Digital influencer, Nishant Piyush's birthday saw a host of known faces like Awez Darbar and Rashid Khan

Digital influencer, Nishant Piyush's birthday saw a host of known faces like Awez Darbar and Rashid Khan

This powerhouse of talent is rubbing shoulders with some of the most popular influencers around the scene today.

 The digital industry has seen hordes of talented individuals entering and making their mark. These are the ones who are willing to give their best and race ahead of their contemporaries, with all their passion and desires to achieve the top slot. Their work speaks volumes about them as one can easily make out the way they stand apart, far distant from the usual breed who have swarmed the industry. When talking about such extraordinary talents, one name comes to our minds is that of Nishant Piyush. This exceptionally talented digital marketer and PR expert from Muzzafarpur has done wonders in his field of work by catapulting many online entities to the top through his accurate digital marketing strategies. Many of his clients businesses have turned in to profit churning machines, once Nishant started implementing his time-tested methods on them.

 He says without proper branding and marketing, It's pretty difficult for businesses to survive and thrive in the long run. The forever changing and evolving technology has pushed in many businesses to turn towards the digital medium as this has given fantastic results as compared to the traditional old methods which are time-consuming as well as heavy on the pockets. Experts like Nishant have struck at the right time by stepping into this zone and setting up their careers rightly, through their expertise, which have resulted in the resurrection of many drowning ventures. Today, Nishant is a known name in the digital marketing and PR sphere, and is associated with many big brands and celebrities alike who rely upon his expert services when it comes to market themselves online.

 His company Prike Media which operates from Dubai, UAE, has already made its strong impact through its impeccable work which has got many big brands signing up with him for further expanse around the digital space. Nishant himself is a known figure presently and is seen in the company of many popular digital influencers who never miss a chance to exchange their strategies with this expert. His recently held birthday in Dubai, saw popular choreographer, content creator and entertainer Awez Darbar turn up to wish him along with a host of other celebrities including Rashid Khan. 

 Nishant Piyush holds the reins of the digital industry in present times, and is consistently giving exemplary performance making brands and businesses thrive. The way he's moving ahead, he might soon rule the digital industry on a global scale, undoubtedly.

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