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Embrace independence, fairness, Justice Rajesh Bindal urges judicial officers

Embrace independence, fairness, Justice Rajesh Bindal urges judicial officers

Tribune News Service

Saurabh Malik

Chandigarh, April 11

Justice Rajesh Bindal today drew upon the rich literary heritage of the past to underscore the necessity of fostering a more effective judiciary in the future.

Addressing 143 trainee judicial officers from the state of Punjab gathered for the commencement of their year-long induction training programme, the Supreme Court Judge encouraged them to imbibe the principles of independence and fairness in their judicial roles by invoking the timeless narrative of ‘Panch Parmeshwar’ by renowned author Munshi Premchand.

The story hovers around the protagonist, Algu, who demonstrates unwavering commitment to justice, even when it means delivering judgment against his closest friend Jumman. Referring to the short story, Justice Bindal urged the officers to be impartial and independent, with no biases, in their functioning.

“The concept of ideal judiciary can be summed up in the term ‘ICEE’, where the first letter stands for impartiality and independence, the second for competence entailing the knowledge and application of law, the third for effectiveness and the last for efficacy,” Justice Bindal asserted.

In urging the judicial officers to remain vigilant and attuned to the evolving social landscape around them, Justice Bindal asserted that the blindfold adorning ‘Lady Justice’ served as a symbol of impartiality and objectivity, rather than a metaphor for turning a blind eye to surrounding events and developments.

“Law is not static, it goes with the society. You should keep your eyes and ears open to see what is happening in the society,” Justice Bindal asserted.

Describing the courts as the last resort for a common man aggrieved by the government, the executive or the law, Justice Bindal asked them to be sensitive to the plight of the sufferers by stepping in their shoes. “You cannot be a good Judge, unless you are a good human being. Show passion towards your work, and compassion for others. Also, work diligently. Being a judge is a duty, and not a position to enjoy power,” Justice Bindal asserted.

Acting Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court-cum-Patron-in-Chief of the Chandigarh Judicial Academy (CJA) Justice Gurmeet Singh Sandhawalia sensitised the judicial officers to the tough life ahead, while exhorting them to lead a life of sacrifice, austerity and reclusion.

Asking them to be bold in their conduct, Justice Sandhawalia asked them not to hesitate in exercising power where “a case was made out”. They were also asked to stay away from unwarranted utterances, control anger, be wary of false praises and avoid arrogance, while acting with compassion, humility and humbleness. “Decisions taken in haste or anger will come back to haunt you,” Justice Sandhawalia added.

The dignitaries were welcomed by Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma, High Court Judge and president, CJA board of governors. The ceremony, attended by the High Court Judges and members of the board of governors, concluded with expression of gratitude by CJA Director Administration Ajay Kumar Sharda.

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