Kerassentials Reviews: [BEWARE!] What Real Customers Reviews are Saying About this Effective Toenail Fungus Remedy

Kerassentials Reviews: [BEWARE!] What Real Customers Reviews are Saying About this Effective Toenail Fungus Remedy

Kerassentials is one of the leading formulas used by many to treat toenail fungal infections. The one thing that makes Kerassentials a sure-shot trusted formula to cure toenail fungus is the unique blend of natural ingredients that is capable of stopping the spread of fungi and at the same time depriving them of the nutrition required for the fungi to grow, stopping them from thriving. Let's get going with our honest customer Kerassentials Reviews for 2022.

Now you might be wondering how common is a toe-nail fungal infection? 

 Toenail Fungal Infections Are Common And Here Is What You Should Be Knowing:

According to a recent survey, it was estimated that 1 in 10 people in the age group of 10 to 70 are prone to having a toenail fungal infection and the number just increases along with age.  

The next obvious question would be, Is it a serious condition? Well, no but it can become if not appropriately treated. The best thing about toenail fungus is that self-medication can cure it and with world-class products like Kerassentials Nail and Skin health formula, it has become easier than ever before to treat and prevent toenail fungal infections. 

How To Choose A Product That Works?

 There are many relevant products in the market that can treat toenail fungal infections, but the efficacy rate at which they prevent and treat the infection is something that you would need to consider. How are they doing it? Is it safe? Are the ingredients safe? These are some of the questions that you need to ask and you must be having all possible details for these questions before making a choice.

Why these Kerassentials Reviews are Important?

An informed decision is key and that is the reason why we put together this article which will extensively cover all the details covering from the ingredients behind the formula, the team that worked on the formulation of Kerassentials, the efficacy rate, and things you need to look out before purchasing the product and much more. We are sure that this article will answer all your questions that you might have about Kerassentials and will give you all the inputs that you need to make an informed decision. 


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Kerassentials- Facts Overview

Product Name >>> Kerassentials

Quality of ingredients >>> ★★★★☆

Type >>> Nail and Skin Health Support Formula

Ingredients >>> • Lavender oil

• Organic flaxseed oil

• Almond oil

• Tea tree oil

• Lemongrass oil

• Aloe vera

• DL-alpha-tocopherol

• Isopropyl Palmitate

• Undecylenic Acid

Quantity >>>  15 ml per bottle

        Improve your nail skin health

        Completely natural formula that is easy to use

        Does not cause any irritation or twitching

        Kills off the fungus on your nails

        Support regrowth of damaged nails

Founding Research Member >>>  Dr. Kimberly Langdon

Application >>> Four times a day

Side effects >>> NIL

Precautions >>> Usage for people above 18 years of age

Price >>>  $69 per bottle.

Availability >>>  Kerassentials oil is only available through the official website with free shipping 

Refund policy >>>  60-Day Refund Policy

Support Mail ID >>>

Website  >>>  Official Website


What is Kerassentials? And Does It Work?

 Kerassentials has been a leading product ever since its launch with many doctors, practitioners, medical consultants, and foot care specialists recommending the product for a toenail fungal infection. The reason behind this is very simple, it just works.  

Being a leading prescribed formula for self-treating toenail infections, Kerassentials has a ton of real reviews both good and bad, that can easily confuse a buyer on whether or not to make the purchase and that is where this article will help. Make sure to not skip any sections.  

Kerassentials oil is the only product in the market that has seen a massive success rate in treating toenail infections. But this very fact alone cannot help and that is the reason why we ponder extensively on how the formula actually works and how it has proven to be effective in treating the infection and why it is a popular choice by many even today. 

Kerassentials nail fungus treatment is a combination of natural ingredients that simply works like magic: 

The formula contains a list of natural ingredients that work towards eliminating fungal spores. You can consider spores to be biological matters that facilitate the growth and spread of fungi. These ingredients work towards eliminating these spores that lead to preventing the growth and stopping the spread. 


Kerassentials Independent Reviews - Ingredients List

 The complete list of ingredients that are used in the formulation of Kerassentials oil is carefully inculcated with each other for effective results. Some of the ingredients that are extensively used in the formulation include super oils that make Kerassentials oils a big hit. 

Tea tree oil

Lemongrass oil

Aloe vera

Lavender oil

Organic flaxseed oil

Almond oil


Isopropyl Palmitate

Undecylenic Acid


Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is known for its adequate amount of terpene-4-ol which is an active compound encapsulated within it naturally. The compound enhances the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil which make it an effective ingredient altogether that helps in combatting the spread of fungal infection more effectively.  

Lemon Grass Oil:

Lemon grass oil is yet another oil with rich anti-fungal properties. It aids along with other ingredients to improve the overall efficacy of the entire formulation

Aloe Vera:

 Aloe Vera has been a critical ingredient in many formulations that are used to treat infections and it is being used in the Kerassentials com formula mainly for the wide variety of anti-fungal properties it comes with.  

Lavender Oil:

 Rich in antioxidants and naturally derived anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil in the formulation of the Kerassentials oil helps in promoting natural skin and nail growth. It is also responsible for reducing the irritation that happens due to inflammation of the skin making it a key ingredient in the formula. There is supporting research that proves the fact that Lavender oil is beneficial in helping in the re-growth phase of skin and nails.  

Organic Flax seeds:

 The nails nearby the infection site in a fungal infection are usually weak and chip off leaving a brittle look. This is being combated with the help of organic flax seeds. The hydrating properties of flax seeds also ensure that the nail tip and roots (cuticles) are moisturized and soft to facilitate faster re-growth.  

Almond Oil:

 Usually, a common medication used to prevent fungal infections, the formulation of Kerassentials contains almond oil that prevents the spread of fungal spores. Almond is rich in fatty acids that form a rich layer of anti-infection enzymes that cover the spores.  

DL-Alpha-Tocopherol, Isopropyl Palmitate, and Undecylenic Acid:

 These ingredients might seem like chemicals but are not. These compounds and acids are synthesized from natural sources like the vitamin E structures that are found in human/animal tissue and castor oil. All these ingredients are focussed on increasing the moisture content of the skin and nails and creating an inhospitable environment for the fungi to thrive.  


Kerassentials Customer Reviews from BBB And Trustpilot

Independent Reviews form an integral part of any product but the sad reality of today’s digital media is the enormous amount of promotional reviews whose credibility can be misleading at times. That is the reason why it is important to look for credible websites like Better Business Bureau (Kerassentials Reviews BBB) and (Kerassentials Reviews trust pilot). These sites scrutinize their level best to ensure only credible reviews go on their platform. 

 Kerassentials nail fungus treatment being fairly new and popular in the market, the product is yet to be enlisted on these platforms. Other than that, comparing the ratio between positive and negative reviews, the positive reviews kind of outweighs the other counterpart. 


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Online Scam Alert - Kerassentials

Some precautions that you need to be aware of as a consumer is that many customers fell prey to scams online just because the price of the product was less than the actual price quoted on the official website. 

Negative reviews that are usually seen with the product are regarding customers getting fake products in the market. Owing to the popularity and efficacy, the team at Kerassentials expected this and this article also will give you a clear idea of where to procure the original product without getting scammed if you are looking forward to purchasing Kerassentials. 

Kerassentials is Made By The Experts In The Field

 Scientific Credibility is something that makes a huge difference in making a customer trust a product. As much as knowing the product, it is important to know the team behind the product. The formula was developed by Dr.Kimberley Langdon and her team. Dr. Kimberley Langdon is well-known in the field of mycology (study of fungi) and has spearheaded many efforts to create formulas that work in treating common fungal infections known to mankind The complete formulation of Kerassentials and the ingredients used are backed up by promising research and scientific proof. For instance, Lavender oil, a primary ingredient in the formulation, is known for its anti-fungal properties followed by tea tree oil and other ingredients that follow suit on strong anti-fungal properties. Many international centers that conduct research like the National Centre of Biotechnology Information have confirmed and coordinated these studies. 


Kerassentials Manufacturer- Quality And Safety Standards

A little on the credibility and the quality standards of the product, Kerassentials is produced in one of the most advanced and industry-leading GMP-certified facilities which upholds one of the highest quality standards for the production of medical formulas.. The complete formulation and enhancement of Kerassentials have been done taking the leading standards of production and at the same time with the involvement of one of the best production technologies available.  

Side Effects from Using Kerassentials

So far there has not been a single report of side effects from the formulation, and with absolutely no artificial ingredients used, the rate of side effects in the long term is also projected to be low or zero, provided the formula is used within the stipulated amount of dosage as prescribed on the packaging. 

Kerassentials Dosage And Results

A single unit of Kerassentials contains 15 ml and is expected that it can be used for an ideal period of three months according to the dosage prescribed. However, the healing curve is different from person to person. The average healing time is somewhere around 4 weeks subject to change based on usage and condition of the infection.  

How do I use Kerassentials?

The application is as simple as it gets. The bottle comes with an applicator that you can use to apply the formula to the nails and use a cotton swab to apply to the cuticles. The effective repetition of applying the formula is four times a day with two times in the morning and two times in the evening. The formula applied to the infected nail needs to be left untouched for ideal results. 


Where can you buy Kerassentials?

The original bottle of Kerassentials is only available on the official website of the Kerassentials and is not enlisted with any other third-party online retail stores. The process of purchasing is similar to how you buy products on an online platform. The website currently supports all forms of credit card payments. 


Kerassentials Refund Policy

 Another reason why Kerassentials is a leading product used for toenail infections is the refund policy that the product comes with. The product comes with a total 60-day refund policy within which the customer can return the product for a refund. The only condition is that the procured product needs to be purchased from the official website. You should be getting your refund as soon as it is cleared for a refund from the company and we would say that’s a safe way to try out a product that might possibly be an effective solution to your toenail infection. 


Kerassentials Pricing and International Availability:

 A single unit of the formula retails at $99 and sometimes may go as low as $69 with regular offers and discounts available on the official website. 

 Kerassentials also comes in packages of one bottle ($69 per bottle), three bottles ($59 per bottle), and six bottles ($49 per bottle). All of these packages come with free shipping for all locations within the US and for international orders, relevant shipping charges apply. 

 Kerassentials in Canada( 99.40 CAD per bottle + shipping charge of CAD 22.98 CAD), Kerassentials in New Zealand(125.21 NZD per bottle+ shipping charge of 28.94 NZD), and the Kerassentials in UK( £64.66 per bottle + shipping charge of £14.95.), and Ireland( €76,54 per bottle+shipping charge of € 17,69). 


Pros Of Using Kerassentials Oils

Works on the root cause of common toenail fungal infections and maintains the overall skin and nail health. 

Removes discoloration and maintains hydration of the nails, skin, and cuticles. 

60-day refund policy.

Different price plans are available based on the usage of the customer.

Manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system-certified facility.

Free shipping within the US.


Cons Of Using Kerassentials

Available only on the official website.

Healing and recovery time varies from person to person.

Not advisable to be used for children below the age of 18. 


 The Final Verdict: Is Kerassentials Legit? 

 The overall performance and results of the product seem promising. The product is aimed at helping you to treat your toenail fungal infection and at the same time without compromising the overall health of your nails and skin. The product comes with completely natural ingredients making it a safe bet compared to other products on the market. On the other hand, the only drawback that is seen is the availability of the product only on their official website which is not a deal-breaker. 

 Overall we think the product works and has given promising results to its user and with a safety net of a 60-day refund policy, if we were you, we would give it a shot. 


Frequently Asked Questions on Kerassentials:


Is Kerassentials safe without side effects?

 Kerassentials has no known or reported side effects to date.  

Is Kerassentials Vegan?

 All the products used in Kerassentials are naturally sourced and are vegan.  

Is Kerassentials cruelty-free?

 There is no reported animal testing done on the product and there is no cruelty involved in the testing of the product.  

Can I get it on Amazon/eBay?

 No, Kerassentials is only available on the official website.




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