Punjab’s First State-of-the-Art NABH Accredited Rehabilitation Hospital- Mind Plus Retreat (Ludhiana) : The Tribune India

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Punjab’s First State-of-the-Art NABH Accredited Rehabilitation Hospital- Mind Plus Retreat (Ludhiana)

Punjab’s First State-of-the-Art NABH Accredited Rehabilitation Hospital- Mind Plus Retreat (Ludhiana)

Mind Plus is a Holistic Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service operating in Ludhiana, known for its clinical excellence. It extends the best treatments for mental health difficulties, neuropsychiatric conditions, and addictions. It ensures patients receive individualized and effective treatment in a comfortable residential setting with an emphasis on privacy and confidentiality.

 Mind Plus Retreat is Region’First Psychiatric Rehabilitation, De-Addiction Hospital which is now NABH Accredited. The intent of this accreditation program is to improve healthcare quality and patient safety in the hospital. With the NABH standards being recognized internationally at par with other global healthcare accreditation standards and as accredited by ISQua ( International Society of Quality Assurance in healthcare), Mind Plus Retreat focuses on best treatment outcomes with patient safety and quality of the service delivered to the society.

 It is said that mental health is as important as physical health but still we often end up ignoring it. Conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and OCD are often recognized late and not treated adequately. This has an impact on patients’ ability to function well. Mind plus is aiming to help people to understand and look after their mental health. This pandemic era has taken a toll on the lives and mental health of people and it is high time we promote mental fitness just like we look after our physical health.

 Schizophrenia treatment at Mind Plus is carried out with special emphasis on psycho-social rehabilitation and insight orientated therapy. 

 The interventions for Bipolar disorder includes intensive treatment plans based on comprehensive evaluation.

The treatment for O.C.D  (OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER) includes medications, psychotherapy followed by group sessions.

 Mind Plus has been serving patients and families for the last 35 years and aims to build a progressive system of care by introducing advanced tools to diagnose and monitor responses timely. It is working under the aegis of Dr. A.K Kala (Founder), Dr. Ravinder Kala (Co-Founder), and Dr. Kunal Kala (Medical Director)   with a team of well-versed, trained Administrative & Quality Professionals, Psychiatrists, and Clinical Psychologists, well-qualified team of Nurses & support staff, working with a focused and empathetic approach.

If you are someone who is suffering from mental health difficulties or caring for a patient don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

No matter what’s troubling you, you will get all the adequate support and the right advice. Reach us at - www.mind.plus or you can also call us at- 97817-07400, address Mind Plus Retreat, Vill. Raul, Ludhiana.


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