Disruptor Mohit Churiwal took the advantage of lockdown and launched his new Startup

Disruptor Mohit Churiwal took the advantage of lockdown and launched his new Startup

Serial Entrepreneur, Mohit Churiwal exemplifies how your passion can lead you to success. Starting his career in his early teens, he has come a long way and has achieved several milestones. Today, his achievements have inspired several people including the youth.

 In late 2019, Mohit started his venture and came up with his digital marketing firm named Maxtern Media. With a base of over 150 million across all the social media platforms, Maxtern Media’s entire team works diligently to upgrade people’s businesses. Skilled in social media marketing, Mohit’s team works tirelessly to increase people’s social media visibility. They also help the Entrepreneurs and influencers to get their social media accounts verified.

 During this lockdown period when the businesses weren’t making remarkable progress, Mohit Churiwal came up with a transformative idea. The renowned entrepreneur built a team of experts who were willing to work consistently to implement this idea. Soon enough, Mohit Churiwal decided to execute his plan by announcing the launch of his E-commerce website that is SuratStore.in.

 SuratStore.in is going to be Surat’s first-ever E-commerce website which aims to provide a trouble-free shopping experience. The website aims to provide doorstep delivery to people looking for apparel, shoes, and gadgets. Surat residents can bid farewell to the process of going store to store to find affordable goods. Mohit Churiwal promises to provide goods on rental services as well so that people with temporary requirements can also avail its services.

Mohit’s new startup is going to be the change in the market. It takes a huge amount of courage to take risks, especially in this lockdown, and launch this huge venture. It might be challenging for him to take his startup to the next level. But his knowledge about the market will always keep him way ahead of his competitors.

 Mohit’s new startup is also going to bring a huge change in his career. He has always been the one who follows his passion and is the change. This time, he might face many difficulties but we all know that Mohit won’t stop thriving till he achieves what he desires.

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