Inclined Studio is India's leading architecture and interior photography firm, with over 1200 completed projects : The Tribune India

Inclined Studio is India's leading architecture and interior photography firm, with over 1200 completed projects

Inclined Studio is India's leading architecture and interior photography firm, with over 1200 completed projects

Founded by Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel, Inclined Studio was established in the year 2015 in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A successful architectural photography venture, Inclined Studio has undertaken numerous projects so far that have led to its popularity and fame in a short period. A much newer concept in photography, architectural photography has evolved as a separate career opportunity for those who see the magic in buildings and like to create photos out of concrete material! Professionals like Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel have led on to make this venture a success. Within a short duration of 5 years, Inclined Studio, a firm for architectural photography has become the talk of the town. From homes to hotels, buildings to bars, and monuments to mansions, Inclined Studio has professionals who know everything related to the art, providing an artistic angle to buildings that might otherwise seem to be highly ordinary. With various visual effects and highlights, architectural photography can overturn perceptions of the viewers and add charm to a structure. Having worked for over 700 projects so far, Inclined Studio and the studio team have achieved immensely in recent times and remain consistent throughout. 


Their topmost priority is to serve the interests of the client, satisfy their desires by capturing the right view, and making them the soul of the whole project. As they shine on to become one of the most sought after architectural photography studio, they have always credited their success to the love and respect they obtain from their clients. The team of Inclined Studio believes that establishing an honest and humble client-company bond is truly essential for a company’s success. That is the reason why clients are provided with the utmost liberty to express their ideas and put forth their opinions. However, it is also the prime duty of the Inclined Studio’s professionals that they provide an expert opinion on the same and keep their clients updated in that matter. Although their clients trust them blindly and have full faith in their abilities, Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel feel that it is still their responsibility to address their clients and update them from time to time.


In the fight to carry out their work with full enthusiasm and stand up to their clients' expectations, professionals at Inclined Studio strive to become better and bolder in their abilities. Not only does this make them updated with trendy skills, but it also makes them equipped with various skills that will help them in the future. One of the biggest challenges in this field is to stand up to the expectations of one’s clients and be able to satisfy their desires for a certain project. While such a challenge is hard to combat, professionals at Inclined Studio take it as their prime duty to feed their customers what they desire to eat! That said, Inclined Studio is a place where technical perfection, technological advancement, and togetherness of clients and professionals are experienced! A place where skills and experience combine, Inclined Studio has miles to go forward!

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