Coldest Dec night after 2014

Coldest Dec night after 2014

Tribune photo: Vicky

Sandeep Rana

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 29

Cold weather conditions today broke yet another record with the city witnessing the coldest December night after 2014. It was also the coldest day of this winter season.

City colder than Manali, Shimla

  • On Sunday, Chandigarh was colder than even hill stations of Shimla and Manali in daytime. In the Queen of Hills, the maximum temperature was 14.4° C and in Manali, it was 11.6°C. There does not seem much respite from the harsh winter conditions in the next two or three days.

  • For the next few days, weather is likely to be partly cloudy. Moderate fog is likely to prevail over Chandigarh during the morning and evening hours.

People sit around a bonfire to keep themselves warm on the roadside in Sector 18, Chandigarh, on Sunday.

According to the Chandigarh Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature today was recorded at 2.9° C in the city. Before this, the lowest minimum temperature of the month was recorded on December 28, 2014, at 2.3° C.

 UT traffic cops and marshal brave the chill during a special checking drive at Kalagram late on Saturday night. Ravi Kumar/Tribune photo

On December 27 last year, the minimum temperature was 3.4 °C and it had remained more than this in the previous years since 2014.

The cold weather conditions also led to dense fog. There was 50m+ visibility at 2:30 am on Sunday. However, by 8:30 in the morning, it rose to 250m. Chandigarh's night temp is three degrees less than normal. It is a drastic fall from Saturday’s minimum temperature of 5.1° C. Today's maximum temperature was 11.1° C, which is 10 degrees less than normal.

No respite for 10 days: Officials of the Chandigarh Meteorological Department said there seemed no respite from the chilling conditions for the next 10 days. Though sun could be there on January 1, there will not be much respite. It is also expected that western disturbances could hit the region around January 1 and may lead to rain.


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