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Extend curfew for effective fight against invisible enemy

Ensure availability of consumables & medicines, keep puncture repair shops and petrol pumps open; check black marketeering

Extend curfew for effective fight against invisible enemy

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Preventing spread of covid: should lockdown/curfew be extended in tricity

Keep national policy in mind

Although Covid cases are well under control in Chandigarh, before taking any decision regarding lockdown extension the position in the tricity should be taken into consideration. UT is surrounded with many villages of Mohali and Panchkula. So, decision should suit all. National policy should also be kept in mind. The fight against corona should aim at eliminating virus from the country. Relaxations are solace to citizens.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Chandigarh


Going easy will be harmful.

We should not think as daredevil when it comes to fight against dreadful virus. Even developed nations well equipped with medical and health facilities are on their toes. Only social distancing can stop further spread of this pandemic. Hopefully, with the passage of time the impact of virus will diminish. The need of hour is to follow advisories and prastise social distancing. For this lockdown and curfew has to be extended.

Surinder Paul Wadhwa, Mohali


Life more precious than livelihood

Deadly Covid-19 has swept through more than 200 nations. There is no vaccine/medicine to combat it. The only solution is social distancing. The law enforcing agencies and public should cooperate in this crisis. A complete lockdown/curfew has to be extended till April 30. Thereafter, the situation should be reviewed. Although it will have serious ramifications on economy, yet life takes precedence over livelihood. Besides, inter-state boundaries must be sealed allowing only emergency movement and that too with thermal scanning to ensure maximum prevention.

SS Arora, Mohali


Don’t leave anything to chance

In the wake of no fresh positive case in Chandigarh, at no stage there should be complacency over the matter of lockdown in the tricity hust because Panchkula and Mohali have seen rise in Covid cases. There is community transmission of the pandemic in some states. Some cases without any foreign travel history have tested positive for the disease. Since tricity is the route and centre of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, every care should be taken to follow government advisories strictly. Lockdown should also continue leaving nothing to chance.

Capt Jagdish Verma (retd), Chandigarh


Prevention is better than cure

Lockdown has been successful due to meticulous planning in tandem and concerted efforts of the UT Administration and residents’ cooperation. Although there are few Covid cases in the tricity, we must bear in mind that the disease has not reached its peak. Therefore, it requires extraordinary foresighted judgment to decide when to lift the lockdown/curfew. The advice of medical professionals must be sought and strictly followed in decision making. Extending lockdown/curfew in the tricity to prevent infection would be a wise choice. However, this extension should not be a mere formality. Precautionary measures already in place or the ones updated due to new diagnostic and curative findings must not be relaxed under any circumstances. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” has a perennial validity and still has pragmatic applicability.

DR SS Bhatti, Chandigarh


Restart OPD consultation for senior citizens

Any relaxation at this time may increase Covid infection risk in the tricity. Improving and strengthening home delivery of essentials, ensuring smooth functioning of supply chain, helping daily wagers and supporting poor families is more important. There is a need of partial restart of OPD consultation for non-Covid patients, especially senior citizens and residents suffering from serious diseases. The UT Administration and the governments of Punjab and Haryana should support hospital preparedness for managing Covid patients and plan isolation facilities. Tricity residents must adhere to the curfew guidelines. Medical staff on high risk duty should be provided accommodation and food at nearby places.

Col Balbir Singh Mathauda (retd), Chandigarh


Lifting lockdown will be counter-productive

Each and every citizen of the country is standing behind the government in the run up to defeat the killer corona pandemic. There is no denying that Covid-19 pandemic could make much impact in the country in terms of the number of cases tested positive and those succumbed to the killer virus. People also deserve applause for minding the lockdown curbs by maintaining social distancing, using safety masks, sanitisers and to cap it all staying indoors. Nonetheless, the number of Covid-19 cases has risen, which is a cause of concern. Keeping all this in mind, mulling relaxation in curfew/lockdown restrictions would surely than not prove counter-productive in our mission to defeat the pandemic.

Ramesh K Dhiman, Chandigarh


Govt can use coercive measures

Corona control is the need of the hour because this monster has swallowed progress in the world. The government and other organisations, especially NGOs, are making people aware of the virus through the electronic and print media during the lockdown period. No doubt, lockdown must be extended because we know it well that major contribution is made by the illiterate and people, who are ignorant about virus. People can understand gravity of situation if apprised about Covid-19. It is sole responsibility of the government to use coercive or persuasive measures to control the disease. There is no problem, which cannot be solved. Obviously, such pandemics can set people on the right track.

Anita Tandon, Chandigarh


UT admn has to be strict

Chandigarh has emerged strongly against Covid-19. The city has strictly followed lockdown. The authorities have been monitoring those, who live in close clusters. Mohali and Panchkula are still in tense due to spurt in Covid cases. The UT Administration has to be more strict to implement norms for the prevention of the virus transmission. No doubt, lockdown will adversely affect economy. At present, the priority is to prevent transmission. Citizens are cooperating with the authorities. The administration should ease some restrictions on opening few shops for six hours with strict implementation of preventive measures. The authorities should take advice from medical experts for giving limited relaxation in movement and following social distancing till normalcy is restored. Entry to Mohali and Panchkula districts should be restricted. Hopefully, good old day will be back soon.

Sukhpal Singh, Chandigarh


Past gains will fritter if curfew is relaxed

The Covid-19 threat is far from over. All past gains in combating its spread will fritter away if we relax vigil and get complacent on social-distancing and self-isolation, that need to be hammered into minds of every individual as new norm. Habit formation requires 40 days of forced regulation. Many a black sheep did flounder the current diktats of government leaving much to be desired. The likes of Nizamuddin super spread proved explosive where follies of the few fanatics resulted in colossal loss of scarce resources and lives. As one size does not fit all, broad consultations and consensus will boil down to equitable mix of restrictions and relaxations in the best interest of India and its citizens. It is incumbent on all citizens to abide by government directives.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Chandigarh


States favour existing curbs

Covid-19 cases are increasing as some people do not follow lockdown. Many state governments are in favour of retaining existing curbs. According to study, in the absence of lockdown one person can infect 406 individuals in 30 days. There is a need to take some proactive action. We should learn a lesson from the present crisis and follow directions of lockdown if we want to live long.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Chandigarh


Ensure complete safety of citizens

Lockdown should be extended in the tricity to ensure complete safety of each and every citizen residing here. Considering the present global scenario, coronavirus should not spread further. If the citizens are given freedom to move out of their houses, it would be ry risky. People may not behave responsibly in such a situation. They would start taking part in large gatherings giving scant regard to government advisories. Only strict orders by the government can ensure total eradication of the virus. The decision regarding the lifting of the lockdown should be taken only after taking into account Covid-19 cases at the state and national level.

Archana Sharma, Chandigarh


No handshake, only Namaste will suffice

Less Covid patients is bliss for tricity residents. Let us be saviour by adhearing to advisories issued by the government. Keep your house and surroundings neat and clean so that all members of your family are safe. Only one member of the family should venture out for buying essentials. No handshake with anyone only ‘Namaste’ will suffice. Try to help the poor in difficult period. If no Covid case is reported during the lockdown/curfew then worry not the administration will not extend restrictions. Workers, who are striving day and night to serve the mankind, deserve applause.

MR Bhateja, Nayagaon


Private hospitals have closed doors to patients

I am in favour of extending lockdown so as to completely wipe out the virus. It is for everyone’s safety otherwise there many, who won’t sit at home and create mess. The Chandigarh Administration is doing a good job by sanitising sectors, markets and public places. The police is stopping violators. No words to thank the Police Department, which is working 24x7 in this hour of crisis. Only problem is private hospitals, which have closed their doors to Covid patients. The Administration should ask private hospitals to provide doctors and vans to take care of such patients.

Opinder Kaur Sekhon, Chandigarh


Keep a check on price of essentials

The restrictions, steps and legal actions initiated by the Administration have been successful in controlling the spread of Covid 19 till date in the UT. Lockdown should be extended to control the virus. Food, vegetables and medicine should be provided to citizens at door step. Prices of all commodities should be controlled. Medical facilities should be increased to deal with unexpected spread of virus. More ventilators should be provided at government hospitals. People should stay indoors. Work done by doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, safai karmacharis, police and social organisations is praiseworthy.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas (retd), Mohali


Lockdown is necessary to maintain sanctity of controlled situation

Social distancing is necessary to eradicate Covid pandemic. That is possible only by imposing lockdown/curfew. People make lame excuses to step out of their homes. Therefore, to maintain the sanctity of the present controlled situation of the Covid-19 cases, lockdown in the tricity should be extended. The government has to take care of supply of essential commodities to the public and food to the needy. It should give relaxation in curfew/lockdown in case of medical emergency. Private companies should be ordered not to retrench and pay full salary on time to their employees in this critical situation.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali


Give sector wise relaxation in curfew

I appreciate the UT Administration on account of strict enforcement of law in our city. We expect the same spirit to continue till we win this battle. Curfew should be relaxed sector wise on different dates in a week. More important is that our senior citizens above 80 years are facing difficulty because they cannot go to market on foot as instructed by the Administration. They should be allowed to go to market on cars. Owners of chemist shops should be allowed to deliver medicines at doorsteps.

Tarlok Singh, Mani Majra


Status quo should continue till April 30

An exit strategy is needed for a smooth end to the lockdown period. Keeping the prevailing scenario in view and catalytic action of a section of people, it would be prudent to extend the lockdown period till April 30. Some relaxation may be given to citizens to avail essential services, but gatherings at public places should be prohibited. The status quo should be maintained lest we will lose what we gained during last 21 days. Covid-19 is likely to diminish by April 30.

Madan Gupta Spatu, Chandigarh


Extend lockdown only in emergency

The Chandigarh Administration and the police have done a commendable job by strict implementation of curfew/lockdown to keep the spread of Covid-19 under check. Lockdown/curfew should be extended only in dire emergency. Otherwise, lockdown should be lifted in phases. It is adversely affecting the lives of the poor and downtrodden. Daily wagers are the worst hit, as they do not have any means to earn two meals a day. The decision to extend curfew/lockdown should only be taken after a thorough review of the situation.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh


Tricity lockdown best way to fight Covid

The only weapon to defeat coronavirus is social distancing and staying inhume. For the pro bono publico lockdown must continue. The Administration must supply essentials to public. Migrants should be provided food at doorsteps. Distribution of dry rations is not effective. Besides, there is no fuel to cook dry rations. The government and the Administration must divert money spent on advertisements to providing food to the needy. Gaushalas must be provided fooder for cows, who can’t speak.

Capt Amar Jeet Kumar (retd), Mohali


Tricity residents will not take risks

Thanks to the effective steps taken by the UT Administration and enforcing the compliance of lockdown norms, which has kept Covid cases under check. So far, so good. It does not suggest that sudden lifting of lockdown despite the fact there is no hotspot in the region will benefit in any way. Tricity residents are knowledgeable and and will not like take risks involved in sudden lifting of the lockdown despite daily inconvenience. They know well that safety is prime concern in this crucial period. Lockdown should not be lifted. A phased lifting of lockdown can be considered to prevent the spread of Covid.

SC Luthra, Chandigarh


If not curfew, lockdown must be there

Here in Chandigarh, the four hours relaxation in curfew every dauy is just doing more harm than good. People, especially youngsters, are seen on roaming unnecessarily on roads without any specific purpose, which can prove dangerous. Yes, no doubt, that tricity has fared well in keeping the spread of coronavirus under check as compared to other states of our country, but it does not mean that we should start taking things casually and ignore preventive measures. Social distancing and staying indoors is still required to eradicate this disease. This can only be done if either curfew is extended for some more days. If not curfew then lockdown be imposed in the tricity to keep people indoors during this fight again Covid-19.

Gurpreet S Malhotra, Chandigarh


Extend curfew/lockdown after breathing time

Yes, Chandigarh is doing well in keeping the coronavirus down. People here are educated and take all kinds of precautions seriously. After the curfew/lockdown ends, people should get some breathing time to complete all pending works. Markets, banks and shops should open. If required, lockdown should be imposed after May 1 for a limited period with some relaxation.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh


No laxity on part of the administration

The Administration is working, but Covid-positive cases are rising with each passing day. There is no laxity on the part of the Administration. If lockdown lifted people will start roaming, which again will spread the virus. The government till date has allowed essential goods and services, which is a good step. The city borders should be sealed. If the government does not allow sale of consumables people will break rules. Also, black marketing will increase in the city.

Avinash Goyal, Chandigarh


City might have black sheep

Though Chandigarh has reported less cases of Covid-19, there might be black sheep in the city and other places like Tablig-ul Jamat, who might not have disclosed the virus symptoms. Sooner or later they might prove dangerous for society. Keeping in view the danger of the disease immediate lockdown/curfew should continue till further orders. The UT Administration has taken various steps for the supply of daily essentials to the people and has solved their day-to-day problems. However, the lockdown should continue in Chandigarh. Schools and colleges should not open till May 30. Essential services should, however, continue.

HC Bhora, Chandigarh


Its too early to relax curfew

The City Beautiful is fortunate to have lesser number of Covid-19 patients/suspects and foreign returned as compared to the neighbouring states. Still keeping in view the magnitude and seriousness of the problem and the city’s small size and good connectivity within, it would be too early to relax curfew/lockdown. The police, Administration and health care facilitators mainly government hospitals in the UT deserve appreciation for handling the crisis. The Administration must go slow and give relaxations in a phased manner and that too after consulting experts and studying overall position of the neighbouring areas and the country.

Rakesh Chopra, Chandigarh


What will we achieve by relaxations?

Should Chandigarh stand out with a daily relaxation allowing persons to move out daily for shopping from 11 am to 3 pm. Despite online deliveries of all food items and medicines going out of the home is a must. What will we achieve by all such relaxations? Will people visit far away markets on foot to buy selected food items and groceries. Why cannot Chandigarh have a blanket sit at home mandate like entire Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J&K and Delhi? Why should Chandigarh be different? Would it not be better to improve and strengthen the home delivery system? Curfew passes are available for emergency. Why then daily relaxation? Are we heading to innocuously promoting indirect spread of grade 3 Covid-19 by social contact in public places during curfew relaxation hours? Residents of Chandigarh must introspect. Will the relaxation in curfew flatten the curve or add to number of Covid infectious. Only time will tell.

Anil Malhotra, Chandigarh


Staggered easing only solution

The exit from the current lockdown should be staggered and the pace needs to be influenced by the success of the containment over the next few days. All places of large public gatherings should be shut. Lockdown should be lifted on alternate days. Only residents of Panchkula and Mohali districts and UT should be allowed this facility. All borders around these the two districts and the UT should be sealed. Autos and buses should remain off the road. Only yellow plate taxis and vehicles should be on roads with maximum two persons, including driver of the vehicle. No vehicle registered outside the tricity should be allowed on the road. Heavy penalties should be imposed by area magistrates, who should hold mobile court. This can help the public and the administration win the battle against Covid.

Rajiv Boolchand Jain, Zirakpur


Continue lockdown till zero case situation

Although five corona patients were discharged from the GMCH-32, the City Beautiful can’t heave a sigh of relief. The circumstances are far from normalcy. There are certain mindless people, who do not lose an opportunity to defy the lockdown norms. They, probably are not aware of what went wrong in Italy/Spain/France and the US. It is undoubtedly imperative to continue with the present lockdown/curfew in the tricity for a few more weeks until Covid-19 zero positive case situation is achieved. After reaching zero level across tricity relaxations should be announced to work within the tricity premises. Each house to be issued need based one/two passes. Under no circumstance residents be allowed to roam in markets or public places.

OP Longia, Chandigarh


Curfew extension is necessary

It’s too early to relax lockdown/lockdown. By April 16 we will know whether the city has entered a steady phase or still vulnerable to the disease. Strict implementation of the lockdown is crucial. Residents must remember it’s better to spend some days at home rather than getting admitted to hospital.

Anmol Kaur Mongia, Mohali


Extend lockdown for three weeks

Social distancing is the only way to prevent the spread of deadly Covid-19, which has claimed precious lives. There is a big park in front of my house where people used to come for morning walk and doing exercises on an open-air gym. In order to safeguard the lives of the people the park development committee has locked the entry/exit gates of the park. However, some people still enter the park after scaling its boundary walls thus posing a risk to the lives of others. I am of firm opinion that the lockdown/curfew period should be extended for another three weeks.

Gopal Mittal, Panchkula


Decision to bring life to standstill is good

An epidemic is always a little ahead of us. For its one day of growth, we need more than one day lockdown to bring the infection down to starting level. Twenty-day lockdown will not work. The decision to bring life to a standstill is a good, but the labour class and the poor have to be prepared. Biggest challenge is how to break the chain of Covid transmission. The only answer is lockdown to keep people indoors till the last person of Covid-infection in the tricity is cured. People who don’t follow lockdown and move around in parks should be rounded-up by the police. The whole city must be disinfected.

Vijay Malia, Chandigarh


UT admn doing good job

The Chandigarh Administration is appreciated for doing its round-the-clock job to check the spread of Covid-19. But some people in the city are still violating curfew orders. The UT Administration should take strict legal action against them. Lockdown should be extended in the tricity to prevent the spread of the disease.

Lakhwinder Wazir Bhullar, Chandigarh


A serious threat to live so people

As we all know that Covid-19 was declared pandemic by the WHO in March, 2020. It’s very serious threat to lives of the people around the globe. Though everyone wants to get back to his/her routine, looking at the seriousness of the present circumstances and the number of deaths within four months since origin of virus in China in December, 2019, the lockdown should be extended till April 30.

Naveen Gupta, Chandigarh


No need to extend lockdown

The tricity has fared well in keeping the spread of Covid-19 under check. The lockdown isn’t necessary. The UT must opt for strategic reopening of places, but prevent mass gatherings. Adequate measures like distribution of masks and hand sanitisers should be undertaken. If the lockdown continues, it would disrupt daily schedule of the masses. Covid-19 spread due to people with travel history. Now, if international flights have been stopped, the UT Administration can restore normalcy within its territory.

Shobhna Kalra, Chandigarh


Lift lockdown in phased manner

Covid has a tendency to start a chain reaction even if a single person is affected. The decision to recall the lockdown should be taken only after elimination of last case rather than decline in the number of infected patients. However, to restore normalcy, the government must lift lockdown in a phased manner. It is impractical to revoke all restrictions at once and then try to control the situation that might go out of control. Essential public and private sector services should be allowed to continue with minimum number of employees. A trial of two-three days can be undertaken to ascertain the exact situation before taking a final call on revoking lockdown.

Shashank Parmar, Panchkula


Stay home, stay healthy

Continuous lockdown of 49 days is the best way to reduce Covid-19 cases to zero. People should support the government by staying indoors and maintaining social distancing. We Indians with our collective strength will win battle against Covid-9. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

JS Bajaj, Mohali


Extend curfew till it’s completely safe

In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, prevention is the best cure for the deadly disease. It will always be better to keep people locked up in their respective houses for another few weeks. The lockdown/curfew must be extended till the curve of coronavirus cases is flattened at the top instead of the present trend of rising. Social distancing is the key to contain virus. Hardwork done by the government should not go wasted. No administration or state government should be in hurry to end curfew/lockdown till clearance is given by the Union Government as any carelessness will lead to disaster. Businesses and offices will run only if people survive in this pandemic



Don’t extend lockdown in tricity

Lockdown/curfew should not be extended further in the tricity. Apart from economic losses, it is affecting daily wage earners and depriving them of their two-time meals. How long will the government and social bodies feed people and fulfil their daily necessities. However, side by side doorstep testing of suspected cases for coronavirus may be increased by involving private sector.

Col TBS Bedi (Retd), Mohali

Yes, I beleive the lockdown is one of the best measures that has helped curb the spread of disease. The lockdown should be extended as it has played a key role in maintaining social distance. If it is lifted, the situation may worsen. Public should accept it as a sole measure for the containment of Covid-19.—Daler Multani, former civil surgeon

The curfew should be extended as India with 1.3 billion population is in a better position than many developed countries. If it is lifted, all gains would be lost. With increased testing, true picture will emerge. The virus is spreading through communities. Lifting the curfew could trigger a fresh wave of infections.—Purandhi Gupta, sector 51 resident

Although the curfew/lockdown creates difficulties for people from all sections of society, these are necessary to overcome Covid-19 crisis. It is also necessary for the success of the hard work of corona warriors on the frontline. The Administration and social institutions are solving problems and saving the public from sufferings through restraint.—Subhash Papneja, sector 16, Panchkula

The curfew should be changed to lockdown in the City Beautiful. The lockdown should be extended till April 30. All category of transport vehicles should now be allowed to ply. I think the UT Administration has done a good job so far. Few complaints are there. Not everyone can be satisfied under the present circumstances.—Prem Garg, President, AAP, Chandigarh

The tricity is still safe with less number of Covid cases. The credit goes to our doctors, nurses, police and the Administration for effective implementation of the curfew. Moreover, tricity residents follow government advisories. On the safer side, it is better to extend the lockdown, but with some relief for common man.—Deepanshu Bansal, Law student


A large number of people are being rounded up daily for violation of the curfew in the city. Do you think the UT police should act stricter to rein in such persons to enforce the curfew in the fight against Covid-19?

Suggestions in not more than 70 words can be sent to

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