Rajlakshmi Patil is a young talented author and environment activist working for a better tomorrow

Rajlakshmi Patil is a young talented author and environment activist working for a better tomorrow

While it is difficult to become an author, becoming a young famous author is all the more difficult. But we introduce you to a talented girl from India who has published her book at a young age. Yes, at just 18, Rajlakshmi has a book to her name. An ardent poet, her book ‘Mystic’ is a powerful poetry collection that talks about her phases of life and her connection with nature. The poem reflects upon the young author's experiences during her stay at the majestic Swiss Alps and time spent in Mumbai city by the coast. She began writing since she was 13 and continues to lay down her heart on paper ever since. She simply loves writing which gives her a chance to express her inner thoughts and feelings through pen and paper. Rajlakshmi explains how her poems are inspired by her life experiences and the people in her life, especially her grandfather, Dr. D Y  Patil.

RajlakshmiPatil comes from a well-known family. Her grandfather, Dr. D Y Patil, Former Governor of West Bengal, Tripura, and Bihar. has established a number of schools and universities. Rajlakshmi makes fitting use of this platform by spreading awareness to conserve our environment. Her parents, Dr. Vijay D Patil and Mrs. Shivani Vijay Patil stand by her endeavors to make this world a better place for everyone.

In her book, 'Mystic,' the harmonious use of words and description of the natural surrounding leaves the readers mesmerized about the little nuances of life and the natural world. She conveys the various moods during the different instances of life and penned her inner thoughts beautifully in the Mystic book. Her poems generate a range of emotions in the reader, thus making a strong connection with them. Many poems in the collection focus on her days spent in the serene Alps, during her boarding school in Switzerland. Several other poems dwell upon her life in Mumbai. The collection is an all-embracing book moving from contemplating a childhood spent amidst nature to the excitement of life in the metro city. Each poem is strong on its own, touching the hearts of its reader.

She has graduated from an international boarding school - Aiglon College, Switzerland, she made a lasting impression by bagging the esteemed environmental prize. This honor is awarded to the students who display through their actions that to address a global environmental concern, they must first and foremost, address what is within their immediate reach and act upon it.

And it is so thoughtful of this young girl who had published this book intending to raise funds to fight climate change. All sale proceeds from this book were donated to D-CAL, an organization working for environment conservation.

The young girl now spends her day writing, advocating for environmental conservation, and selflessly working for the betterment of society. Rajlakshmi participated in a number of campaigns and cleanliness drives, strongly voicing the need of the hour, a clean and green environment. She says that “It is not Mother Earth that needs a change. But, our attitudes and behavior towards the environment must change to conserve nature.”

A girl of many talents, Rajlakshmi is indeed an inspiration to many aspiring young writers.

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