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Microsoft Teams: How to Improve Your User Experience?

Microsoft Teams: How to Improve Your User Experience?

The pandemic has transformed how we work profoundly. Organizations worldwide have implemented solutions like Microsoft Teams to promote working-from-home and hybrid work.

Soon, there was a need to digitally adapt beyond meetings to accommodate a new style of work, and teleconferencing was crucial for the rapid development and acceptance of the team. They strive to integrate applications into the workplace to serve consumers better, expedite work, and boost employee productivity and happiness.

This new manner of working is made possible by Teams. It's the only system that has everything you need in one place: chat, conferencing, calls, file transfer, and apps. Teams can be readily customized using apps to meet your requirements.

Microsoft Teams success takes more than just user acceptance. It's essential to have a completely designed, high-performance platform with minimal latency and low CPU consumption. With remote work becoming more common in the coming months, a premium experience is critical.

7 ways to Improve Your User Experience

●       Know when to use chats/channels

Once you've decided which channels you have to be in and figured out your notification method, you'll need to know when and how to use group chats and channels.

People who are inexperienced in Teams should keep in mind that this is an entirely new experience Interactions are a way to bring other people into one-on-one talks. Members of the Teams group can use this space to relay texts and emojis and even schedule meetings.

●       Personalize options.

It's crucial to add a personal element after your staff is comfortable utilizing Teams daily. For instance, numerous accessibility options in Microsoft Teams are usually idle. However, they will remain unknown until you notify your users about them. An excellent example of this accessibility feature is the Translator, which helps. Chat translation is a valuable tool if your coworkers' first dialect differs from yours. Everyone can be themselves while yet communicating using the inline message translation.

●       Plan for adoption

Making an adoption plan for individuals is not the same as making the plan for the entire company.

Begin by figuring out why you are using Microsoft Teams. Then inform your stakeholders about the plan, the adoption path, and the benefits. They must then disseminate this information to their users. Keep all people up to date with regular updates as your rollout progresses. It won't be as surprising if everyone knows what's going on. Many people will be asking for technical, instructional, and adoption resources along the way. Of course, you can make your own depending on local preferences. There are numerous Microsoft documents already available.

●       Use quality optimization devices.

Solid audio and visual experience are necessary for an effective Teams meeting. Across the network, administrators should create precise quality-of-service standards to guarantee video and audio streams have priority over other traffic. Microsoft recommends that businesses utilize the selected internet protocols for their Teams implementations.

●       Optimize your computers 

Employees should clean up their laptops or computers that they are using to access Teams regularly. End users should erase their cache and cookies and deactivate add-ons for devices used to connect with Microsoft Teams' online client to improve speed. Limiting GPU functionality in the Teams App settings increases performance for users using the installed application. 

●       Adopt a split-tunnel VPN strategy

Microsoft is predominantly in the cloud, allowing remote users to obtain core applications and perspectives via the internet.

You may be working remotely at home while using your Smart Tv to connect with your workmates on Microsoft Teams. But the only way to guarantee your safety from potential cyber threats is by using VPN with Smart TV when online. It's a popular notion that VPNs are useful for PC users only. The security of other Internet-connected devices, such as Smart TVs or tablets, should not be overlooked if we also use them regularly. Unfortunately, many people ignore the need to secure their Smart TV's internet connection since it's a potential loophole to cyber-attacks.  

●       Notification management

If you manage multiple teams and channels in your Teams account, you may be concerned about notifications.

Notification fatigue and overload are genuine issues that can affect your productivity if not handled appropriately. There are undoubtedly channels that have nothing to do with you or your company. Leave these projects to clear the clutter.

Customize your notification settings by disabling catchup notifications and modifying the regular ones to only include specific things.


Technology is evolving at a breakneck speed. Keeping up with the times and creating a contemporary working environment has become the norm in how businesses operate. Having an organizational strategy in place will help guarantee your business achieves long-term success when using Microsoft Teams.

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