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How To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Faster: Review Of The Best Drug Detox Kits

How To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Faster: Review Of The Best Drug Detox Kits

Cannabis is a tough drug to get rid of, and I’ll explain exactly why in this complete THC detox guide. I’m going to tell you how to flush Weed out your system faster, so that you can pass a drug test in the quickest time. 

We will cover everything you need to know, around how cannabis metabolites act in the body, what your best strategies are for passing a drug test, and the best options when it comes to learning how to detox Weed from your body. 

I’ll be talking about the following high-quality products as tools you can use: 

  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills 
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink 
  • Mega Clean Detox Drink 

Plus, I’ll explain to you why the 24 hours THC detox options is limited, and what your chances of achieving such a fast detox are. 

Cannabis Metabolites Can Be A Real Problem In The Body 

Here’s the thing about cannabis metabolites. They are shaped differently to all other drug metabolites, and act differently in the body because of that. 

Because of the shape they have, they can get attached to fat cells in the body. This means they can cling on for days and weeks after your last joint, in a way that other metabolites simply can’t. 

That’s why someone can test clean for weed one day, and then three days later test positive again. They detach and work their way out in an irregular fashion. 

Also, because they attach to fat cells, unlike other drugs, the majority of cannabis metabolites work their way out of your body through the bowels, not the bladder. 

So in terms of flushing out your system, and judging when you’re be clean to pass a test, cannabis metabolites aren’t simple. Which makes discussion around 24-hour THC detox kits, and how long it will take to get clean, very difficult. 

How To Flush Weed Out Of Your System Faster 

If you’re going to flush weed out of your system faster (as fast as possible), then you have to do the following: 

  • Do a natural detox 
  • Accelerate the natural detox of detox pills 
  • Use home drug tests to monitor your progress 
  • Be prepared to mask the remaining toxins on the day of your test 
  • You simply won’t be clean quickly if you just rely on the products though, you need to have a plan and prepare for as long before your test as possible. 
  • As part of the preparation, you need to ensure that you are living healthy lifestyle (natural detox) as follows: 
  • Cut out all drug intake 
  • Cut out alcohol 
  • Cut out anything that requires heavy processing 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Cut out coffee and sugary drinks 
  • Eat small and lean meals 
  • Exercise and sweat daily 
  • Get plenty of rest 

Doing all that will help your body to work at maximum efficiency. But note that your body can only work at a certain rate, and usually does, so any increase in speed will be minimal and based on your overall health and intake levels. 

So How Long Does It Take To Detox From Weed? 

It’s really tough to tell you exactly how long it will be before your test clean for Weed. 

There are so many variables to consider: 

  • Your general health 
  • The strength of the cannabis 
  • The frequency you smoke 
  • Other drugs you take that slow processing down 
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Your age and physical fitness 
  • Diet and water intake 
  • Whether you are slim or obese 

You’ll be told on websites routinely that you’ll be clean around three or four days after your last joint to pass a urine sample drug test. 

But that only applies if you’re a really occasional smoker. If you’re a regular smoker, then as you’ve learned, the cannabis metabolites can build up in the body and cling to fat cells. 

As a regular smoker, you could still be testing positive weeks after last joint. In one study, regular daily smokers of cannabis were found to still sporadically test positive for use more than 30 days after the last joint (and was worse with increasing levels of body fat). 

So, if you’ve smoked a joint in the past seven days then I think you have to assume you would fail, and if you are a regular smoker then it could take you two weeks or longer before you could pass a drug test. 

Is There Any Such Thing As A 24 Hours THC Detox? 

The truth is that there’s no such thing as a 24 hours THC detox, unless you have very few cannabis metabolites in your body anyway. 

Sure, if you’re a light smoker, or it’s been a while since you last smoked, then you can be clean in 24 hours, especially if you accelerate it. 

But that’s going to be rare, and the truth is that if you are smoking cannabis regularly, and you are facing a drug test in two days or less, then it’s pretty impossible to guarantee getting clean to pass with just a 24 hour detox. 

There are two strategies you can employ generally to pass a Weed drug test: 

  1. Mask the toxins. You’re not going to get rid of them at all, you’re just going to process as many as you can, and then hide the rest. This is totally possible, and this is the realistic alternative to trying to achieve a 24-hour full detox.
  2. If you have the time, and depending on the level of metabolites in your body, then a proper detox that is accelerated using detox pills is the best strategy as it will get you genuinely clean to pass a drug test.

How To Detox Weed: Best Detoxification Strategy 

From the two strategies I’ve just talked about, the best one overall is the actual detoxification program, that will leave you genuinely clean to pass that drug test with no worries at all. 

This will involve doing a natural detox for as many days as you can before your test. As I’ve said, it could take you one or two weeks to get clean naturally, and you’ll potentially not have that time, so how you accelerate things? 

Well, you’ll use high-quality detox pills called Toxin Rid. They can speed up the removal toxins by at least 50%, and often significantly faster than that. 

Toxin Rid has the following attributes: 

  • Available in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days 
  • Highly potent to push toxins out of the body faster 
  • Speeds up your metabolism 
  • Acts as a strong diuretic 
  • Increases the rate of bound movements 
  • Moves free radicals and toxins through the body faster 
  • Improves kidney function 
  • Is designed specially to focus on cannabis metabolite removal 

If you’re a regular daily weed smoker then you will need the full 10 day Toxin Rid detox. You might get away with the seven day kit, but the point here is you’ll need seven days at least to get clean. 

However, because Toxin Rid speeds up the removal of toxins by 50% or more, you should start testing negative on home drug tests after three or four days. So potentially, you could be passing a drug test just 4 or 5 days after starting the course. 

It’s pretty simple to do. You’ll simply follow the Toxin Rid pill instructions every day of the course, and live a healthy lifestyle (while obviously abstaining from Weed and other drugs). 

Every day (from day three on) you will also test yourself in the evening with a home drug test kit, alongside generally drinking plenty of water. 

On the day of your test, you should be testing negative and confident of doing so. But, if you test positive because there are stray toxins in your body still, or you want an insurance policy, then you can use a high-quality detox drink to mask the remaining. 

So that’s the strategy for doing a proper detox, and accelerate it with detox pills called Toxin Rid, and now let’s look at how you can use the detox drink to mask toxins on the day of your test (either as part of the strategy, or on its own). 

Best Alternative & 24 Hour THC Detox Options 

So if you’re short of time, or you’re a really light smoker who doesn’t have many cannabis metabolites in your body, then you could get away with a masking strategy. 

This masking strategy could be at the end of a longer detox, or it could be on its own if you are sure that the amount of drug toxins in your body is pretty low. 

This alternative strategy could be classed as a 24 hours THC detox, even though in reality it’s only masking the toxins, and not actually detoxifying your body at all. 

You’ll use a high-quality detox drink is your insurance policy at the end of a detox, or as a masking strategy. 

Rescue Cleanse is the best drink on the market, and will do the following when you drink it: 

  • Contains ingredients that flush out toxins through the kidneys and bladder faster than can be achieved naturally.  
  • Floods the body with things found in urine in excess. Doing this means that correct proportions are passed through as waste, keeping your urine balanced. 
  • Because the toxins have been flushed through the kidneys and bladder faster and would be achieved naturally, this creates a gap in the flow of toxins out of the body, that usually lasts for four or five hours. During this time you can submit a clean sample. 

So a detox drink masks the toxins by flushing your body out, and keeping your urine balanced. The as fresh toxins are passed through the kidneys, then eventually, after a few hours, you would test positive again. 

Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink you can buy. When people refer to the Clear Choice cannabis detox, they are talking about Rescue Cleanse, made by company called Clear Choice. 

If you can’t get Rescue Cleanse, then the next best detox drink on the market is Mega Clean. If you do by Mega Clean though, get it from Test Clear because you will get six free pre-rid pills bundled in. 

Please Avoid The Temptation To Try Cheap Home Remedies 

If you want to learn how to flush weed out of your system faster, then the first thing you need to learn is not to even contemplate using cheap home remedies. 

In terms of how to detox Weed, you’ll read mostly about the Sure Jell method, otherwise known as the Certo method. 

It uses fruit pectin to draw cannabis metabolites more readily into the bowel and eradicate them. At the same time it’s meant to flush out your bladder and leave you with balanced urine. 

The truth is it doesn’t do that at very well all, and it won’t work fully. This is true of all home remedies. 

So stick to what I’ve told you here, and let’s recap: 

  • If you’re a light smoker then you can mask the toxins on the day of your test in a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean. If you can do a 24-hour detox the day before, that will lengthen the time you test negative during. 
  • If you’re a heavy smoker, then Toxin Rid is recommended. As many days as possible before your test getting clean using it, and then as an insurance policy simply mask any remaining toxins on the day of your test with Rescue Cleanse. 

Where To Buy The Best Drug Detox Kits 

Let’s finish up here by telling you exactly where to buy the drug detox products we’ve talked about: 

  • Rescue Cleanse detox drink is available direct from Clear Choice, through their website at test negative. 
  • Mega Clean detox drink is available from Test Clear, buy it from there to get the six free pre-rid pills with it. 
  • Toxin Rid detox pills are available from Test Clear. Choose the course length you need, and don’t forget those home drug test kits. 




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional judgment of the experts and The Tribune does not take any responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician for more details. Best Drug Detox Kits shall solely liable for the correctness, reliability of the content and/or compliance of applicable laws. The above is non-editorial content and The Tribune does not vouch, endorse or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it responsible for them in any manner whatsoever. Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that any information and content provided is correct, updated, and verified. 

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