Arham Surana: Among the new-age entrepreneurs that make India proud

Arham Surana: Among the new-age entrepreneurs that make India proud

New-age entrepreneurs are the pride of India, and the government has been exceptionally supportive of startups in recent times. Startup ventures are cropping up at numerous destinations in India, and the advent of the digital age is one of the factors responsible for the development. A startup invariably plays a role in making India's economy self-sustainable.

Arham Surana is frequently listed among the budding young entrepreneurs who make India proud. In the field of operation that Surana has chosen for himself, social media marketing is a commonplace field. But the factor that makes Mr. Surana standout is the tremendous success that he has achieved at a young age.

He is an ambitious young man. His achievements in the field of Social Media Marketing are of the kind that several startups are aiming for. Despite his success, he is among the most modest people that one comes across. Five years down the line, he sees himself applying the knowledge derived from his professional career into his life.

Growth is a never-ending process, and five years from now, he intends to continue to grow both personally and professionally - working with larger clients and being a better-recognized personality still. He also sees himself striving to make the largest impact he possibly can. Surana intends to do great things with his social media following and believes that a profile involved with mass communication, such as a social media entrepreneur involves work of great responsibility.

Today’s youth can learn a lot from him, and the way he has carved a niche for himself in the industry. One of his finest qualities of him the drive to go the distance. Surana always aims to find more success in his work, and toils gleefully to upkeep the success levels that he has achieved.

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