Hiring trends

Younger workers in demand

Agile millennial and Gen Z workers are in demand in the hiring space in India.


Agile millennial and Gen Z workers are in demand in the hiring space in India.   According to Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey (EITEOS), in the face of rapid technological advancement, companies will need professionals who are creative thinkers, agile adapters and fast learners. Hiring parameters are, therefore, changing, with increasing demand for higher calibre candidates in the lower age group to fit the job requirements. “Those with the right skills and a learning curve will remain relevant in the world of work’, said the report.

According to a the survey findings, employers are looking for more trained fresh IT graduates.  Non-IT companies will play a significant role in hiring techies.

Overall hiring intention of Indian IT employers remains stable for the period April-September 2019 with a marginal increase of 0.41 percentage points from that of the last 2 quarters. IT professionals can look forward to fresh job opportunities through the upcoming months. 

The report states that India's $160-billion IT industry created 1.7 lakh new jobs in 2018. Many of these new jobs are created in the domain of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cybersecurity. 

But the talent shortage gap is yet to be filled. And changing skills needs is pushing talent shortage further up. Lack of available talent is what makes it difficult for Indian employers to fill job positions, especially in IT.  — TNS


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