Courage, Faith and Wisdom, Usman Chishti -The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur of 21st Century

Courage, Faith and Wisdom, Usman Chishti -The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur of 21st Century

Digital Marketing is the need for businesses in the 21st century. It is almost impossible for businesses to survive without an effective digital marketing strategy and planning for their business. Covid 19 Pandemic makes the survival of businesses at the worst situation. If you want to survive your business and boost up your sales, you have to adopt the ongoing changes in the world.

 Now, the question is, is it that much easy to move from a traditional mode of business to the digital mode. The answer is no. The reason is that many leading companies want to take your market share. They have adopted the change before you. They are spending a good amount of money through advertising and gaining new customers. But does it needs to be worried about the situation? Can we compete with international brands in the field of digital marketing? The answer is an absolute yes. But How? Well, Usman Chishti is the solution.

 A 18 years old entrepreneur, Usman Chishti from Pakpattan, Punjab, started his digital marketing career many years ago. He is a multi-talented entrepreneur working in the field of digital marketing. He started many ventures and also provided his valuable services to topmost brands all over the world. Most of his clients approach him back as the quality of services they get from him is outstanding. He helped them to increase their sales more than ten times than before. Moreover, he also assists them in making the business plans. He then provides them with the full business strategy, which leads to the success of many brands in the field of education, health, hospitality and technology.

 The feedback he got from the clients is almost 100% positive. According to one of his clients, “I hired Usman for my new project. My industry was technology. We have launched the product, but our sales were declining despite of having the best solution product. Covid 19 pandemic make the worst situation for our company. As a CEO of the company, it was a very unfortunate situation for our company. We are almost in the bankruptcy stage. However, somewhere I read about Usman and his digital marketing agency. I approached him on social media. He communicated very well and clearly understood the results I wanted. He gave me the advice to advertise our services digitally and also to make a website for our business. He managed all the things very well. From the start, I have found some improvements in sales. I looked up the chart and found that the products are declining in the inventory. You may be feel the feeling I had at that time. This is because, it is the most delightful situation for the company CEO to make the company back on track. After a few months, our sales got a shoot-up. We outranked many competitors and also got most of their market shares. After one year our sales were almost ten times then our previous sales. I am always thankful to Usman and his team for their quality services. I would recommend them to everyone.”

 This is the story of a single CEO who got the service from Usman. Indeed there are dozens of stories, where Usman helped businesses to achieve more than what they had projected for the company.

 We can define Usman Chishti as the actual name of Courage, Faith and wisdom of the 21st century. The name, which is now the brand, is an inspirational for so many young entrepreneurs in the digital marketing field.

 Of course, no one can deny, that these skills and techniques come with a strong faith and passion for the field. It was not an easy job for him to be successful and run his business. Born in a poor family of Pakpattan, Usman leads a very simple life. His parents motivated him and encouraged him to work for the bread and butter of his family. However, nature has some other plans for him. Instead of looking for a low salaried 9 to 5 job, he started to lead his career in digital marketing.

 Usman ranked hundreds of businesses on Goggle. It may be looking hard. But nearly it is impossible if you want to compete with the giants of the industry. He only achieved this with proper planning of strategies and execution. He is the top-rated seller on freelancing platforms too. Today he had a portfolio of top-notch clients and businesses.

 It is well said, “If hard work is your weapon, success will be your slave”. A hard and smart approach leads him to be the digital marketing guru. According to him, “You can’t succeed in Search Engine Optimization or in social media marketing, without having prior knowledge of these two fields. Instead of finding the client. Polish your skills. Make some improvements in your skills every day. I always analyze the matter from different angles. From the past few years, I have introduced new strategies which can help my clients to be succeeded in the long term. My approach is always positive towards digital marketing. Here you can only succeed if you believe in yourself that you can do wonders if you want.

Moreover, he always gives top priority to his clients. “For me, client satisfaction is the basic key for the long growth of your agency. Our journey is a happy memory of many admirable memories we have spent with our clients. When they get the results, they bring more customers. Hence we grow organically with the positive word of mouth of our previous and current customers.


Apart from having enormous success and a fan following, he is a very humble guy, having a positive mindset towards life. He helped many young entrepreneurs free of cost in the digital marketing field. Many young aspirants who want to build their careers in digital marketing approach him, and he helped them with his humble behavior. He is on a mission for a positive change in people's lives around the world. If you want to get in touch with him and learn from his inspirational life, just follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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