Don’t create panic, follow advisory & stay indoors

Provide masks & sanitisers free of cost, set up more isolation wards with all amenities, keep a check on fake news

Don’t create panic, follow advisory & stay indoors

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Open House: Are we doing enough to prevent the spread of covid-19

Little being done on the ground

In the backdrop of spread of coronavirus pandemic in the tricity, it appears that the Department of Health and Family Welfare and hospitals are focusing more on advisories and precious little is being done by them on ground. Many health workers in hospitals aren't provided even masks. They can be seen using their handkerchief as masks. Apart from advisories, the medical authorities should also pay attention to ground realities.

Capt Jagdish Verma (Retd), Chandigarh

An employee of the Health Department distributes
pamphlets to creat awareness on coronavirus at
Sector 19, Chandigarh. File photos

Govt has taken effective steps

The coronavirus disease, which entered China has created panicky conditions. In India the government has introduced quarantine at every airport for passengers coming on international flights. The steps taken by the government to curb the spread of virus are noteworthy and effective. The disease will be wiped out gradually.

Harish Kapur, Chandigarh

Don't run away from isolation wards

With the no. of positive cases of Covid-19 in the city increasing drastically, many steps need to be taken at both the government as well as individual level. At the individual level, we need to take as many precautions as we can. People, who are quarantined, should not run away from isolation wards. Everyone needs to stay at home. Don't go to public gatherings. At the government level, more isolation wards should be set up. Suspected patients should not be given a chance to escape. All public gatherings should be prohibited for a month. Helplines should be operational at all times and hospitals should be open 24x7. Action should be taken those spreading rumours.

Saikrit Gulati, Chandigarh

apprise people of social responsibility

Sanitation of public places and transport, creating awareness, shut down of busy spots and cancellation of public gathering is a positive initiative keeping in vies safety concerns. People should be apprised of their responsibility towards society. Those coming back from abroad are socialising and partying. Self-quarantine is important. Ignorance may risk others lives Need of the hour is introduction of stringent laws for those resisting Covid-19 test and socialising instead of opting for self quarantine.

Charu Malhotra, Mohali

United we win and divided we fail

The dangerous virus has announced its arrival. We should accept the challenge and face it head on. We are not following instructions issued by the government in letter and spirit. Even few bigwigs in different ministries are not following these instructions. They should set an example for the people by following the dos and don'ts as per instructions of the authorities concerned. United we win and divided we fail is the mantra to defeat the monster. This country has always risen unitedly to fight the wars on borders and any internal challenge like Covid-19. Some persons hide their condition and some run away from quarantine. Special attention towards such people is required as we are ready to enter phase-III. Such attitude cannot be allowed.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Chandigarh

Don't accuse or stigmatise patients

I stand impressed by procedural reasonableness exhibited by authorities in preventing spread of coronavirus. However, I wish that the government/authorities should exhibit maturity enough in practicability in convenience to hapless patients and their attendants. Instead of accusing or stigmatising patients, as we read in news, the authoritarian attitude needs be helpful.

MPS Chadha, Mohali

Cooperate and support government

Everyone agrees with proverb "Prevention is better than cure". It is true that coronavirus is dangerous disease. People should be cautious. They should be alert and struggle jointly to tackle this problem and avoid creating panic. They should keep themselves indoors. They should wash their hands, feet and exposed parts of the body with salty semi hot water many times. All floors should be cleaned with salt water. Everyone should use separate towel, handkerchief and soap. People should avoid visiting and travelling in the crowded areas. Patients and senior citizens must avoid gatherings. Use clean masks. The media should give genuine reports/news and not create panic. All citizens must cooperate and support needy persons and the administration. Eat clean and fresh food and drinks.

Sumesh Kumar Badhwar, Mohali

Public too must play responsible role

There being no vaccine as yet to check mate Covid-19, its fear of taking much higher toll looms large. The Government of India has done commendable job by taking preemptive and preventive measures to containing the virus. But much more needs to be done with alacrity to prevent its slipping into stage 3, which would really be disastrous. Public has to play a responsible role by ensuring self discipline and abiding by dos & don'ts as per medical advisories. Avoiding participation in public, social and religious gatherings, physical contacts and keeping in self-quarantined would certainly help curbing the spread of the deadly menace.

SS Arora, Mohali

Prevention the only way forward

With the outbreak of Covid-19 spreading across the world at an alarming rate, the threat perception looms large. Those at the helm have been doing their bit by way of sounding a litany of advisories on how to conduct yourselves to combat the chances of contracting the deadly virus. But, the million-dollar question here is Are we conducting ourselves and doing our bit to pre-empt any chances of contracting the disease? Are we avoiding going crowded places, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer, self-quarantining ourselves in case of symptoms of persisting fever, cough and cold? What all we need to do is to conduct ourselves in this hour of crisis and make others follow suit by not resorting to rumour-mongering aimed at spreading misinformation on social media platforms.

Ramesh K Dhiman, Chandigarh

Government cannot stop virus alone

The global scale of the outbreak of coronavirus suggests that the government cannot go it alone. We must, therefore, at our individual levels do our best to add to efficacy of the preventive campaign against crisis. The first step is to avail the golden opportunity to think up, develop, and enact a three-layered plan: holistic hygiene that encompasses the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual aspects of the problem.

Dr SS Bhatti, Chandigarh

Screen workers at milk plants

The Chandigarh Administration has taken adequate preventive measures to check the spread of coronavirus. To supplement their efforts further precautions are required such as screening of Verka plant workers supplying milk/products to city. The authorities must ban vendors selling golgappas (pani puri), ice kulfies, candies and ice cream in streets.

SL Soni, Chandigarh

Prevention is better than cure

Sufficient is being done by the Adminstration, but for an individual more precautions have to be taken as advised. This includes sleeping more, not partying outside homes, avoid smoking or touching face and no handshake. It is rightly said prevention is better than cure. So, keep yourself busy and start reading.

Tarlok Singh, Mani Majra

More has to be done to control virus

The whole world is under the grip of Covid-19. Thousands have lost their lives. Lakhs are undergoing treatment as suspects. No doubt Covid-19 threat has put the Administration on alert. Though the authorities have taken preventive measures, a little more needs to be done. Virus is causing untold suffering. All public places should be monitored. Fake news has to be controlled. Residents have to confine themselves to their homes. Sale of medical supplies and other essential commodities should go on. Media is doing good job by creating awareness.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

Depute workers to sensitise people

Of course, the Central Government and states are doing enough to control coronavirus, but still much more has to be done. This includes sensitising countryside people by deputing health workers regarding dos and don'ts to keep the virus away. Everyone should venture out of house only if it is essential. Same formula applies to all and tricity residents. Though the urban people are aware of how to maintain cleanliness, still utmost care has be taken to keep Covid-19 away. Prevention is better than cure and charity begins at home.

MR Bhateja, Nayagaon

Quarantine those coming from abroad

Shutting down malls, gyms, educational institutions and cancellation of social gatherings is a good move, but at the same time government needs to guide masses properly through electronic and print media about Covid-19 so that they are not mislead by rumours on the social media. It is necessary to handle this panicky situation with patience and in a cool and calm manner. The government should regulate prices of masks and sanitisers. People having any symptoms of Covid-19 should quarantine themselves. The government should also quarantine those, coming from abroad, for few days to avoid spread of the virus.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

time-tested remedies can boost immunity

Covid-19 is a manmade disaster. The government must rise to the occasion by taking preventive measures. People should extend full cooperation by taking all steps like self-quarantine. The government should keep a check on the prices of hand sanitisers and masks. As said in Gurbani, 'Jo Brihminde, Tai Pinde', which means whatever is in universe or environment the same goes into our bodies. We read this shabad (hymn) but seldom follow it. We have to use our locale knowledge, wisdom and time-tested logic to use 'guggal', 'neem', 'tulsi' and 'amla' to purify the environment and increase our body resistance.

Capt (retd) Amar Jeet Kumar, Mohali

Sunshine disinfects body, boosts immunity

HIV treatment has been found helpful to fight coronavirus. Central and state governments are doing enough to prevent spread of the disease by spreading awareness on maintaining hygiene, besides limiting mass contact events and keeping a watchful eye on visitors from abroad. Being on guard against complacency is the key. Sunshine has proven benefits as it disinfectants and boosts strength and immunity. Hopefully, onset of summer proves to be a blessing. Nature has provided in-built self-repair/healing bio system in the body. We have to augment it with 'saatwik' food and thought.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Govt agencies should use social media

The government has done its job by shutting down educational institutions and universities. Now, the only thing is to implement the government orders. Individuals and social organisations should come forward to educate masses regarding precautionary measures to be adopted to restrain the spread of coronavirus. Free/discounted delivery of masks should be there especially for the poor. People should be taught about personal hygiene. Social media is a powerful source of information if used in a proper way. So, we all must use social media to spread the awareness regarding the disease. Even the government agencies can also take help of the social media.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh

Shutting institutions no solution

Shutting down institutions in the tricity is no solution to keep Covid-19 at bay. Rather than harming their study, students could be guided by teachers to take precautions. Volunteers services should be taken to guide the common people. If the authorities are really worried about people's safety they must think to shut down liquor shops. Many valuable lives are lost daily in accidents due to drunken driving.

Sohan Lal Gupta, Patiala

Public transport can spread virus

The proactive and precautionary steps initiated by Central and state governments, including the Chandigarh Administration for the containment of coronavirus are praiseworthy. The general public has to help the government by following guidelines issued by the authoirites concerned from time to time. The grey areas now are the transport system, which includes buses and trains through which lakhs of people travel every day. Such transport can spread virus. The currency notes are another source of vius transmission from one person to another.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Mihas (retd.), Mohali

Educate colony dwellers

The Administration is doing enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus. More has to be done to contain the disease. Washrooms at the international airport are dirty. There is no sanitation at public places. Checking passengers is not enough. The airport also needs sanitisation. The Administration should check and educate dwellers of colonies, who mostly uneducated. The Health Departments should do Covid -19 confirmation tests in open space so that the people do not come in contact with infected persons. At this time, prevention is only cure.

Opinder Kaur Sekhon Chandigarh

Limit attendance at preplanned functions

Don't believe rumors and having panic reactions. Stop going out in groups for office meetings or public functions, including marriages. Avoid dining out or socialising. Attendance at pre-planned social functions like marriages to be restricted to limited close relatives, Market visits for essential items to be undertaken of off-peak hours. Human touch has to be avoided. Work from home. Stay away from public transport. Undertake only essential out of home activities. Don't touching other person's phone, computer, or any personal belongings of a third party. Senior citizens should be compulsorily self contained.

Rajiv Boolchand Jain, Zirakpur

Sanitation at public place

Adminstration has closed all the malls,gym and university. As there are limited cases of Covid-19 the Administration should direct labs to do their test on discounted fee. The Administration can distribute free or at cost sanitisers and masks to citizen of the tricity.

Avinash Goyal, Chandigarh

Caution is the watchword

Covid 19 is at stage 3. It must not be allowed to spread its wings. Utmost caution by all concerned must be our watch word to combat it. Tricity residents being quite alert and well informed about dos and don’ts are expected to do defeat this unheard epidemic.

SC LUTHRA, Chandigarh

Take all precautions

Apart from what the authorities are doing all to stop the spread of Covid-19, we must also take due precautions like wash hands thoroughly three-hour times a day with soap. After that just apply coconut oil in hands. Do not rub eyes with dirty hands. Just apply clean water in clean fingure and then wet the eyes. Use clean towel. These basic precautions will keep the illness away. If you experience extended cough or fever, just call emergency number of hospital. Prevention is better than cure.


Don’t consume raw animal products

As we all know that Covid-19 has become global pendemic.The goverment is doing enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus by means of awareness strategies.But we should also follow some safety measures at the individual level like frequently cleaning hands with alcohol based hand rub or soap and water. Consumption of raw or uncooked animal products should be avoided.

Nakhpreet Kaur, Sanghol

Time for self accountability

Onslaught of Covid - 19 is a sort of world calamity. But there is no need to panic or behave irresponsibly. It is the time to be strong, sensible, and balanced to control the spread of virus. Foremost, we must act responsibly and adhere to the precautions laid down by the WHO as also our government. We need to listen to doctors and health workers. Our government has done a good job in taking proactive measures to check the spread of menace.

Colonel R D Singh (retd), Ambala Cantt

Complete lockdown if necessary

At this crucial moment, precautions can only help in containing the virus with minimum person to person contacts in society. The government should go the extent of even complete lockdown if the infected cases keep on increasing. Human lives are much more precious than anything else, maybe it is national economy, dipping businesses or inconvenience to the citizens.


Shutting instituitions is appreciated. However, not enough. Many private companies are still functioning. So, an individual should not only think about own self but for the community too. For that, one should stay at home. If required, indoor stay should be implemented strictly by the authorities concerned.

Tashdeep Kaur, student, govt college-50

Staying at home is a good step. However, no steps have been taken for daily-wage workers by the government. That’s the sad reality of our country. Still, people are stupid enough to step out and party. This ain’t going to help much. But, are we really doing enough for the ones who do not come from the urban parts?

Vanshika, student (MA, English)

I guess there is need to extend lockdown till the situation gets normal. From now onwards we have to observe each upcoming day as Janata Curfew. Nothing is important than life and health. Lockdown means we have to lock ourselves inside our houses. The Administration should shut liquor stores where gathering can be seen easily.

Manpreet Singh, Student, CGC, Landran

I appreciate all steps taken by the Chandigarh Administration to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Other than shutting down, look after home quarantined persons. I see a number of home quarantined persons flouting the norms and guidelines of the Health Department. They are risking their own as well as others’ lives.

Purandhi Gupta, Student, GCG-11

Although steps being taken are worth appreciating, minimum contact will ensure maximum protection. However, dearth of awareness on the part of people is something that is worrisome. Implementation of legislation cannot fetch the desired results if people don’t take precautions.

Ria Khurana, Sector 51 resident


As the tricity locks down, daily wagers and other such persons will be the most-affected? While the authorities are busy, and rightly so, do you think they should come up with some measures for the marginalised? What should be our contribution/efforts to help them?

Suggestions in not more than 70 words can be sent to

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