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CodeQuotient Academy Partners With Geeta University

CodeQuotient Academy Partners With Geeta University

The launch of CodeQuotient Academy marks the beginning of a new model of classroom education that does away with many archaic, impractical, and ineffective pedagogies. Here, the focus is on making learners fit to solve real-world problems in real-world scenarios.

Geeta University was one of the first universities to embrace this idea, with several others following in. Partnering with an established brick-and-mortar university also gives CodeQuotient Academy the freedom to adopt the offline mode. While there are several debates on offline vs online education, very few would deny the tangible advantages of learning in a classroom with fellow classmates.

Here’s what Arun Goyat, Founder and CEO, CodeQuotient has to say about the partnership and the mission, vision, and way ahead.

1. Please throw some light on your partnership with Geeta University. How will this association empower universities by making students industry-ready?

At CodeQuotient, we already had the experience of successfully running the SuperCoders Program in association with over 50 top universities/colleges in India.

However, the real challenge was that vocational training is often frowned upon by Indian parents. Thus, starting a Skill + Degree program, which aims to impart practical skills while offering the trust of a degree course, was only the next obvious step.

We saw a like-minded and enthusiastic partner in Geeta University. There were synergies between our ideas, and we decided to start this industry-integrated program for BCA and B.Tech students in the upcoming 2022 academic year.

We plan to teach the students core strengths like practical programming and full stack development. But we will do so in a phased manner so that every learner can imbibe the knowledge and build a portfolio of practical projects that will lead them to successful employment.

2. What is CodeQuotient Academy? How are their industry-integrated programs designed in liaison with companies?

Simply put, the CodeQuotient Academy offers a middle ground between traditional educational degrees and learning practical skills through a classroom course.

Also, CodeQuotient Academy has industry partners around the country, and they prefer hiring from us for several reasons. These candidates have portfolios showcasing their expertise and acumen and also experience working under tight deadlines and solving unexpected problems, making them invaluable for IT companies.

3. Please highlight some features of the industry-integrated program offered by CodeQuotient Academy.

At CodeQuotient Academy, we endeavour to produce skilled software developers by bringing together the best of two worlds.

●      Standard lectures and lab training, along with assignments, prepare students for small to complex industry-related projects, encouraging them to think logically and solve problems on their own.

●      With access to the CodeQuotient platform, teachers and hiring managers can interact with the students and test their projects.

●      We also offer fee sponsorship opportunities plus stipend availability for deserving students.

4. Your views on technical skill-based learning for students and professionals? Which are the courses that are seeing traction?

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Full stack/Data Science are some of the courses most students are driven towards.

But the fundamental purpose of education is the same: to teach generations “How to think logically?” In the case of coding, this is directly proportional to practical implementation because you can never learn how to drive from the passenger’s seat.

This very quality of bringing a winning mindset into learning and teaching ultimately endears our students to industry professionals.

5. In the post-pandemic era, there has been a sudden wave of tie-ups for skill-based, flexible learning. How important is it for universities across the globe to prepare students for the technologies of tomorrow?

As we all know, the tech of today will become obsolete in the coming decades. However, the fundamental ideas remain. Today, we do not have music CDs but we do have music streaming services. As young programmers and developers, learners from the CodeQuotient Academy will be able to identify any transition in the industry and evolve with it.

Tie-ups are again very valuable because a business cannot single-handedly deliver the best experience to the world. Collaborations help companies evolve by getting expertise in domains that were not their strongholds previously.

As long as educational institutions and the real industry remain disparate, a transition will be required for students. This can be avoided if you culture them right.

6. Please throw some light on the reading content, assignments, and projects offered by CodeQuotient to improve students' analytics. How are they different from the content offered by universities?

CodeQuotient Academy has reverse-engineered curriculum/platform/teaching methodologies to develop an analytical bent of mind. Our course is not meant to overwhelm students but to propagate deeper learning, as opposed to traditional classrooms, especially in India.

Learners get a lot of benefits and amenities from CodeQuotient Academy, like access to the CodeQuotient platform.

Our technology can generate insights measuring the overall progress and provide analytics that can show the path of evolution of each student. Clubbed with human intervention and intelligence, this provides a fool-proof assessment.

As a founder, there is nothing more satisfying than to see our students embark on the journey of employment. We will continue to support the student community with our programs and want to keep it subsidised as part of the “education for all” policy.

Now, there’s still a long way to go, but today, we are working to deliver the right education and will let our testimonials vouch for the outcomes tomorrow.





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