Vikram Maan, the Young PR & Social Media Expert who designs musician campaigns with finesse

Vikram Maan, the Young PR & Social Media Expert who designs musician campaigns with finesse

Vikram Maan is one of the most influential PR and Social media experts from Rajasthan. He is also accomplished in digital campaigns and has helped many regional and international musicians in establishing their brand on social media. The Founder and CEO of PR & Social Media agency Eagleporium is also a highly successful entrepreneur from Rajasthan.

Vikram Maan who has more than 8 years of experience in developing digital campaigns is just 22 years of age. To his credit, he has developed campaigns for Morakkan celebrity artist and You Tuber Mourad Kadmiri, who reached out to him for designing social media campaign for his YouTube channel M2Thak. At such a young age he has developed social media marketing strategies for both Indian as well as offshore clients. Vikram Mann has worked for a very long time for India as well as foreign artists at the age of 22, some of the prominent names of those music artists are Yo Gotti, YNW Welly, Lil Peep, Sam Smith, Jay-Z , Lee Brice , John Mayer . Vikram Maan has done social media campaign work for all these music artists, which is very commendable. Vikram Maan has recently won a lot of awards and appreciated for his social media campaign in USA in the month of Julys

Vikram has accumulated vast knowledge in social media strategy and brand image development. His skills and knowledge exceed his age to a large extent. He doesn’t believe that generic one type of solution can bring success to each business. He and his team have developed a few of the most cost- effective and result-oriented campaigns. He understands that each business even if belonging to the same domain has different functionalities and so needs different strategies and solutions. Derrick Johnson has collaborated with Vikram Maan for strategy artist & Reportoir leadership to graphics and tour management because of his out-of-the-box ideas and his efficiency in implementing them.

Vikram Maan belongs to a simple middle-class family from Nohar town of Rajasthan. His father is a teacher in a government school and his mother is a homemaker. Vikram was an extraordinary child from the beginning. He performed well in school and learned to develop social media campaigns at the age of 14. He started the side hustle at a young age so that he could establish himself early in life. He is a focused and highly ambitious individual who knows how to achieve his aims in life.

His firm Eagleporium is one of the finest PR & Social media management firms. He has gauged the demand for social media management at the right time when the global pandemic has reasoned in the boom of the industry and also the demand for such services. Vikram Maan’s vision and achievements at such a young age prove that he is a man with exceptional intelligence, who is on the quick path to success.

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