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Best Synthetic Urine Kits To Buy 2023: Top 5 Fake Urine Brands To Pass Drug Test

Best Synthetic Urine Kits To Buy 2023: Top 5 Fake Urine Brands To Pass Drug Test

Drug tests may pop up unexpectedly and sometimes otherwise. At such times, you stand at a disadvantage if you are a user of drugs like CBD, THC, etc., regardless if for medicinal or purely recreational purposes. The slightest amount will give you a positive drug result.

Not restricted to drugs, intake of stimulants, some foods like poppy seeds, etc., can also cause positive results. Some of these drugs might be legal at the state level. However, many workspaces and organizations do not accept it. Depending on the purpose of the drug test, these might result in huge losses for you.

Fortunately, synthetic urine is to the rescue as an easy and relatively sure way of scaling a simple drug test. Below are our top five market synthetic urine products(kits).

5 Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Test Clear - Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit, Editor’s Choice

Quick Luck- Highly Effective Kit For Synthetic Urine Drug Test 

Sub Solution - Ideal Synthetic Pee For Home Drug Testing Kit

Urinator - Premium Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass Drug Test

Clear Choice Incognito Belt  -Top Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test

#1. Test Clear - Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit, Editor’s Choice

A product of the brand test clear, it is the only powdered urine kit on our list. It is our top recommendation from its components to its quality, producing brand, reliability, and raving reviews of previous users. The producing brand has been active in the industry for a long time.

Test clear boasts of this product not as synthetic chemical urine but as a product of clean human urine with a success rate of 100%. Truly, it smells like pee even before you begin the preparation. The prep time and process before you can use the dehydrated urine may stretch longer than premixed since it's in its powdered form.


Ingredients: It contains all the necessary components, similar to normal urine. Its main constituents are chloride, creatinine, urea, and potassium. There are also sodium, dissolved ions, and water. Its ingredients composition helps it be a perfect copy in terms of its appearance, smell, and other parameters.

Affordable Pricing: The pricing of this product is the most affordable on this list. However, this doesn't take away from its quality at all. This urine kit gives you good value for your money at approximately 50 USD per kit. Additionally, depending on your purpose of purchase and use, you might qualify for discounts.

Reliability: The brand is trusted by many users and has built a following over the years. It is the same as the product, which has very positive reviews for its use, lending credibility to the brand's claims. Their website and urine kit offer clear instructions and other info you may require.

Preparation: We like that the product is easy to use- generally, add water, shake, and heat it. Your order comes equipped with an instruction guide, mixing vials, heaters (-lasts six hours), and highly accurate temperature strips. Therefore, you do not need to outsource these.


●       No artificial preservatives

●       Low pricing

●       Comparably longer shelf life

●       Maximum replica of human urine


●       Longer prep time

●       Possibility of messing up the mixing and result.

#2. Quick Luck- Highly Effective Kit For Synthetic Urine Drug Test

Quick luck is a product of a clear choice brand that has been active for over two decades. The brand claims superiority over other products on the market with a product formula from more than one decade of research. Second, on our recommendations, a quick look works; to top it off, it is ready in minutes. It looks like, smells like, and even foams like human urine. Thus, it's more convenient to use.

This product has spun many counterfeits from its success. It has high demand from the thousands who have come to appreciate its use. Thus, only purchase from the official site for certainty. This synthetic urine kit is perfect both for male and female users.


Ingredients: quick luck combines 11 different working compounds in very balanced amounts. Among these 11 are urea, uric acid, creatinine, etc. It is a product with leveled specific gravity and pH. For delivery, the company safely seals it.

Great quality: The brand boasts of its untouchable quality to the other products. It is 100% effective urine, free of toxins and biocide. Biocide is a preservative that can be tracked.

Pricing: A kit is priced at 100 USD. Which, compared to many others, can be quite expensive. Thankfully, it compensates for its price with the value it gives. It comes packaged with a temperature strip, the already mixed urine, heat pads, an activator, and an instruction guide.

Fast availability: Ready to go in a matter of minutes; you only need to activate the powder or use the heating pad for heat. It does not require you to prep or measure anything. This time saved gives it an edge against the powder forms. It is also a contributing factor to its high cost.

Many heating methods: You can bring up the premixed urine to the appropriate temperature using heating pads, emergency heating via activator powder, a microwave, or even combinations. This addition is versatile and favorable.


●       Toxin and biocide-free

●       Liquid premix

●       Very similar to the real thing

●       Activator powder for emergency heating


●       Comparably expensive

●       Relatively shorter shelf life

#3. Sub Solution - Ideal Synthetic Pee For Home Drug Testing Kit

Sub Solution, a sister product to quick luck, are both products' clear solutions. As the preceding sister, it has established itself as a lead synthetic urine product in the market. It has been on the market longer, from 2003 till date, and is still a go-to solution to pass drug tests.

It is similar to normal urine in how it smells, froths, looks, and feels. It can very well pass as the original.

The Sub Solution comes with an activator powder and pads. The powder can quickly raise the heat level to room temperature, while the heat pads can last up to 10 hours. Both genders can use it. For receiving, the company safely seals it.


Ingredients: Sub Solution synthetic urine combines many different working compounds you find in real urine in very balanced amounts. Among these are urea, uric acid, creatinine, etc. It is a good product with balanced gravity and pH. 

Pricing: At a lower price than the quick luck synthetic urine, it sits at 85 USD. This price may be at the higher end for some buyers. However, this synthetic urine product has been tested to work 100% effectively over a long period. It also comes with high quality, a lot of functionality, and is easy to put together. These make it worth the investment.

Quality: The quality of the Sub Solution synthetic urine is top-notch. Further, it has remained consistent with new and repeat users. Further, this quality from many features is unique to clear solutions only.


●       Toxins and biocide-free

●       Good quality

●       100% effective

●       Quick and easy use


●       Comparably shorter shelf life

●       It May be expensive for some

#4. Urinator - Premium Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass Drug Test

Test Clear Urinator is a brand product in the fake urine niche that ensures premium quality synthetic urine is consistently available to users. And, this time, with the use of extensive technology.

The Urinator functions as a device to make synthetic urine. It is a compact product with a heating element you can control digitally and a filling device. It is a free-hand fake urine maker, needing very little input from you. While not a very complicated device, according to the brand, you should have some tries at it first before using it to make your test samples.


Controlled Conditions: A major issue with kits, both powder and premixed, is the inability for us to completely control parameters like temperature. For example, suppose we do get it to the best temperature. In that case, many factors contribute to its change before it is ready for use. The Urinator makes and keeps the temperature at the optimal point for up to four hours.

Raw Material: It comes with many powdered synthetic urine vials for your use. Thus, unlike most kits designed for one use, you can get multiple samples from the Urinator at one cost.

The Urinator technology is reusable. So, you can just buy a batch of powdered urine whenever you require and refill.

Pricing: The Urinator sells at 189.95 USD. This price is considered a more expensive option than the kits. But can be considered a good investment for its reusable value and precision results. It also eliminates the possibility of messing up your measurements using powdered mixtures.


●       Good investment

●       Reusable

●       Control urine temperature for you


●       Not suitable for emergencies

●       Contraption is not subtle

#5. Clear Choice Incognito Belt  -Top Fake Pee Brand To Pass THC Urine Test

This combination kit is another product from the Clear Choice super brand. It features a velcro belt that is adjustable and undetectable. It’s subtle and works as a great concealer when you are supervised.

It comes with premixed synthetic urine in its bladder bag and is easy to set up and use. For the premixed urine, the brand claims superiority over other products with a complicated and patented working formula. It totally works, and to top it off, it is ready in minutes.

Its premix, like Quick Luck, looks like, smells, and even foams like human urine. It is free of toxins and preservatives like biocide that can easily be flagged. Further, it is suitable for male and female use and has heat pads for easy reheating.


Ingredients: The bladder bag contains premix synthetic urine. This urine is a combination of many different working compounds found in real urine in very balanced amounts. Among these are urea, uric acid, creatinine, etc. It is a balanced product with good gravity and pH.

Reliability: You can completely rely on the incognito belt to walk as desired. With the premixed fake urine attached to the belt, the synthetic urine will come out through a small pipe built into the apparatus.

Flexibility: You can decide whether to strap on the velcro belt or not, depending on your situation. It is also very easy to use and carry around as it is lightweight. It is undetectable under your clothing.

Pricing: This is because it combines premixed synthetic urine and the belting apparatus. The premix is also already an expensive option as such up the price.


●       Lightweight

●       Subtle and concealable

●       Toxin and biocide-free

●       Vetted effective in drug tests


●       Comparably lower shelf life.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the best synthetic pee for drug test?

●        Brand Reputation

The brands you choose should have a certain degree of reliability. We recommend going for consistent and transparent brands about their methods and ingredients. They should provide sufficient information you may require—the expiration dates, guides on preparing and using, etc.

Customer reviews can go a long way to help you determine if the product will work for you or not. We recommend you pay attention to them before purchasing. Minimize risks by choosing a brand you can trust.

●        Quality

Under quality, there are some parameters you should consider, like the product's coloring, temperature, and the presence of some specific compounds.

The product's coloring should ideally be yellowish; although the degree of tint may vary, a good health tint should be there. You can compare the color with your normal urine to be certain.

The temperature of your urine, the human urine after it leaves the body, drops to around 32-38 degrees celsius. This should be the same case for your synthetic samples. Thus those with easy heating options are best.

Many key compounds make up human urine. Therefore, most of these compounds should be present for a similar and good-quality copy. Check the ingredient label of the product before purchase to make sure.

●        Pricing

As with many other products you purchase, great quality comes at a price. While it should not be exorbitantly priced, the production process, methods, and location of synthetic urine are expensive. Thus, you may need to calculate your risk, cost, and benefit before making a purchase.

Low pricing, subpar packaging, and availability on thor party sites generally indicate the inferior quality or scam synthetic urine.

●        Know What Synthetic Urine is?

Synthetic urine is a copycat of human urine. As a mimic, it contains most components and essentials that make up human urine. These components include water, synthesized urea, creatinine, ammonia, ph, etc.

Your fake pee is ready when it looks like urine (yellowish), smells like urine, and is similar in temperature to the original. Ideally, make your synthetic urine close to the time of your test.

To make fake pee, the process may differ slightly from product to product. For example, some are microwavable, while some use heating pads. However, the base process is the same. Always follow the guidelines on the package.

Synthetic Urine: FAQs

Q1. Can synthetic urine be detected in a drug test?

For most drug tests, No, it cannot. Fake urine is formulated by the addition of compounds that are present in the original to water. In normal drug tests, it works as urine would.

To convince you of its practical and almost identical components and function, fake urine can and has been used in areas apart from escaping a drug test. Top among them is its traditional use for testing the effect of urine (original) on various health-related products.

Q2. Do laboratories especially test for synthetic urine?

They can detect if the urine is not fresh, if it's not clean and other issues that can result from mismanagement or defective products. This matters for all urine tests as it determines if the sample is viable or not. Thus, with the use of synthetic urine, you should pay mind to these parameters.

Conclusion: How to Pass Urine Drug Test With Fake Pee?

Using synthetic urine is a great way to keep yourself from testing positive for simple quick fix drug tests when necessary. We selected the above products with careful consideration. These considerations were to ensure guarantees of their reliability and overall quality.

We also chose with you as a user in mind, taking into consideration possible circumstances you may find yourself and products that pose solutions.

Our number one pick, Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit, is the most affordable and the best of powdered synthetic urines. Although it may require a few steps to catch up in prep time to the rest options, it makes up for it in many areas.

Thus, these are some of the best products available presently. Conclusively, we recommend you go through them carefully to pick one that suits your needs.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional judgment of the experts and The Tribune does not take any responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician for more details. Clear Choice shall solely be liable for the correctness, reliability of the content and/or compliance of applicable laws. The above is non-editorial content and The Tribune does not vouch, endorse or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it responsible for them in any manner whatsoever. Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that any information and content provided is correct, updated, and verified.


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