Right equation for a high score

Mathematics paper poses a challenge for most JEE test takers. Thus, it needs extra effort and more time. Here are some ways using which you can score better in maths and increase your chances of getting into an IIT or NIT.

Right equation for a high score

Rajshekhar Ratrey

Mathematics paper poses a challenge for most JEE test takers. Thus, it needs extra effort and more time. Here are some ways using which you can score better in maths and increase your chances of getting into an IIT or NIT.

December 1-15: Jot down the formulae

The first step to acing any maths exam is by having 

all the formulae at the tip of your tongue. Go through the concepts thoroughly and while doing so, make sure to jot down all the formulae. 

Try to solve as many numericals as you can. Dedicate at least 3 hours to this subject. 

Important chapters?

  • Coordinate geometry
  • Limit, continuity and differentiability 
  • Integral Calculus 
  • Statistics and Probability 
  • Matrices and Determinants 
  • Complex numbers and quadratic equations 
  • Three Dimensional Geometry 

How to score well in each topic?

  • Algebra and complex numbers: 

To master algebra and complex numbers you should practice a lot.  It takes a lot of time.  This section nearly constitutes 40 per cent of the JEE Main maths syllabus.  

  • Coordinate geometry:  

This section involves memorizing a lot of formulae. You need to practice a variety of questions to master this section.

  • Calculus:  

It is the most important section for scoring marks in the subject.  It involves little tricks and lots of practice.  

  • Vectors and 3 D geometry:  

This is the easiest and scoring section of JEE mathematics and nearly constitutes 25% of the weightage of the JEE Main maths syllabus.  

  • Probability and statistics: 

 It is the toughest part of JEE Main - Maths.  It needs to be understood well, conceptually and practically.  Understanding theorems is the most prime thing that you should not forget.

  • Trigonometry: 

The key to scoring well in trigonometry is to practice sums a lot of times. Make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

December 16- 30: Practice multiple times

Maths is a subject that requires logic and tons of practice to master. Getting to the right answer may require a lot of patience and effort. But don’t give up on it.  Practice as much as you can. 70 per cent of your JEE preparation comprises practice. 

Try to take a mock test every day. This will show you where you rank and which subject needs more attention. Ensure that you take these exams seriously. 

December 31 - January 5: Solve numericals and go through your notes

Start revising your previously prepared notes. This will help to strengthen your concepts. If you have made flashcards it will make it easier for you to recollect the formulae and important concepts.

A lot of students really strain themselves out during the last few days weeks before an exam. This is not a wise thing to do. Reduce your study hours to 8-9 hours a day. Ensure that your basic concepts are clear. You can continue taking a mock test every day but focus on your chapters and topics that you’re weak in. Go through previous year papers to identify popular topics and questions that can be tricky.

The writer is VP, Educational Content, Toppr


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