Dhaval Udeshi shares essential advice for all the budding restaurateurs

Dhaval Udeshi shares essential advice for all the budding restaurateurs

It takes a lot of effort, hard work, lifestyle changes, sacrificing social life, discipline, and courage to reach a point where restaurateur Dhaval Udeshi has. He continues to be one of the successful names and is the man behind some of the coolest places in Mumbai including London Taxi, Butterfly High, and Silly. He began with a small eatery in Ghatkopar and now has top-notch restaurants across the city.

 A few things that all his restaurants have in common is the promise of ensuring you have a great time with impeccable service, the most delectable dishes, some great music along with an amazing ambience. Things became hard for people across different industries when the pandemic hit. Dhaval stated that the main difficulty was the high rents that increased liabilities. But even during these dire times, Dhaval managed to keep his business operations on with food deliveries. With his focus on quality, Dhaval managed to carve a niche in the city.

 And needless to say, aspiring restaurateurs are hoping to not just learn something from Dhaval but also receive a piece of advice. Sharing a few essential tips, Dhaval went on to say, "My advice would be to start small and take up the jobs which every employee is doing in a restaurant from being a server to managing guest relations to being a manager. If you begin from scratch and the bottom, the only direction you will be going is upwards and will be able to understand it from every aspect and every level."

 He further went on to say, "If you are planning to start your restaurant, you should keep factors such as location and rentals in mind. You must understand to not overpay for a location that won’t give greater returns or value to you. That might turn out to be a wrong move on your part. That’s why I strongly urge every aspiring restaurateur to start from scratch, gain experience and then start an eatery on a small scale to understand how the food and restaurant business operates.” 

 Apart from this, Dhaval isn't just a foodie but also a travel enthusiast and his love for the two reflects in his work that only gives those going to his restaurants a chance to feel a bit of the world. The pace at which Mr. Udeshi is marching pretty much shows his endless passion for food and the desire to take the restaurants in major cities of India as well as across borders.

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