Strollers feel suffocated as tree residue catches fire in Amritsar's Company Bagh

Strollers feel suffocated as tree residue catches fire in Amritsar's Company Bagh

Smoke emanates from burning tree residue at the Company Bagh.

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Amritsar, June 15

The practice of burning tree residue continues in the Company Bagh. Walkers were a disturbed lot as they felt suffocated as well as faced breathing issues as a fire broke out in tree residue dumped here on Tuesday.

As the fire spread rapidly, it took almost two hours for the Fire Brigade to bring the fire under control. People who had come for walking and doing exercises at the Company Bagh felt suffocated and had to face breathing problem due to the spread of smoke in and around the Bagh.

The Company Bagh in the city is known as the green lungs of the city, where residents come to get fresh air. Dry leaves and bushes dumped in a corner of the Company Bagh often catch fire. A similar situation is seen in other gardens like Gol Bagh, Saktari Bagh, Berry Gate Park, etc, where tree residue often catches fire. As a result, people coming for walking and those living in nearby areas have to face a lot of trouble. Residents alleged that instead of lifting tree residue, the worker set the leaves on fire. Many times complaints have been made to the Municipal Corporation, but officials concerned did no pay heed.

As per the guidelines of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), the Horticulture Department of Municipal Corporation collects dry leaves and tree residue once a week from the Company Bagh. The MC has constructed compost pits at various locations in the city to make manure from green residue.

MC officials claimed that it was an accidental fire otherwise they lifted dry leaves and tree residue regularly. The compost pits are also functional and the MC collects tree residue to use it latter as manure.


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