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How 1 Click Capital Help Businesses Grow and Succeed

How 1 Click Capital Help Businesses Grow and Succeed

The story behind 1 Click Capital’s birth and the need to develop 1 Click Payroll!

The past few years have been anything but effortless for all of us. The world saw a paradigm shift in what we considered as normal. Life as we know it changed, and things came to a standstill at one point. This had a huge impact on many sectors like education, government, health and medical, economy and the business world.

The business world encountered a jolt and things took turn quickly. Small to medium business were impacted the most but even larger established businesses couldn’t shield themselves from the turbulence that the pandemic caused. The MSME industry saw a cash crunch like never before. Supply chains were hampered and sales went down, cash flow was disrupted. This outbreak lead to about 80% of Indian companies to go through cash flow difficulties and over 50% of organizations faced operations issues. The repercussions of a slow economy impacted cash flow which in turn affected receivables, interests, taxes and payrolls.

This lead to an imperative question; should you retain your existing employees or to lay them off, and if you retain them where to pay their next paychecks from.

This dilemma gave birth to the answer that is 1 Click Capital. Our founders saw an immediate need in the industry and an opportunity arose to present the world with a cutting edge service i.e. payroll funding.

As a business one of the biggest responsibility an employer has is making payroll. The ability to pay ones employees on time determines the success of a business. Although this is not always an easy feat.

Most small to medium businesses witness cash flow halts, even the ones that are thriving in the business. Cash flow issues can be caused due to supply chain disruptions, inventory issues, low revenue projections or even seasonality. Businesses structure their invoicing around EPT’s/ extended payment terms which can typically range from 60 to 120 days. These extended payment periods cause a significant cash flow issues which makes business owners choose invoice factoring or taking out business loans or traditional lending services.

These traditional lending services don’t always factor in the intricacies of running a business, they take weeks to process, plus they need you to put down collaterals and their interest rates are also high.

Which is why opting for a payroll funding is the ideal solution, Payroll financing comes with a fast approval rating without any factoring or any collaterals.

1 Click Capital’s payroll funding service is a low cost, unsecured short term loan designed specifically to run payrolls. This will help reduce stress of employers and help keep their employees happy and grow their business.








Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario where 1 Click Payroll can help retail businesses:

Supposing a manufacturer based in Mumbai received an unusually large order for which they allotted all their resources and manpower to fulfil that order. Now the tricky part is that the order would not be paid until it is completely delivered and checked, something that could take 30 to 40 days at least. During such time a business is bound to come cross a cash flow crisis, but instead of opting for a traditional business loan with extensive procedures the business opts for 1 Click Payroll funding, this helped them process their payrolls on time and helped their business stay afloat.

Another example is if a small retail business is doing great in its second year of business and is thriving so well that their manpower is having a tough time keeping up so they decide to double their workforce before their busy season. Here we can help them by providing payroll funding till the time they bridge the gap between their hiring and the influx of their sales season.

These are just two examples but these kind of circumstances are very common in today’s market. There will be businesses that need one time funding or there may be businesses that need funding on a consistent basis. Either ways 1 Click Capital can help businesses keep their finances healthy and succeed in their venture.

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