Nerve Control 911 Reviews ( PhytAge Labs ) - Is It An Effective Neuropathy Supplement? Side Effects, Ingredients, Where To Buy & Price! : The Tribune India

Nerve Control 911 Reviews ( PhytAge Labs ) - Is It An Effective Neuropathy Supplement? Side Effects, Ingredients, Where To Buy & Price!

Nerve Control 911 Reviews ( PhytAge Labs ) - Is It An Effective Neuropathy Supplement? Side Effects, Ingredients, Where To Buy & Price!

Nerve Control 911 is a safe and proven nerve health support formula made from powerful & all-natural ingredients that helps reduce nerve damage and relieve the pain caused by neuropathy.

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What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 is a dietary supplement for those who have been suffering from unbearable neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain may arise due to several factors. Whatever the underlying cause may be, the condition causes pain and suffering to a level that may also affect your ability to perform daily activities.

This condition is usually characterized by shooting, stabbing, or burning sensations in various parts of the body.

This is because the nerves in the body get damaged by inflammation, health conditions like diabetes, and much more. Although there are several methods of tackling this issue, many of these methods, including supplements and medical procedures, aren’t 100% effective.

These methods may also create unwanted side effects and make your condition worse. Thus, it is important to tackle this situation in the safest way possible.

The supplement has been created by combining some of the most natural ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in tackling neuropathic pain effectively.

No matter what the underlying cause of your pain is, the nutrients that Nerve Control 911 provides to the body completely heal any damage in the nervous system and help you relieve pain and suffering.

Every bottle of Nerve Control 911 contains 60 capsules, and every capsule consists of a precise combination of ingredients that effectively combat neuropathic pain.

It takes only 2 capsules daily to instantly eliminate the pain and suffering that you have been experiencing.

Many individuals who have tried the formula have been able to eliminate pain permanently by following this simple daily routine. Nerve Control 911 has several testimonials and is worth a try.

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How does the Nerve Control 911 supplement eliminate neuropathic pain?

The Nerve Control 911 supplement is based on simple science that tackles neuropathic pain at the roots. According to research, the roots of all types of neuropathic pain lie in a simple mechanism that is carried out in the body. To understand this better, let’s talk about the compound that causes the pain in the first place.

The body consists of several enzymes that are necessary for carrying out various functions in the body. However, one enzyme, in particular, is known for causing damage to the nerves when its levels go too high.

This enzyme is called the MP-13  enzyme. When the levels of MP-13 rise and go out of control, it starts degrading the collagen on the skin. Now, collagen is important because optimum levels of this protein are necessary for protecting the skin from all external stimuli.

Hence, the only way to cure neuropathic pain is to inhibit the excessive levels of this enzyme and provide the body with important nutrients that can reverse the damage that has been caused.

This is exactly what the Nerve Control 911 formula has been created for. The ingredients present in the formula inhibit the production of MP-13 while simultaneously eliminating all the damage, healing the nervous system, and restoring the collagen on your skin.

Thus, the Nerve Control 911 supplement works wonders in eliminating neuropathic pain permanently.

How does the Nerve Control 911 supplement benefit you?

  • It provides the body with nutrients that block the production of MP-13, which is the root cause of neuropathic pain.
  • It has been created to help individuals get the nutrition that is necessary for maintaining the health and functions of the nervous system.
  • It supports optimum nerve health and restores and rejuvenates the nerves in your body.
  • It eliminates symptoms of neuropathy, including shooting pain, pins, and other painful symptoms.
  • It soothes the entire body and provides anti-inflammatory agents as well as antioxidants in the body.
  • It enhances the health of the blood vessels and enhances your mobility by eliminating pain in the nerves.
  • It enhances your entire body from within.

What ingredients present in the Nerve Control 911 supplement help to eliminate neuropathic pain?

Here’s a complete list of ingredients present in the Nerve Control 911, along with their functions to help you understand how the formula works:

  • California Poppy: This ingredient has been around as a herbal remedy for helping individuals deal with several ailments. According to research, this ingredient has been shown to relieve nerve pain and blood vessel problems in individuals who use the ingredient daily. In addition to that, it has also been known for its ability to enhance sleep and mood. It is an excellent healer that helps to eliminate pain in your hands, feet, fingers, and toes and also gets rid of that burning sensation in your muscles and tendons. This ingredient is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reverse the damage caused by inflammation and enhances your health effectively.
  • Corydalis: It contains a specific compound called DHCB which is extracted from the roots of this plant. This medicinal plant has been used for several years and is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. However, it has been added to the blend for its ability to cure neuropathic pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. It produces a calming effect and relaxes your muscles to help you feel relieved pain in your hands and feet or any other area affected by neuropathic pain. An additional benefit of using this ingredient is that it supports restful sleep, which is essential for your body to carry on the healing processes.
  • Passion Flower: This special ingredient has been added to the blend as it has been backed by research for its ability to alleviate nerve pain. In addition to that, it also reduces nervous stress and problems like sleep deprivation and anxiety. It produces a sedative effect on the body and relaxes the muscles and nerves to reduce the pain and discomfort that most individuals with neuropathy experience. It is also used as an antidepressant.
  • Prickly Pear: According to research, this ingredient has shown promising effects and therapeutic impacts in individuals suffering from neuropathy. This is because prickly pear provides a rich supply of antioxidants to the body. These antioxidants are important to fight free radicals in the body that damage your cells and affect the nervous system. Some additional benefits of this anti-inflammatory agent include regulating healthy cholesterol levels, maintaining blood sugar levels, and much more.
  • Marshmallow Root: This is one of the most important ingredients that has been added to the blend. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and is rich in a compound called mucilage that fights inflammation effectively. It helps to reduce swelling, provides a soothing effect on the nerves, and improves hydration effectively. Additional benefits of this ingredient include enhancing your digestive system, maintaining a smooth lining in the stomach and intestine, enhancing respiratory systems, and maintaining the health of your urinary tract.


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  • Nerve Control 911 is made from natural ingredients, which makes the formula extremely beneficial for nerve pain.
  • It provides relief by soothing the body from within.
  • It is beneficial for individuals suffering from any type of neuropathic pain.


  • You can get your hands on Nerve Control 911 only from its official website.
  • It is important to follow dosage instructions to use the formula safely.
  • The results you get may differ depending on various factors, as several things may influence the results.

Pricing and other details of the Nerve Control 911 supplement.

The amazing neuropathy formula Nerve Control 911 Is sold on its website in 3 packages:

  • 1 bottle pack: $69.95.
  • 2-bottle pack: $59.95/bottle.
  • 4-bottle pack: $49.95/bottle.

You can rest assured that your order is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Try Nerve Control 911 today and enjoy the benefits!

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Customer Reviews:

A happy customer says…

"When I began having involuntary muscle movements, it really made getting a good night’s sleep difficult — and not just for me, but for my wife, too! I can’t tell you how many times I ended up in the recliner in the living room, just trying to sit a certain way to get a little relief.

And then, the day came when my daughter showed me some information that she had come across about Nerve Control 911™. My grandkids were a little disappointed that I hadn’t been having too much fun at the park lately, so she found this top-secret solution that claimed to really get to the root of the problem and offer results.

At this point, I was ready to try anything, and I’m so glad that I did! I began to notice the inflammation going down in just days. And after just a few weeks, I was back to pushing the swing for my grandkids and doing my odd jobs around the house. The involuntary muscle movements had almost completely stopped - all due to Nerve Control 911™ (and my daughter)."


Nerve Control 911 has the ability to treat various nerve pain and inflammatory problems easily. It is the only dietary supplement that has the power of so many natural ingredients.

It is available in the form of easily absorbable capsules that contains equal amounts of natural pain-relieving herbs and plant extracts.

It is a scientifically proven remedy for pain relief and has been tried by thousands of customers who are happier and pain-free now. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get Nerve Control 911 now.

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