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Oil Profit Reviews 2022: Does It Really Work? Updated Canada Report

Oil Profit Reviews 2022: Does It Really Work? Updated Canada Report

Oil Profit is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot that purchases and sells bitcoin on its investors' behalf. Its AI-powered algorithms and machine learning models analyze the cryptocurrency market as discrete data sets to identify valuable price trends. Once configured, it executes trading strategies autonomously.

Bots have gained popularity as traders seek successful tools, technology, and tactics in a more institutionalized market.

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This Oil Profit review explores the intricacies of utilizing the trading bot, including its benefits and downsides, points to consider before using it, its authenticity, and how to get started.

What Is Oil Profit?

Oil Profit is a trading bot that enables novices to compete with experts on the cryptocurrency market and become lucrative traders in a short period of time, without the need to master sophisticated tactics, indicators, and procedures.

It also assists expert traders in becoming even more successful by giving them access to a customized dashboard that enables them to adopt techniques that would be difficult for humans to execute, such as subsecond arbitrage and flash trading.

Once the bot is configured during account creation, it operates independently and makes income for its users.

Who Established Oil Profit?

The developers of Oil Profit remain unknown. This is a regular occurrence in the crypto industry since founders often seek to conceal their identity for reasons of privacy and security.

However, based on comparable services, it is more probable that they are a team of highly skilled financial traders, programmers, mathematicians, and statisticians.

How does Oil Profit function?

Oil Profit uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze enormous pricing data sets, monitor news trends, estimate the optimal buy and sell timings, and execute trades that profit from price fluctuations in sub-second time frames.

The trading bot establishes a connection with a third-party broker and delivers trade orders via their trading interface. For instance, the bot will send instructions to the broker to purchase BTC at a suitable price point and sell when the price has risen to a specified level.

The bot collaborates with licensed brokers to implement stop-loss and take-profit levels and to access client assets. Once installed, Oil Profit will operate unattended in the background, making trading a semi-passive source of revenue.

To guarantee security, Oil Profit does not keep user-cash. Instead, it utilizes trustworthy third-party brokers to trade and access money. The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission regulates these brokers to ensure monies are kept in a controlled environment.

Consumers may withdraw their funds within 48 hours by filling out a withdrawal request.

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Pros & Cons

Reportedly, Oil Profit has a greater transaction success rate (90%) than other bots.

The UI is intuitive, with rapid registration and authentication

Manual and automatic trading modes for customers with varying trading proficiency

Available as a trial account for practice

Customer care is available around-the-clock and eager to assist customers. Free trade with no hidden expenses or fees.

Partners in the brokerage industry are respected and regulated.

Contains both a browser version and an MT4 plug-in.

Only deals in BTC

A minimum operating capital requirement of $250 may be prohibitive for certain persons.

The 48-hour withdrawal time is much longer than most other bots.

Key Features

Customer support

Oil Profit has a customer support staff available to assist with any difficulties that may occur and to assist consumers with account setup. They are available by email around-the-clock, seven days a week. Non-account holders may contact the team using the website's contact form.

Simple Setup

Online testimonials place the overall setup time for Oil Profit between 10 and 20 minutes. Once papers match the requirements, the KYC procedure is easy, and documents are approved.

Demo mode

The demo mode is helpful for those who desire to evaluate the bot prior to making a financial commitment. It may also be used to analyze and develop trading methods prior to their implementation with real money.

Available cryptocurrencies Oil Profit exclusively trades Bitcoin (BTC). However, the bot does not trade the underlying cryptocurrency, simply CFDs, which it may pair with numerous fiat currencies. As a consequence, there are several BTC trading pairings.

High Commercial Success Rate

The Oil Profit algorithm has undergone significant updates over the years. It is now a sophisticated algorithm that is sensitive to price patterns and can trade in short time frames, hence providing additional possibilities for profit.

Modular Payment Procedures

Oil Profit allows a variety of payment options, including bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, and CAD.

Simple and Rapid Withdrawals

The cryptocurrency trading platform allows traders to withdraw their cash at any moment. They get paid within 48 hours after submitting a withdrawal request. However, withdrawals are free of charge.

Zero fee structure

The Oil Profit trading program is available at no cost. No hidden account fees exist, not even for lucrative accounts. All profits earned are yours.

Considerations Prior to Using Oil Profit

Ensure that Oil Profit's rules and procedures will not pose a hindrance in the future before signing up for an account. The measures that provide a true depiction of Oil Profit's operational procedures were analyzed, and the results are given below:

Affiliated Agents:

When enrolling for an Oil Profit account, traders may choose a connected broker from a list. In the cryptocurrency market, these brokers are well-established and have a solid position. They are controlled as well.


Typically, payouts are processed within 24 hours following a request. Simply complete a withdrawal form and wait for the monies to reach the brokerage account.

Expenses and Fees:

Traditional Bitcoin trading services and platforms impose transaction costs, such as commissions, withdrawal fees, and storage fees. Not so with Oil Profit, which provides an entirely free trading experience with no hidden fees.

Placement and Withdrawal Limits and Methods:

A minimum deposit of $250 is required to begin utilizing Oil Profit. Credit card and bank transfer deposits are accepted. There is no withdrawal minimum limit.

System of Account Verification All new accounts must be validated. After registering, traders will need identification papers such as a driver's license and a utility bill or bank statement to authenticate their account.

Oil Profit: Legitimate or Scam?

Since Oil Profit is an automated trading bot with several profit claims, the author wanted to confirm its legitimacy.

True Satisfied Customers

Authentic evaluations were found from individuals who have effectively used Oil Profit. According to the critics, the bot earns respectable revenues, not enough to retire or leave one's day job, but sufficient to be considered a side income.

Accessible Client Service

Oil Profit's customer support is courteous and devoted. The staff is eager to assist the traders with any concerns and questions they might have.

According to internet reviews and testimonies, Oil Profit appears to be a trustworthy trading bot that is simple for inexperienced traders to use.

Is Oil Profit Secure?

Oil Profit is suitable for routine usage. By storing customer money with licensed brokers, the platforms reduced their potential attack vectors. Additionally, SSL encryption is used to protect user data. There have been no complaints of data breaches or financial losses resulting from security flaws.

Five Reasons to Trade with Oil Profit

Here are a few reasons why people should utilize Oil Profit for trading:

Trade quicker

Within a fraction of a second, Oil Profit may establish and execute orders. It can detect minute price variations that are invisible to the human eye and evaluate more pricing data in a few seconds than a person could in a week. A trading bot provides speed that is otherwise difficult for humans to accomplish.

Trade 24/7

Oil Profit operates 24/7. It does not confuse users, so they may plan and it may be executed even while they are sleeping. Moreover, because crypto markets are constantly accessible, they have more opportunities to generate profits.

Manage risk

To reduce loss while maximizing profit, traders might employ stringent risk management procedures. And since they can evaluate the success rate of a strategy using a demo account, they may calculate their profit before trading.

Flexible Modes

Oil Profit's trading styles make it suitable for all sorts of traders at various stages of their trading careers. Beginners may depend on the algorithm to analyze the market and execute trades, whilst more experienced traders can design their own methods.

Demo Account

Novices unfamiliar with Oil Profit can begin trading with a trial account that enables them to familiarize themselves with the user interface and test their investing methods in a risk-free setting.


One may not want to depend only on the automatic mode if one is a beginner Bitcoin trader. It should be a component of the overall plan, not the whole approach. Here, a trading technique comes into play. It is a collection of settings that communicate to the bot what traders want to do.

Using these settings, the auto mode executes trades and manages risks. Although there are templates that may be used without specifying parameters, it is recommended that traders do so.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.


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