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Magician Sanchit Batra Performed at a Mercedes Benz Event in Agra

Magician Sanchit Batra Performed at a Mercedes Benz Event in Agra

Sanchit Batra, a comic mentalist and a magician by profession recently performed at a Mercedes Benz event in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Agra on 26th June. The event was known as AMG Drive from Delhi to Agra and all the elite members of Delhi joined the event to do the test drive of AMGs from Delhi to Agra.

During his performance, Sanchit showcased his unique talent of adding comedy with mentalism and also helped them to boost the brand in his own unique way. 

Also, Sanchit asked someone randomly to come on the stage and think about their first crush and within minutes of eye contact he revealed the name of her first crush. The audience member was so shocked that she actually had goosebumps later on while traveling back she approached Sanchit and mention that he was my 10 years old crush how is it possible for you to know.

After his show, he and all the members visited Agra Stadium for a Gun Act and Riffle Shooting Practice for fun.

Sanchit has already done almost 10 shows for the Mercedes Benz in the past time span of 3 years.


Sanchit Batra aka sleight illusionist is a Delhi based Comic Mentalist and a talented Magician who has been acclaimed internationally to display unimaginable illusion on the stage. His mind tricks on the stage are certain to entertain you. As he connects with the audience at a personal level by reading their mind thoughts, people thoroughly enjoy his shows. On account of huge turnaround at his events, television journalists like Rajiv Makhni have invited him on his talk shows like Show ‘Gadget Guru 360’ on NDTV to learn about his familiarity with magic and how he connects with the audience at such a personal level and also, he has been featured by News24 in the show named as ‘Rehesaya’.


Mr Sanchit Batra doesn’t just create magic for entertainment but marketing as well. He blends the creativity and innovation to showcase numerous corporate brands while performing his tricks. Mr Sanchit Batra has built his identity in the minds of numerous Bollywood celebrities like Guru Randhawa, Raj Kumar Rao and Himanshi Khurana to promote their upcoming movies and music albums.

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