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Tinnitus 911 Review: Is It Worth It? My Experience on Phytage Labs Ear Ringing Relief Supplement

Tinnitus 911 Review: Is It Worth It? My Experience on Phytage Labs Ear Ringing Relief Supplement

Tinnitus 911 is a dietary supplement that works to alleviate the symptoms of ringing in the ears by combining a variety of minerals, vitamins, and herbs. The manufacturers of this supplement, Phytage Labs, say that all of their products with the 911 suffix are natural therapies for various illnesses.

The dietary supplement, intended to be consumed in conjunction with meals on a three-times-daily basis, is purported to function by lowering inflammation levels in the central nervous system. The recipe calls for a combination of the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, and B12), zinc, hibiscus flower extract, and green tea leaf extract, among other ingredients.

It is believed that the combination of these components will help to enhance circulation, decrease inflammation, and protect nerve cells. By carrying out these steps, it is hoped that the ringing sensation in the ears would be alleviated, if not completely eliminated.

Tinnitus 911 is available over-the-counter and can be purchased from the Phytage Laboratories website.


Tinnitus 911 is a combination of twelve natural ingredients, some of which are vitamins, herbs, and minerals. These ingredients all have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and there is a significant amount of clinical research to support the use of these ingredients to treat tinnitus or conditions related to it.

The following are the essential components:

Vitamin B12

One of the most vital components of the B complex, this vitamin is essential for proper bodily function. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the neurological system as well as blood vessels, which it helps to keep healthy. Tinnitus is a symptom that can be brought on by a lack of vitamin B12.

Folic Acid

Another component of the B complex can be found here. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the blood vessels and is essential for the operation of the neurological system. Folic acid has been shown to be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus, which is caused most commonly by changes in the way that the auditory nerves operate or by damage to the blood vessels.

Hawthorn Berry

This herb has a long history of use, dating back hundreds of years, and has been shown to be beneficial to both circulation and the health of the heart. Hawthorn fruit has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation, both of which are contributing factors in the development of tinnitus.

Additionally, it has been used historically as a treatment for anxiety and stress. By doing this, the cycle of stress and tinnitus can be broken, which in turn can assist in minimizing tinnitus symptoms.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a well-liked beverage that is also well known for the positive effects it has on one's health. It has a lot of antioxidants, which are substances that can help prevent harm to the cells. Inflammation can be reduced with the use of green tea extract, which can also help improve circulation.

Drinking green tea helps lower the severity of tinnitus symptoms and also has a protective effect on the cells in the ears.


This is a time-honored herbal cure that has been put to use for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and ailments for many years. Hibiscus has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and also has the potential to aid improved circulation.

The hibiscus flower includes chemicals that have been shown to help relax blood arteries and lower stress levels. In addition to this, it possesses antioxidant capabilities, which serve to keep cells from becoming damaged.

Olive Leaf Extract

Both the olive leaf and the olive fruit are extremely rich in antioxidants. Olive leaves are a rich source of oleuropein, which is a powerful antioxidant molecule. It has been established that this chemical possesses qualities that are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral.

The extract of olive leaf has been shown to improve circulation and lower stress levels. In addition to this, it can neutralize the effects of free radicals and shield cells from being damaged.

Garlic extract

Since ancient times, people have turned to garlic, a natural element, for the treatment of a wide range of medical issues. In addition to that, there is evidence that it can alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

It contains cardiac protecting benefits, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions, which may help lower the risk of damage to the blood vessels and nerves that may be associated with tinnitus.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is widely recognized as one of the most beneficial naturally occurring substances for maintaining overall health. Collagen, an essential protein for healthy skin, bones, and blood vessels, cannot be manufactured without it. Collagen is produced as a byproduct of this process.

According to the findings of a study that was recently published in the journal Nutrients, vitamin C may help to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus by lowering levels of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Vitamin B6

Tinnitus patients need all three of these vitamins, but vitamin B6 is the final piece of the puzzle. It has been demonstrated that vitamin B6, in addition to vitamins C and E, can help reduce inflammation.

Idiopathic tinnitus is a type of ringing in the ears that has no known cause. According to the findings of a study that was published in the Journal of Neurological Sciences, taking vitamin B-6 helped reduce the severity of the patient's tinnitus symptoms.

Buchu Leaves

Buchu leaves are frequently utilized in traditional medicine due to the fact that they possess anti-inflammatory characteristics. The leaves of the buchu tree have a long history of use as a diuretic, which means they can aid in the reduction of fluid retention.

One of the few nutritional supplements that also contains a trace quantity of caffeine, which is thought to boost one's ability to concentrate and mental clarity, this is one such supplement. People who are attempting to work despite having ringing in their ears find that this is an extremely helpful strategy.

Tinnitus 911 may help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus in a few different ways. It contains no artificial ingredients. The fact that this supplement is entirely natural and does not come with any of the potentially harmful side effects that are associated with the usage of some pharmaceuticals to treat tinnitus is the single most crucial aspect to take into consideration.


Tinnitus is a disorder in which a person hears a sound in their ears even when there is no external sound present. In most cases, the illness is brought on by injury to the inner ear; however, it can also be brought on by other factors, such as exposure to loud noises or stress, the accumulation of earwax, or even certain medications.

It is believed that the components of this dietary supplement work to both lessen inflammatory responses and boost circulation. Because of this, it is possible that the symptoms of tinnitus will become less severe.

Lowering one's sensitivity to background noise

Tinnitus 911 comprises three herbs that help relieve anxiety, soothe the central nervous system, and maybe silence distorted noise signals in the ear. These benefits are all possible thanks to the combination of these herbs. Hawthorn berry extract, olive extract, and hibiscus extract can all help lower sensitivity to noise when used in conjunction with one another to treat severe tinnitus, which can cause anxiety.

However, what may be of even greater benefit is the fact that each of these components also offers additional advantages.

For instance, hawthorn berry is well-known for its potential to promote circulation as well as the overall health of the heart, while hibiscus has the ability to assist in the reduction of blood pressure.

Ensuring that the blood vessels are in good health

Tinnitus can cause changes in the way blood flows around the body, especially to the ears. These changes can be very uncomfortable. It's possible that inflammation, or some other factor, is to blame for this damage to the blood vessels.

Tinnitus is a symptom that can be made worse by a decrease in the number of red blood cells in the body, which can also create changes in the way the auditory nerves operate.

Tinnitus 911 contains a vitamin B complex that assists in maintaining healthy blood vessels, and it also contains hibiscus and green tea, both of which aid in enhancing circulation. Because of this, there is a chance that the symptoms of tinnitus will improve because the variations in blood flow will be minimized.

Eliminating Worry and Stress

For some people, living with constant ringing in the ears can be a source of significant emotional distress. The continual noise makes it tough to focus, maintain healthy brain function, and get a good night's rest, all of which may be very aggravating.

Tinnitus can be made worse by stress as well. Tinnitus 911's components may help alleviate stress and worry, making the condition more bearable. The stress then worsens the tinnitus, which, in turn, increases the stress. Tinnitus 911 works to alleviate symptoms and boost brain health by interrupting this feedback loop.

Maintaining Ear Health

According to research, the components of Tinnitus 911 may also assist in safeguarding hearing in addition to relieving tinnitus symptoms. Green tea, hibiscus, and olive extract all have characteristics that can help reduce inflammation in the body. This may assist in lessening the inflammation that is present in the inner ear, which in turn may protect the fragile structures from further injury.

Additionally, the zinc contained in the supplement can protect hearing. The proper operation of the auditory system is dependent on the mineral zinc. It works to prevent damage from occurring to the hair cells that are found in the inner ear.

Hearing loss is one of the symptoms that can result from a zinc shortage.


The product is easily available on the official website of Tinnitus 911.

A single bottle costs $69.95

Two bottles bring the amount up to $119.90, which breaks down to $59.95 for each bottle.

One case of four bottles costs a total of $199.80, or $49.95 per bottle.

Phytage Labs offers a money-back guarantee on all orders for a period of ninety days, with no questions asked, regardless of whatever package buyers choose to purchase.

Refund Policy

Tinnitus 911 comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee good for a period of ninety days. If buyers try it and aren't satisfied with the results, they may send it back and get their money back in full with no questions asked. This is one of the greatest guarantees available in the market, and it demonstrates that the company is confident in the quality of its offering.


Tinnitus is a disorder that can be debilitating and extremely frustrating on a day-to-day basis. Tinnitus 911, on the other hand, eliminates the necessity for people to continue to endure the discomfort associated with tinnitus.

Phytage Labs introduced tinnitus 911 in 2012. Since then, it has helped thousands of individuals worldwide find relief from their ringing ears without requiring them to have surgery, spend a lot of money on hearing aids, or go through therapy.

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