Khatri Hindu Punjabi parents seeking a suitable, professional groom for their UK born Pharmacists daughter, 39, 5'-3", legally divorced, issueless. Vegetarian slim, fair complexion.

Practicing Doctor or doing Residency, match for Jat-Sikh beautiful girl 26, 5'-8", MD, doing Residency, US citizen, well established family. Email:

Well-established Jat Sikh family seeking a professional match for their USA born beautiful daughter, age 26, 5 ft. 9 in tall. She is in her first year of Dermatology Residency at a prominent University in the USA. Cont.

Jattsikh family looking for a suitable match for their US citizen daughter, 32, 5'-3", doing Residency (Internal Medicine). Please respond to:

Canadian citizens Majhabi Sikh well educated family, looking for suitable match for their daughter 28/5'-4", B.Com. from UTM, Toronto, having permanent govt. job in Toronto. Preferred Canadian, well qualified boy. Please send biodata, pics at

Canada based well educated Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance for their Canadian citizen daughter, professionally qualified, very fair, beautiful, sober, cultured, family-oriented, 31, 5'-7", having permanent job $80K with Provincial Government. Boy should be handsome, well qualified and belonging to a respectable Jat Sikh family. Please send biodata and pictures at or WhatsApp: 778-939-9393.

Jat Sikh divorcee issueless medico/Eng., willing to settle  Saint-Kitts, near Florida in Carribian Ise-land for fair, beautiful girl, medium built, 79, 5'-2", divorcee, issueless, MBBS, MD, two years residency programme USA and registered with Florida Medical Board of Physicians. At present working as Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicines in medical university, Saint-Kitts. Simple and early marriage.

PQM for Canada PR Federal Govt. employee 27, 5'-8" homely highly skilled talented beautiful daughter of a Senior Class-I retired officer. Priority to educated and values based family.

Saini Sikh girl Dec 92, 5'-3", Master California State UNI working MNC . Preferred Citizen / H1B visa USA  . upper caste. 94174-23251, 99886-02106

Slim, fair, smart 1988 born, 5'-6", Convent educated Sikh Ahluwalia girl, B.Tech Computer Science, UIET, (Chandigarh), PGDM, S.P. Jain(Mumbai), Package around 30 Lacs per annum, working in IT, family settled in Chandigarh. Cut-surd / caste / religion no bar. Send biodata and photos on Whatsapp: 75084-54385.

Sikh Mehmi family looking for a suitable match for their US educated/ based daughter, 33, 5'-5", Management Consultant, never married. Please respond to:

Required Australian Doctor boy match for Saini Sikh Doctor girl 5'-3", 1989 born, working as Doctor in Melbourne Australia. Upper castes no bar. Marriage bureau excuse. Whatsapp: 9815627242.

Match for fair, slim Khatri girl, 24.02.86, 10.27 am, Chandigarh, 5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, Engineer in USA on H1B Visa. Contact 78140-34420, 95010-73888. E-mail:

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Kamboj unmarried girl, BE, MBA, October 1977, 5'-7", 15 LPA, working in Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Email:

Suitable match for a 5'-4", beautiful Hindu Bhagat girl 29.09.1989, Dental Surgeon, working in a reputed Dental Clinic. Tricity match preferred. Ph: 70878-86145.

SM4 Himachali good looking Brahmin girl 31.07.1990, 07:45 am Chandigarh, 5'-2", working as PGT Economics in reputed English Medium School, Mohali. Tricity preferred, contact after kundli match. Emai:

Looking for a professionally qualified or defense officer match for Lubana Sikh girl, 1987 born, 5'-5½", daughter of an Army Colonel, B.Tech, MBA, Canadian PR, working in Oil and Gas company, flexible to settle in India. Interested send biodata with photographs. Upper caste no bar. E-mail: Whatsapp: 9876840098.

Suitable match for fair & beautiful Aggarwal girl, 1988, 5'-2", MBBS, MPH (USA), doing Ph.D Epidemiology (USA). Looking for well educated & settled boy USA/ Canada. Caste no bar. Contact 98141-60210.

Match for Chandigarh Verma girl 29, Ph.D., Mathematics, Assistant Professor, LPU Jalandhar. Call/WhatsApp: 98762-38571.

NRI/Indian planning to settle abroad match for 31, 5’-3” girl, PGDCA, IELTS 6 Bands. Re-settlement / study expenses by groom side. 9779001467, 9023469647.

SM for Saini Sikh girl, 32/ 5'-3", M.Sc. Maths (GNDU), Ph.D. (IIT), Post Doctorate, upper caste no bar, seeking well-settled boy. Contact: +91-98159-28913, 95309-70533.

Looking for groom for slim, fair, good looking manglik girl, 28 years, 5'-5", B.Tech. + MBA (HR), working as HR in Bank Gurgaon, 21.09.1992, 12:02 p.m., Chandigarh. Family based Panchkula. Contact 99159-27226.

Match for beautiful Hindu Khatri slim girl, 5'-5"/ Born 1st June 1995 (7:05 p.m. Patiala), convent educated, Postgraduate MCA Thapar (just passed). Biodata on whatsapp 9478725200. Bureau excuse.

Suitable match for 1995 born, 5'-3",beautiful Jatt Sikh BDS girl. Gamail:, Ph. No.76579-92996.

Suitable match for vegetarian beautiful Arora working girl, 5'-2",1986, MBA (HR). Father Govt. Officer, Mohali. Tricity working preferred. Contact: 94176-80409. 83601-95093. Email:

Educated NRI Sikh family (Khatri) is looking preferably for a clean shaven well educated (Post Graduate) and well settled match in Europe or Canada for an educated (M.Sc.) and cultured, 5'-6",90 born, NRI girl (EU citizen), working in MNC as a Manager. Caste no bar. Mobile:00436769409065. Mail:

Match for Saraswat Brahmin Manglik beautiful girl, 5'-6", 34 year, seeking for handsome and well settled boy, divorcee and non divorcee both can contact: 98688-19739, 98730-43932.

Jatt Sikh landlord & business class family looking suitable match for their slim beautiful fair, 5'-7", 1992 born, daughter Masters in Computer Science from Punjab University, Chandigarh PR in Canada working as an Analyst in Toronto. Send bio-data recent pictures WhatsApp No. 94163-24909.

Suitable Class 1 officer or educated businessman match for beautiful, 5'-5" tall, slim, well-cultured, Sikh, Mair-Rajput, issueless divorcee girl. DOB 16.07.1983, 8:20 pm, Jalandhar. PG in Psychology, father retired businessman, brother class 1 officer in Govt. of Punjab. Boy from similar status family background only preferred. Please WhatsApp details at 73070-42424.

Suitable match for beautiful Jatt Sikh girl, 32, 5'-4" tall, Canadian permanent resident working in CPA Firm in Canada, well qualified, CA from India and pursuing CPA in Canada, innocently divorced (issueless) after short marriage. Correspond with detailed biodata and latest pics., Email: or WhatsApp: 64727-15985.

Pretty and highly qualified Ph.D Sikh doctor 35 years, 5.7 currently working as Lecturer in Scandinavia seeks a qualified and modern Sikh match working in USA or Europe, please contact Mr. Singh at Phone No. 559-374-4045 text only and email:

Seeking professionally qualified, settled in Canada match for Punjabi Nai girl 28/ 5'-1", working in a Software Company in Ottawa, Canada. Girl has completed Bachelor's in Engineering from Canada and is permanent resident. Prefer the guy to be settled in Ottawa, Ontario or Montreal. Mobile: 98882-40303 or

Suitable match for 35 yr., M.Sc. Telecomm., handsome Nai Sikh (clean shaven) boy settled in Canada (PR), running own business. All sisters well settled/married. Girls preferred from US/ Canada. Caste no bar. Contact: 001-5197296112, 001-5197290243,

Seeking qualified match (Canada based only PR/ citizen) for Jatt Sikh Bains boy 5'-6", 89 born, non-drinker. Well-settled in Toronto with a Master's Degree in Engineering. Working with one of top IT Companies. Contact with biodata and photographs. Email: P: 647-786-5204.

Wanted homely, well-educated girl for handsome Sikh, turbaned boy, Army Officer (Major rank) 29/ 5'-11", girl willing to live elite Defence Officers life apply. WhatsApp 78371-73075.

V' fair, h'some boy 39/ 5'-6", M.Tech. NYU, Harvard, Properties Del NCR, wkg Noida 50 LPA, only son. Parents Doctor. WhatsApp 96543-74256.

Well-settled affluent educated Jat Sikh family settled in Canada for the last 49 years seek a slim girl preferably from North America for their son, fair, never married 41 years, 6 ft. LL.B., LL.M. running his own successful law firm. The boy is outgoing, very well-travelled and has wonderful attributes to his personality. Contact:

We are looking for an educated, beautiful, Jatt Sikh girl for our Australian born, Jatt Sikh, 30 years old, 6'-3" tall, handsome son who has completed his double degree in Bachelor of Accounting/ Bachelor of Laws, and who is currently working as a Lawyer in Sydney. If interested, please send bio-data and photos to:

Jatt Sikh Canada PR handsome, non-drinker only son, 1991/5'-8", convent, B.Tech., MBA IBM, currently working in US company. Urban rural property. Father Businessman. Mother Professor. Required educated, beautiful, equally qualified preferred in Canada girl from Patiala/ Fatehgarh Sahib/ Mohali/ Chandigarh/ Jalandhar/ Ludhiana. Contact: 76269-85595.

Suitable match for 76 born, 5'-10", US citizen, Medical Graduate live in Tristate Area of US. Prospective bride should be well educated, traditional with family values. Caste no bar. Please respond with picture and full biodata.

Seeking suitable match for well settled Canadian Jatt Sikh Boy. US born Canadian citizen. 1981/ 5'-10". Non-drinker, non-smoker. Real Estate Developer and legal field, divorced, very well reputed Toronto based family. Email: Contact: 0012894008183.

Sikh Lubana, 6'-3", 88 born, working in Seattle (USA) on H1B and GC in progress, presently on vacation in India. Preferred IT professional. Caste no bar. Contact: 98556-89776,

SM4 Hindu Bedi boy, 5'-9"/ 29.3.84, non mang/ non veg/ Canadian citizen/ MBA/ wrkg in Car Co. 3000 CD PM/ pfr indian girl in. Canada & NCR only. # 98117-92921.

Professionally Qualified match for Sikh Ramgarhia boy fair Complexion Cleanshaven, Sports Physique Non-drinker, Non-Vegetarian 29 years/ 5'-6'', M.Tech. Canada PR, Engineer reputed firm. Girl on Study/ Work Visa also preferred. Caste no bar. 98767-78962, 89683-96335.

Suitable match for handsome slim Sarswat Brahmin Manglik boy (only son). Canada work permit. Graduate. Arrived in India, 5'-11", 27 years. Father, mother Govt. teacher. 98550-34103.

USA based match for 6' Saraswat Brahmin boy, B.Tech., Masters in Civil Construction from Texas, 12.9.1992, 7:45 a.m. Chandigarh. Working and owns 3 BHK house at Lasvegas. 88005-04663.

Looking for an alliance for a Jatt Sikh boy, age 28 year, height 6'-1", MBA Graduate well settled businessman in USA and 75 Acre land in India. The bride should belong to a well educated Jatt Sikh family preferably educated in the Medical or Engineering field. Contact No. 62840-15590, 98962-66526.

PR Australia, 1994, 5'-7" tall, B.Tech. Looking for an educated Sikh girl from Punjab area or Australia. 98724-20513.

PQM for smart Ramdasia Sikh weaver cleanshaven boy, Oct.1989, 5'-10", B.Tech, CSE from India, MBA from USA, Working in top MNC (USA) on HIB visa,seeks fair, professionally qualified girl. Send Bio-data, horoscope, photo- whatsapp: 9988966052.

Match for Punjabi Khatri boy, fair, handsome, non manglik, pure vegetarian, 6'/ 01-03-1991, 8:25 p.m Chandigarh. B.Tech (PU), SBI Deputy Manager, well settled family Chandigarh. Preferred tricity employed beautiful slim fair girl. Kundli must matching. Marriage Bureau excuse. 62841-49261.

PR Canada handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy working as Legal Analyst at Vancouver, own urban and rural property at Ludhiana desires beautiful educated bride from any upper caste, ht. 5'-7", 24.01.84, 11:44 am Ludhiana. Contact: 98148-25712, 98142-45712.

Well established US Jatt Sikh family seeks a match for their son, boy is 27, 5'-8" & has a Accounting Degree, employed with large firm. Girl should be well educated, beautiful, family oriented. Please respond with photographs and biodata at

Professionally qualified match for Mohali based handsome Saini boy 5'-11", 20.10.93, 5:30 a.m., Chandigarh, Software Engineer MNC at Ottawa Canada 75000/- CAD annually. PR applied. Upper caste welcome. 94173-1 7063.

Canadian Jat Sikh boy 1990 born, 6', with good job. Family well settled in Canada BC. Seeks educated Canada based girl. Contact with photographs whatsapp. 8146495357. Email:

Looking for suitable Gursikh match for handsome Gursikh businessman boy, March 1997, 5'-7", well educated, affluent, nuclear, vegetarian teetotaller business family. Real Estates, Foreign Exchange and reputed jewellers in Singapore. +6581825105,

Suitable match for fair slim handsome Khatri Doctor 44 yr 5'-7", UK citizen P.R working Specialist Health Services Canada divorcee issueless very short marriage Doctors family seeks beautiful educated professional girl from decent family. Caste no bar. 94163-78082.

Canadian Citizen Jatt Sikh family seek an appropriate match for their 6ft./ 29 years old son. He is a professional Engineer within Canada. Girl should be Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Veterinary Doctor. No marriage bureau. +1 (403) 828 7973 (WhatsApp) or

Suitable match for 29 yr old, 5ft 8inch Engineer with MBA from Canada, handsome Sikh (clean shaven) boy (PR in process). Sikh girls from US/ Canada preferred. Contact email:

PQM for Jat Sikh 1985/5'-11", Canada PR, working as Power Engineer (M.Tech.) in Oil Refinery in Alberta, issueless divorced. Upper caste no bar. Match from Canada preferred. WhatsApp bio & pic to- +17803405833, +9195928-90858.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 30/ 5'-11'', B.Tech, Under Commercial Pilot Training, (Tie-up Arrangement with leading Airlines), Preferably from same Profession. Interested may mail details

Well-qualified cultured status family match for handsome Brahmin boy 5'-9", 1992 born, BE (CS), MBA (NTU, Singapore), well-settled in Singapore. Contact: 98889-83640, 98883-96060.

Very handsome Jat Sikh Canadian citizen boy, well-settled, B.Tech., MS (IT), excellent package $350 lakh, 38/ 6ft, educated, landlord family having Rural/ urban property. Contact: WhatsApp: +14036165214, 9194633-66190.

40 years divorced boy, IT Engineer, UK based Jatt Sikh male, height 6'-2", Athletic build. Looking for a match in India or UK, minimum height 5'-5", slim/medium build. Don't mind if divorcee. For further details please contact: 9876414050. E-mail:

PQM for turbaned Sikh Parjapat Oct. 90 born, 5'-9", B.Tech. M.Tech. (Canada) Software Professional, Permanent Resident (Greater Toronto Area) 99888-81480.

SM4 fair Gupta boy, 07.08.92, 5'-9", PG (IHM Kufri) Kasauli based job in Taj Hotel. 94185-47848, 94188-27494.

Seeking a well educated, slim, beautiful and family oriented girl for an IT Professional, handsome, 5'-11", Jat Sikh, October 1992, well settled US citizen boy. If interested, please respond with a complete profile and recent pictures at: 0012404238985.

Jat Sikh Brar teetotaller boy 31.8.1990, height 5'-8.5", MBA, Hong Kong PR, own business. Malwa region having prime agriculture & commercial land. Well settled family. Seeks well educated, cultural, pleasant personality girl. +85260391695,

SM for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh (Turbaned) boy, well settled, vegetarian, 6'-1", Engineering Graduate from UBC Vancouver BC and working as Software Developer, Since 2018. Born May 1995. Seeking qualified girl with education around of Finance & Engineering, student and work permit holders in Canada also welcomed, having family values. Respond on Email: or WhatsApp only: 0013608208083.

Affluent, well educated Jatt Sikh family seeking a tall & beautiful girl with good family values for handsome Canadian boy, 87, 5'-10" divorced (very brief Court Marriage). Canada/ USA preferred. Contact/ WhatsApp: 98883-90907 or Email:

Vegetarian, teetotaller Khatri well educated, Canadian citizen boy, 5'-11", 1983, Govt job, shortly divorcee. Seeks well educated girl from status family. Preferred Canadian PR. 7888831843.

Match for Canadian PR Labana Sikh boy 29/5'-9", BE Thapar University, MS (CSE) from Canada working as Senior Software Engineer (package 1,20,000 CAD per year). Father Class 1 Officer (Retd.), caste no bar. +91-9417510226.

Need educated girl for male 34 yrs, 5'-5", Chd. settled pure vaishno. We do not eat onion, garlic. Own business. 99880-80430.

Match for Chandigarh based handsome Sharma boy, 29/6', MBA, working as E-Commerce Manager in reputed company. Working girl preferred from Chandigarh Tricity/Himachal/Punjab. Contact: 98726-65622. Email:

SCO -110, Phase-11, corner, 2nd/ 3rd floor for reasonable rent, huge parking. Contact: 62392-81898, 76440-00090.

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