Benefits of Using Invisalign Teen

Benefits of Using Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is an orthodontic appliance, comprising transparent aligners, designed to move misaligned teeth in the right position. Orthodontic treatment involving Invisalign is equally effective as the traditional metal braces, but it offers the benefit of discreteness.

Invisalign Teen is a modification of the highly effective Invisalign, designed exclusively for adults to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisalign Teen has been remodelled according to the specific needs of teens.

As you know, the success of teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign, a removable orthodontic device, depends on how religiously the patient wears the transparent device.  Removability gives you the freedom and flexibility, but if you are not wearing it for a minimum of 20-22 hours daily you won’t get desired results, at least in scheduled treatment duration.

Adults understand the need of wearing aligners for a better outcome, but expecting the same from adolescents would be like asking too much. It is very natural for teens to get tempted by the need to remove aligners if they feel any uneasiness. To mitigate the risk of excessive removal, the manufacturer of Invisalign Teen introduced an indicator to help you monitor the wearing time of the aligner. The small blue dot, which fades gradually as the wearing time passes, indicates how effectively your teen is wearing the aligner. 

Unlike conventional Invisaligns, the Invisalign Teen device keeps the possibility of new teeth in the teeth-straightening treatment plan and leaves room for unborn teeth. This feature is of great help, as the teeth straightening treatment could be initiated early and the future possibility of dental misalignment could be avoided.

Most importantly, Invisalign Teen comes with replacement aligners, so you always have a spare aligner if your kid has misplaced it. Since regular wearing is very crucial, replacement aligners keep you away from the worry of treatment delays.


What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatments 

Weight Loss

Although the Invisalign device is not intended for weight loss, some patients have found that wearing them for 20 to 22 hours a day can positively affect their eating habits. After all, you have to take them out every time you eat or drink anything other than water.

Since, the teeth-straightening outcome depends on suitability, fitting, and wearing duration, people try their best to not remove aligners very often. Since natural chewing is not possible while wearing Invisalign aligners, people tend to skip or postpone frequent eating behaviour, thus lowering the daily calorie intake. It triggers a change in eating habits, so you might see weight loss over time. Of course, the core goal is dental straightening, but getting something additional like weight loss is definitely a great value addition.

 More Aesthetic Nuisance

It is a fact that appearance boosts confidence and a well-aligned dental structure enhances appearance manifold. So, well-packed straight teeth are not just about the functional efficacy of oral space, but facial aesthetics and related behavioural advantages as well. Traditional braces are great teeth straightening devices, but wearing visible metallic wires 24x7 is very challenging for many, if not everyone. Clean aligners, like Invisalign, are of great value for those who want to bring misaligned teeth in alignment without the undue stress of visibility.

Acquire Good Habits


If you are concerned about your excessive ice cream consumption or eating snacks all the time, aligners can help you change the habit. You will get desired teeth straightening results in time only when you follow wearing instructions religiously. If you are following instructions, you will witness a change in your eating habits. 

Reduction Of Pain & Pressure On Your Jaw


People with dental misalignment report pain in jaw areas due to uneven pressure created by misaligned teeth while eating or chewing. If not treated in time, it could lead to mandibular joint disorder. After a thorough examination, your orthodontist will recommend suitable aligners to bring misaligned or crooked teeth in the suitable position. You will experience easing of pressure and pain with aligners in just a few weeks. 

Better Self-Confidence

If your misaligned teeth stop you from smiling freely, you might not feel confident to face the world boldly. Thankfully, you have clear aligners to help bring misaligned teeth in the right position so that you could smile without hesitation.

Improved Oral Health

The teeth straightening result depends on the fitting of the clean aligners, so patients wearing aligners are advised to maintain oral hygiene during and after the treatment. Teeth move very slowly during the treatment and if not retained at the same position using retainers they might move back to the old position. The chance of treatment failure increases manifold with bad oral hygiene. Aligners are all about making your smile and appearance better cosmetically so that you could regain confidence.

Traditional metallic or ceramic braces are equally effective, but many people show reluctance in weaning them not only because of ugliness but also oral hygiene challenges. You will get straight teeth in a few months or in some cases 2-3 years, but wearing metallic braces might be socially challenging for many, if not all. Invisalign clear aligners are designed to help you straight teeth without the stress of the metal mouth.

Self-consciousness remains particularly high during adolescence. So, anything that affects their confidence negatively, be it metallic braces or other orthodontic devices, must be avoided, until it is absolutely necessary. Discuss all possible aspects, including challenges, benefits, and outcomes, with your teenager before opting for an orthodontic device. Discrete orthodontic devices are designed to help teenagers get straight teeth without the social stress of metal mouth.  


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