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How To Make The Best Mushroom Coffee & Gain Maximum Health Benefits

How To Make The Best Mushroom Coffee & Gain Maximum Health Benefits

Coffee is an excellent stimulant but turning it into the best mushroom coffee can also give you significant health benefits, both physical and cognitive.

In this complete guide I’m going to talk you through the top 4 mushroom coffee brands, to determine which one is best.

I’ll also be covering in detail these top mushroom extract supplements:

But better than that, I’m going to tell you exactly how to make your own mushroom coffee, creating your own best recipe.

You see, the top rated mushroom coffee out there may not be a brand at all, it may be your own creation. Better than that, by using dedicated mushroom extract supplements rather than a prepared coffee, you can actually enhance the benefits you receive.

So sit back, because in the next five minutes I’m going to talk you through everything you need to know about making mushroom coffee, along with mushroom coffee reviews of the top four brands.

What Is Mushroom Coffee: Is It Just Coffee With Mushroom Powder In It?

In most cases, yes, it’s just coffee with mushroom powder in it. But it can also be so much more than that.

The promise of more is what makes people look for prepared products from mushroom coffee brands. The promise of all the goodness coming easy, and being easy to make.

But the best mushroom coffee is not from a brand. It will be making it yourself, as I will explain later.

The Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee (Benefits Of Mushroom Powder)

Although it will depend on the mushrooms included in the coffee, generally, the best types of mushroom have similar properties that will deliver the following benefits when combined:

  • Functional mushrooms are adaptogenic
  • Calming
  • Can boost serotonin
  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral
  • Antitumor
  • Antibacterial
  • Neuroprotective
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Can lower depression and anxiety
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Regulate glucose levels
  • Antioxidant
  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Improved immune function

Now I know that looks an insane list. But the evidence that mushrooms can produce these benefits, especially using elevated doses on a regular basis, is compelling.

Firstly, they have been used in traditional medicine in the Far East for a thousand years. All of the observations from that time until now in literature point to exactly the things stated above.

Secondly, modern scientific studies on animals and humans are starting to spot the same things. For example several mushrooms, including Turkey Tail, have been noted to have an effect on tumor growth, and cancer cell proliferation generally.

Mushroom Extract Powder Is What You Should Be Looking For

Mushroom powder is simply dried mushrooms ground into a powder. That’s no more potent than just eating the mushroom, and it’s not enough to get all of the benefits on a regular basis.

You need mushroom extract powder. That’s where the mushrooms are boiled in water, or sometimes other liquids, to extract the goodness. This is boiled down into a thick resin that’s dried out and ground into a concentrated powder.

So the top rated mushroom coffee brand has to use extracts rather than just ground mushroom powder to deliver the potency required to get the benefits they claim.

Best Mushroom Coffee Brands

These are probably the four most popular brands of mushroom coffee on the market right now. Let’s quickly do mushroom coffee reviews on each now.

1. Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Taste: 6/10

Ingredients quality: 4/10

Mushroom content: 4/10

Ryze became popular during the pandemic. Founded by two Harvard graduates, I think people believe it was somehow scientific. In actual fact, it’s just instant coffee and coconut milk powder, with sweetener, and standard mushroom powder. It is quite cheap though, working out at just one dollar per cup.

Put all that together, and although it’s quite nice to drink, you’re not really deriving any notable benefits from the functional mushrooms due to the fact that the proprietary blend is only 2 g, and its powdered mushrooms and not mushroom extract.

2. OM Superfoods Mushroom Coffee

Taste: 5/10

Ingredients quality: 6/10

Mushroom content: 6/10

On the plus side this has twice the caffeine of most brands (120 mg) per serving. That’s really where the good news ends because this is just another powdered instant coffee product.

It’s got exactly the same 2 gram proprietary blend size as the Ryze mushroom coffee product, although it does have an additional 100 mg of Reishi mushroom extract which means it does have an edge on dosage. Overall, slightly better than Ryze, but it costs two dollars per portion, so double the price for not double the mushroom potency.

3. Beyond Brew Mushroom Superfood Coffee

Taste: 4/10

Ingredients quality: 4/10

Mushroom content: 3/10

Third on our list is Beyond Brew mushroom superfood coffee, with 30 servings in the container, each of two heaped teaspoons, this is a good value product. It’s also actually not a coffee at all, containing cacao (cocoa seed) and sea salt alongside sweetener, making it more of a mushroom hot chocolate drink.

The proprietary blend contains Lions Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps (two types), and Turkey Tail. Now it claims six different types, but two of those are Cordyceps, and as all of the 30 odd species have the same benefit profiles, that’s a bit of a marketing scam.

Overall, it’s quite natural, even including Stevia as the sweetener. But it doesn’t tell you what the proportion of the proprietary mushroom blend is, and it’s definitely not mushroom extract.

  4. MUD/WTR Kits

Taste: 7/10

Ingredients quality: 6/10

Mushroom content: 5/10

Now this is slightly different because you aren’t just buying powder. You are buying “ritual kits”, which obviously sounds a little dubious and cultlike. But it’s just a gimmick to send you a box with other stuff in it and charge you more for it (including a sticker!).

There are four different kits, and honestly, none of them are coffee. For example, the “morning ritual” kit is cacao amongst other ingredients, with a small dose of caffeine in it.

The mushroom blend differs from between 2000 mg and 3000 mg, dependent on the kit you choose from the four. However, yet again, despite the fact it contains six different fantastic functional mushrooms, as there are no claims about it being potent mushroom extract then you have to assume it’s just mushroom powder.

How To Make Mushroom Coffee (Top Rated Mushroom Coffee Recipes)

If you want to keep things simple, know exactly what you’re drinking, and use better quality ingredients than the instant coffee, powdered milk and other ingredients in the four brands I’ve just reviewed, then the best thing to do is to learn how to make mushroom coffee for yourself.

The first thing you’ll need for a classic coffee is some good quality filter coffee. Then just sweeten to taste, add milk, and add your mushroom powder.

You can step things up a little further by making latte. Obviously, you’ll need to froth the milk and add espresso, and then add the mushroom powder and sweeten.You can use alternatives to milk, such as almond milk and coconut milk if desired, so you can shape things anyway you want, and there are tons of recipes online.

Here’s the thing. As well as tasting better and being cheaper, you’ll also get a better hit if you add your own mushroom powder, and here’s why. You’ll be buying mushroom extract powder. This isn’t like the mushroom powder in the products I’ve just reviewed.

Mushroom powder is simply dried mushrooms of the ground into a powder. Obviously, you only getting a single density of good compounds in the mushrooms you consume.

Mushroom extract uses more mushrooms and boils them off using a complex method to extract all the good compounds. These are dried out, the resin is ground into a powder to create a mushroom powder that up to 6 times stronger than standard.

So get yourself some good quality mushroom extract powders and you’ll get a dose that’s actually strong enough to do you some good.

  #1 Recommendation: Real Mushrooms Extract Powder

The best company I’ve found that produce genuine mushroom extract powder (and the same high-quality powder in capsules) is called Real Mushrooms.

They use hot water extraction to get a really potent raising from the mushrooms that contains all of the good nutrients and compounds. It’s then dried out and ground into an exceptionally rich powder.

It will be up to 6 times stronger than standard powder, meaning that just 1 teaspoon is going to do a lot more for you than any of the brands we have talked about.

In fact, at a standard two teaspoon dose, it’s going to be as much as 10 times stronger, so far better than paying more money for the brands we have reviewed.

They sell the following functional mushrooms both as great value powder and capsules:

  • Lions Mane
  • Shiitake
  • Turkey tail
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi
  • Chaga
  • Tremella
  • Maitake

So individually, or combined for better benefits, you can dose a couple of grams of several types of functional mushroom in a cup of coffee to gain maximum benefits every single day.

And with the great price on the capsules, you can also exact dose at other times of the day, so you’re not having to rely on making coffee and drinking mushroom powder all the time to get the short and long-term benefits that mushrooms are starting to be linked with.

How To Use Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders To Make The Best Mushroom Coffee

Making mushroom coffee is really simple, you just create a fantastic filtered coffee, add some mushroom powder, and then add milk and sweetener to taste. As I’ve said, two big powdery teaspoons of standard mushroom powder aren’t going to do much for you at all.

If you want multiple mushroom extract powders then that can also be slightly challenging to do, when you have to measure out all that powder to put into the coffee.

Real Mushrooms have a solution called 5 Defenders. It’s a single extract powder supplement that contains extracts from five potent functional mushrooms:

  • Turkey Tail
  • Reishi
  • Shiitake
  • Maitake
  • Chaga

A 1 g serving of this (half a teaspoon), contains 1000 mg of concentrated mushroom extract. It also contains a minimum of 200 mg of extracted beta glucans.

Now you compare that to the best brand from the four I reviewed above, OM Superfoods, that contained 100 mg of Reishi extract and 2 g of standard mushroom powder in each serving.

2 g of 5 Defenders is going to give you 2000 mg of concentrated mushroom extract, and 400 mg of beta glucans, which obviously significantly more.

So you can pack a potent punch into your home-made coffee really easily using mushroom extract supplements from Real Mushrooms.

Where To Buy Real Mushrooms Powdered Extract & Capsules

Real Mushrooms are the real deal, and far better than prepared powdered products that don’t have the same punch. They are also surprisingly affordable.

All the products are fully organic, and don’t have any fillers, grains, mycelium, or other non-essential ingredients. They also guarantee at least 20% beta gluten concentration, which is far superior to any of the best mushroom coffee products we have reviewed.

So don’t worry about the top rated mushroom coffee out there, you can make the best yourself using simple everyday ingredients that cost very little, and then using the potency of Real Mushrooms extract supplements.

For pricing, you’ll be delighted. Here’s a snapshot of the price you’ll pay for powder:

In total there are eight high quality mushroom extract powders to try, or you can get five of the top ones in the 5 Defenders product.

Also, all eight are available as capsules, allowing you to top up without having to drink coffee, which can be highly convenient and ensure you get the dose you need every day (2 – 4 capsules are all you will need on top of one cup of coffee).

5 Defenders is also available in capsule format. 200 capsules, each of 500 mg, currently costs $69.95.




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