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Tarn Taran Diary: Sarai Noordi of rich heritage facing neglect

Tarn Taran Diary: Sarai Noordi of rich heritage facing neglect

Remains of one of the two gates of the Noordi Sarai facing apathy. Photos by writer

Sarai Noordi, known by the name of Noodri village situated at a distance of mere 5 km from Tarn Taran on the centuries-old Sher Shah Soori Marg, was facing apathy on the part of the government as well as by the most responsible institution of the country — the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The days are not far-off when all it was visible that it was a sarai meant to adjust hundreds of heads (people) with their horses-elephants convoy as mostly the army of the Mughal emperors on way to Delhi from Lahore or vice versa used it to stay here to have rest. Government officials and traders of the time also used to stay here on their way. The sarai was encircled with the outer wall constructed with the Nanakshahi bricks (small size brick), which is barely visible here at present. The sarai was built with the initiative of a senior revenue official in the Mughal court, Nawab Amirudin, in 1654. Amirudin named the sarai after his father Noor-Din whose octagonal tomb too was there, which is no more here. Amirudin forcibly took away bricks baked by devotees of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh guru, to build the serai in Tarn Taran to which Guru Arjan Dev was overseeing the development of Tarn Taran and the construction of a gurdwara there. Gradually these bricks were dismantled by the guru’s devotees to be re-used in their homes. As a result, the bricks have been missed from Noordi village. The sarai had its two gates but only one is there facing apathy of the department. The village is also known as ‘Quila Kavi Santokh Singh’, a known Sikh scholar, being his birth place. He authored many historical Granths, including “Sri Gur Partap Suraj Granth”. Certain citizens had formed an organisation with the name of Maha Kavi Bhai Santokh Singh Yadgari Committee, which has become non-functional for years. The committee used to raise a demand for the preservation of this decades-old sarai, which was rich in its construction technique of the Mughal emperors’ times. The village has been converted with the present technique replacing the old aged technique. Efforts must be made to apprise the new generation of the history of the sarai as it has its connection with Sikh Guru Sri Guru Arjun who faced the atrocities of then Mughal emperors. A gurdwara in memory of Baba Bota Singh and Baba Garza Singh too is situated on the land of Noordi village. Baba Bota Singh and Baba Garza Singh challenged the authority of the then Mughal emperor and they collected Jajia (tax) from the commuters which was the authority of the then officials.

Retd principal appreciated for his volunteer services

Narinder Singh.

A resident of Tarn Taran, Narinder Singh, a retired principal of Sri Guru Arjun Dev (SGAD) Khalsa Senior Secondary School, Tarn Taran, was given appreciation for his voluntarily services to teach the Punjabi language and culture to the classes of Woolgoolga Primary School in Australia. Narinder Singh was in Australia to be eligible for return visa to stay there for two years without a break. The appreciation letter in this connection was given to Narinder Singh by Gurmesh Singh MP, Shadow Minister for Tourism, Emergency Services and for the North Coast, the National Whip on June 14, 2024. Gurmesh Singh MP in his appreciation letter said Mr Singh (Narinder Singh) devoted four afternoons a week to teach classes of the Woolgoolga Primary School in addition to his work. He also said assisted with Punjabi classes at the first temple (gurdwara) on Woolgoolga. Appreciating the nature and behaviour of Narinder Singh, Gurmesh Singh MP said his dedication to education and community services were exemplary and he is known for his friendly and mild-mannered demeanour, which endears him to students, parents and fellow volunteers alike. Adding more, Gurmesh Singh said that Narinder Singh working with volunteer work with leadership in education were invaluable and his contribution and reputation speaks about his character and capability. Narinder Singh remained active in social activities in his teaching career to help needy students.

Who cares about bad roads?

The road dotted with craters and depressions in Tarn Taran town.

The road, along which the bungalow of Tarn Taran AAP MLA Dr Kashmir Singh Sohal is situated, is in a poor condition in Tarn Taran town. The road bears deep pits and is broken at every feet. One can’t wondering whose responsibility it is to revamp bad roads. (Contributed by Gurbaxpuri)

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