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RAD-140 SARMs Review (USA): Testolone Results, Dosage And Side Effects

RAD-140 SARMs Review (USA): Testolone Results, Dosage And Side Effects


This Testolone review aims to assess the inclusive muscle-building effects, specifics, and mechanism of the popular, entry-level SARM. In addition to the comprehensive breakdown, the write-up offers the genuine before and after results of RAD-140 to understand how it influences fitness dynamics.  Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a powerful compound that can assist lean muscle growth, read till the end to find out if this is the answer for you.

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What is RAD-140 Testolone?

Performance-enhancing drugs are not a rare or unusual phenomenon in the athletic and bodybuilding circuits. Gym-goers use and abuse these drugs almost all the time. Essentially, they commonly resort to anabolic steroids to overcome their limiting muscle-building tendencies.

They also follow their cycles to create fat-loss momentum and build an indispensable degree of muscular strength. Overall, their use revolves around boosting their sports performance in an attempt to get an edge over their rivals.

Now, steroids may be highly promising and accommodating to everyone in need of a bigger, leaner, and more powerful body. These substances are extremely dangerous, with a history full of cases suggesting their damaging effects on the liver and heart.

Testolone or RAD 140 is a safer but extremely potent alternative to anabolic steroids by Radius Health Inc. Equipped with restorative properties, the substance has the potential to treat and reverse muscle and bone-related loss.

As per researchers, RAD 140 falls under the class of SARM that can generate anabolism like steroids. However, its tissue-selective nature makes it extremely health-friendly and nontoxic.

These researchers further suggest that RAD 140 is originally a medicine with an impressive affinity for the anabolic hormone, testosterone. Therefore, it is undergoing trials evaluating its effects to proceed to the stage of ‘prescription drug’. Once proven, the drug may assist women dealing with breast cancer or people with muscle atrophy and osteoporosis.

What is RAD 140 SARMs?

It is common to confuse RAD 140 with anabolic steroids that pose a serious health risk. However, it is essential to learn that the drug may encompass anabolic powers but is not a steroid. It’s a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, the concept of which is relatively contemporary but speedily booming in the fitness world.

Unlike steroids, the mechanism of SARMs does not have some bearing on the body organs, except for muscles and bones. Thus, it does not deteriorate the liver, cause impotence, or cancer. The compounds only bind to their androgen receptors and provoke their activity to:

ü  Build higher amounts of muscle mass

ü  Lower body fat and maintain healthy levels

ü  Ensure good body composition

ü  Sculpt muscles and enhance vascularity

ü  Boosts physical and mental performance

ü  Increase endurance level for intense training

ü  Stimulate muscle recuperation for effective growth

Owing to the tissue-selective procedure of SARMs, these substances come across as risk-free and safe. Celebrities, public figures, renowned athletes, and bodybuilding enthusiasts are switching to these PEDs for higher sports performance or physique enhancement.

Click here to visit the official RAD 140 website and see what it can do for you!

Is RAD 140 SARM legal?

Experts legalize any substance on the basis of extensive research that corroborates its efficacy and long-term safety. Likewise, SARMs are no exception Rad 140 for sale!

Since these drugs have recently penetrated the drug market, there is a limited record of research proving some points! Hence, it is too early to declare their use as legal or illegal.

SARMs, including RAD 140, are in a phase 1 clinical trial that involves weighing up the doses and health hazards. Until then, these drugs lack formal approval from the FDA and authorities are treating them as illegal for recreation.

Above these reservations, it is common for the fanatics to reach out to the companies that trade in legal SARMs. These businesses label the compounds as “research substances,” which not only saves them but the buyers from legal trouble too.

RAD 140 Dosage:

Users often use Testolone in diversified ways. They frequently cycle exclusive doses of Rad 140 or stack it with other substances of its class. In either case, the drug promises optimum results by the completion of its standard, 8-week course. As for doses, there are no set laws. However, many basic and advanced level bodybuilders follow recommendations from experts that suggest 10mg of strength a day.

The general stacking options for advanced and novice fitness freaks are:

Stack 1 (suitable for advanced stages of fitness):

A combo worth mentioning is that of Testolone, Ibutamoren, and S23. While the general cycle of the three performance-enhancing drugs lasts for 8 weeks, they make you immune to any bulking and strength-related limits. Essentially, RAD-140 supports body recomposition while Ibutamoren too, focuses on boosting body mass. S23 then takes your physical performance to an unbeatable level through its extreme energy and endurance-enhancing tendencies. The fusion of 10mg, 10mg, and 20mg respectively can yield a raw 10kg gain by the end of the cycle

Stack 2 (suitable for beginner levels):

The second powerful amalgamation that best complements leaner muscle goals is that of RAD 140 and Ligandrol. This is a blend of two SARMs, each having a high anabolic index and muscle-building capacity for you to reap. Similar to Testolone, Ligandrol enhances and speeds up cytokinesis, allowing the muscles to grow and strengthen at an unprecedented level. However, the cycle of these broad-spectrum substances is 6 weeks on a 10mg dose each. 

RAD 140 Results:

Several factors, including a balanced diet, training, and consistency, contribute to your results. However, a regimen that checks every essential factor can pack 3-5 kg of fat-free mass by the end of a 6–8 week course. What makes RAD-140 more of a deal is the fact that it does not jeopardize health in any way or form.  Users that have followed the route with RAD-140 claims to experience the following perks all along:

ü  Boost in lean muscle growth:

The drug aims to enhance the volume and quality of workouts that directly influence the rate of muscle growth. Basically, it allows you to train your muscles for longer and lift heavier weights through increasing strength and endurance. As your muscles undergo stress and pressure, they develop micro-tears that initiate the process of cytokinesis. RAD-140 boosts protein synthesis that favors Cytokinesis involving the repair and multiplication of muscle fiber. With faster and efficient repair, you manage to jack up your muscle growth

ü  Adds physical energy and stamina:

Strict diets and extreme workouts can overwhelm your body to a point you feel like giving up. Testolone has a role in accelerating basal metabolic activities that help you metabolize your energy for dynamic training. With the right level of physical strength and the power to recover faster, it brings you closer to your objectives

ü  Stimulates fat burning:

The versatile SARM also serves as a hard-core fat burner for people in need of an all-round effect. Essentially, it supports the reduction in fat percentage through allowing your body to increase in size. Basically, muscle tissue annihilates higher amounts of calories as compared to fat throughout the day. And so, with the body gaining more and more mass, it becomes easier to keep the fat levels under control

ü  Boosts testosterone:

RAD 140 pumps up testosterone, which is the Holy Grail for all gym beasts! Essentially, the anabolic hormone is all about sports performance, better focus, quality sleep, fat loss, muscular strength and what not. Thereby, anything that favors the production of testosterone is equivalent to the progress of bodybuilding goals!


RAD 140 Before and After:


Statistics suggest that the inclination towards RAD-140 of mass gainers, dieters, and athletes is worth noticing. More and more people are following its course and experiencing positive results. From a logical viewpoint, it is heaping praises over its bulking and cutting properties at the same level. According to some, it negates the need for cutting post-bulking as it brings muscle-building and fat loss together!

Many believe that it is a SARM that ideally goes for beginners. However, professionals too, swear by its tendency to create massive differences in areas like strength and performance.

In addition, users believe that Testolone is more than just some ordinary performance-enhancing tool. It is a full-fledged approach that promises long-term gains without the usual complications like shrinking testicles or bloating.

As per experts, the anabolic effects of Testolone begin to be noticeable after weeks of following the cycle, specifically the fat loss that is a result of muscles growing at an unstoppable pace. An enthusiast that has repeatedly followed its course claims to experience a comparable outcome to a low concentration of testosterone.  He further asserts that his improvements in strength and muscle mass are in fact incomparable.  

Some users discourage stacking RAD-140 believing it to be powerful enough. However, some believe that its muscle-building effects multiply to infinity when taken in conjunction with Ligandrol and Ibutamoren.


Final Words:

People experience results on the basis of their input in the form of diet, adequate sleep, and training! However, incorporating a sports-boosting supplement like RAD-140 can upgrade their fitness game to the max.

Undeniably, the drug is a safer alternative to steroids that have led to irreversible damage in the name of fitness. Thankfully, RAD-140 does not alter the human physiological makeup or influence any biological process. It’s safer modus operandi only influences muscular activities, allowing you to enlarge and enjoy that athletic advantage for good!


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