849-30847, Email:

Match for qualified Garg girl, 11.10.1990, 3:34 pm, Ludhiana, 5’-3”, permanent Govt. service at Chandigarh, salary 40000 pm, slim, smart, good personality. WhatsApp: 94648-36026, 98152-55226.

Suitable Match for Lobana Sikh Mohali based girl, 28/ 5'-7", B.Tech (CSE), working in Mohali based IT Company. Father Retired Deputy Controller( from Finance Dept. PB.) mother in service. Send details/photo on WhatsApp: 99158-52804.

Jat Sikh parents looking for a professionally qualified match for their beautiful daughter, Nov. 1992 born, 5'-1", MS in Health Systems Management from US, working in a reputed US Healthcare Company on H1B Visa. The boy should be from an educated Jat Sikh family and equally qualified, preferably US citizen or PR. Please send biodata and recent pics at or WhatsApp + 91- 98148-98798.

Suitable  match for Aggarwal girl 1991/ 5'-3'', fair Complexion M.Sc in Maths, B.Ed,  Working as Teacher CTET, PTET, HTET. Qualified, Chandigarh, Mohali,  Panchkula only. 90236-99971.

Match for beautiful Dhiman Brahmin girl, B.D.S, 31/5'-4", income 100,000/- per month, own bank building, 10 years USA & Canada Visa, PR shortly. Tricity working match of business family. 9417223496. Email:

SM for Jatt Sikh girl 1992 born, 5'-10'', convent educated, Masters in Economics from Chandigarh, Diploma in Fashion Designing. Belongs to a cultured & landlord family. Looking for a well settled/ professional boy. Contact 98761-91813,

Well qualified settled match for Manglik, Brahmin beautiful girl, 31.1.1993, 6:05 am, 5 feet, convent educated, P.U., LLB, Gold Medalist, LLM, Rank 2, practicing at High Court, Chandigarh. 94176-21330 (WhatsApp),

Suitable Match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-7"/ 21-03-92, 6:15 p.m. Chd, B.Tech, MBA working in Panchkula. Contact after matching Kundlee. Mobile No: 98766-34258.

Professionally qualified match for Mohali based girl, 1991 born, 5'-4½", BDS, MDS,  working at a private clinic in Mohali. Upper Caste no bar. 98142-62542, 98142-43760

Match for Kamboj Sikh girl, M.Tech, 1992/ 5'-4", working in Army School, looking for well settled boy. M: 94172-12077.

Affluent Sikh/ Jat family in America, seeking bride for their handsome son 31 year old, 5'-11", Doctor. Looking for Sikh/ Jatt Doctor/ Dentist. Kindly email biodata with picture to

A Prominent Jat Sikh, highly educated business family settled in Europe for past 40 years, having multiple business seek alliance for their son 29 years, 6'-5", MBA running own business, seeking an elite high status family girl, well educated Doctor/Dentist willing to settle in Europe. Email:

Well established Jat-Sikh business family residing in  East Coast US, seeks a match for their US born fair, handsome son,  Doctor MD, 30, 5'-11". Looking for Jat-Sikh girl. Preferably Physician/  Dentist. Kindly send recent pictures & biodata to:

Professional educated match with good family values for US citizen boy 38, 5'-8", Jatt Sikh, well settled, B.Tech, innocent divorcee, short marriage, no kids. Contact: +12096470262. respond with biodata, photo:

Suitable match for Canadian citizen boy Jat Sikh 29 years, 5'-9" , preferred Canadian PR, work permit, student, visitor educated girl from simple family, send recent pic and biodata:

Well settled Jat Sikh family seeks suitable match for their very handsome son, B.Tech., MS (CS), good package $350K, Canadian citizen, U/R property, own house Toronto, well-educated family, 38/6' ft. Contact: +14036165214 (WhatsApp).

Jat Sikh business family seek well educated and professionally qualified working girl for their son, 32 yrs/ 5’-11”, Commercial Pilot. Contact on WhatsApp: 96500-01277.

Match for a handsome Jat Sikh boy 35,168, GC holder, IV League educated, MD, Attending Physician in USA. Short previous marriage annulled. WhatsApp +14434679933.

Brahmin boy April 1990, 5'-9", Software Engineer, California. Parents settled Chandigarh. USA girl preferred. 95014-05533.

Suitable match for slim smart fair vegetarian teetotaller Pbi Bhardwaj boy 5'-8", 22.04.1990 at 04:15 pm Beas Punjab. Graduate Diploma in C Science from New Zealand. Working in Amazon Dev Centre Chd. Own house in Chd. single parent's only son. Father in Central Govt. service. Upper caste welcome. Send pics & biodata WhatsApp number: 94175-28612, mobile: 62805-42203.

Working match from tricity for Rajput boy, 27.02.1983, 5'-8", 08:05 pm Chandigarh, Banker, 15 LPA. Upper caste welcome. Upper middle class family. Whatsapp: 8054002484.

Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 29/6'-0", Masters Civil Engineering Canada, Resident Canada/USA, working professional Civil Engineer Canada. Seeks suitable match. Doaba/Majha. +1-289-552-5038, +91-9872928969.

Seeking girl for turbaned Jat Sikh boy, 29, 5'-9" Canadian Citizen, teetotaller, belonging to well settled landlord business family in Canada. Please contact & send biodata with photos and contact number to:

Looking for well educated professional girl for MBA, 89 born, 5'-9".  Business, residence both Chandigarh, village, ancestral agricultural  land in Punjab and UP. 89684-20701, 94644-20701. Marriage bureau excuse.

PQM for Ramdasia Sikh boy 1988, 5'-7", M.Tech. (CSE), working in MNC as Software Engineer, belongs to educated family settled in Mohali. Father retired Class-I Officer Pb. Govt. Professional IT/ NRI girl preferred. Send biodata along latest photo. 78371-01904,

Looking US Citizen/ Greencard match for Jatt Sikh (Australian Citizen), 28/ 6' boy, B.Tech. Electrical from Australia. Highly qualified professional family. Upper caste no bar. +91-9646979600.

Suitable match for Khatri boy 11.4.94, Chandigarh, 5'-9", working as Senior Software Engineer in California (USA), H1B visa holder. Mobile: 94170-08848.

Professionally Qualified match for Punjabi Gupta boy 5'-9'', August 1989 born, M.S. (Computer Science) USA, Software Analyst with Digital Marketing Co. at Chicago drawing handsome package. Family well settled in Panchkula. Girl & family status sole consideration, Caste no bar. Whatsapp 94172-10170.

Wanted beautiful slim tall well educated manglik/ non manglik girl for Australia PR very handsome Punjabi Mittal B.Tech(Civil), 6'/30.09.1991,10.56 p.m. Chandigarh. Govt. Job in Sydney. 98140-05899, 79867-73399.

Beautiful,  employed / qualified match from Punjab/Haryana/H.P. for June-1990 born  boy, 5'-10", B.Tech, employed MNC Chandigarh, earning 6 Lac. Only son. Own house.  Parents pensioners. Contact: 99889-60099.

Canadian Citizen cleanshaven issueless divorcee Ramgarhia 45/5'-11" looks 35 IT Professional settled in Calgary. Seeks educated girl 30 to 37 years at least 5'-4". Contact WhatsApp 82838-83532, 0115872274068. Email:

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh boys, 1986, 5'-7", Clerk at Secretariat Chd and 1988, 5'-9" Punjab Police Constable at Mohali. Govt. teacher girl preferred. 9463587077, 9815190923

Tall athletic 46 looks much younger Jat Sikh American Citizen MD Doctor, issueless Divorcee from educated, cultured Punjab family seeks qualified match preferably from US. Whatsapp 99152-58195.

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri boy, DOB 27.09.1991, 5'-10", M.Tech., working as IT Engineer. Father Govt. contractor, Mother Teacher, One sister doing P.hD. 87278-51012, 98555-53115.

Jat Sikh Canadian PR, 90 born Engineer, 6'-1", looking for equally qualified at-least 5'-6" tall girl. WhatsApp: 95011-74168.

Bride wanted for well qualified US citizen Jatt Sikh, 36, 5'-9", divorced (very brief marriage), working in Healthcare. US/ Canada contact at

Dream location flat seventh floor four bedroom twin lifts power backup car parking Zirakpur. 98151-00781.

16.5 marla two sided kothi for sale, 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, lobby and drawing room, location main Cool Road, Jalandhar City. Contact 98720-94033.

1110 Sq. Mts. Industrial Corner Plot, Phase-2, Industrial Estate, Rai. 2 side open. Construction as required by Tenant. Long term lease. MNC preferred. 96503-93636.

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