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In nascent stage, online education quite a task for pupils

Student-teacher bond missing, Net connectivity not reliable in rural areas , not many have access to smartphones & computers

In nascent stage, online education quite a task for pupils

A student of MCM DAV College for Women, Sector 36, Chandigarh, attends e-classroom. file

Can online classes affect the quality of education?

Online classes keep students busy

Online classes are beneficial for students. Being an assistant professor, I started taking online classes earlier. My students are happy as regular online classes and creative assignments helps in spending their time meaningfully. Two-way communication helps in discussion, debate and interaction. Students from J&K, who have 2g Internet, and those from places where net connectivity is slow do face some problems.

Vishiwjeet Singh, Chandigarh

Summarise with objective-type syllabi

Even if there is a possibility of partial relaxation in the lockdown for some establishments with harsher conditions in the near future, chances of opening educational institutions is still remote. Net-based education cannot fully replace traditional classrooms. Therefore, teachers while interacting with their respective students can sum up with objective-type syllabi.

Surinder Paul Wadhwa, Mohali

Shift to teaching with technology

All education is self-education and best learning is self-learning. Learning is a continuous and ongoing process. The need of the hour is to come out of the pandemic pedagogy to the milieu of teaching with technology. Commit to memory that educational institutes are not closed. Only infrastructure of bricks and concrete are locked. The teaching fraternity is working harder than ever. Gen-X has to learn to think to make true progress and cannot survive on teacher.

Dr Bharat, Chandigarh

No substitute for classrooms

It's difficult to monitor all students in online classes. A teacher cannot devote his/her attention to all students. So, online education is not a substitute for classrooms. Physical classrooms provides more effective learning.

Sachin Malik, Chandigarh

Interaction gets mechanical

No online education can compensate for actual environment of a school as teacher-taught and classmate bonding is missing. It's all about imparting knowledge whereas in classrooms, the focus is on comprehensive development of students. Education is a lot more than injecting knowledge. Quality of education suffers when student-teacher interaction gets mechanical losing personal touch. Most households are not equipped for online classes or parental contribution to supplement digital instructions.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Many rural areas devoid of internet

Hats off to teachers burning the midnight oil to provide online education to students during the Covid-19 crisis. For the time being, it serves the purpose to keep students engaged during the curfew/lockdown, but for sure it will not prove beneficial in the long run. The biggest problem is connectivity with many rural areas totally devoid of Internet. The content sent online is teacher centered whereas it should be student centered.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh

No hope of re-opening institutions

There is no hope that education institutions will reopen shortly. India is a poor and developing country. Mostly population belongs to rural and slum areas. They are poor and less educated people, who cannot afford expenditure to avail digital facilities. It means they cannot access online education. Poor students will not be able to cover courses due to lack of Internet facility. Online classes will have bad affect on overall quality of education.

Sumesh Kumar Badhwar, Mohali

Digital teaching will affect standard

Tricity residents are responsible for increasing Covid cases because they have paid no heed to advisories of the Central and state governments. Teachers must be acquainted with online teaching. The authorities must provide the infrastructure for digital education. Online classes will affect the education standard, but under prevailing circumstances, these are the need of the hour.

M R Bhateja, Nayagaon

Classroom education only way out

Only classrooms can provide quality education, which a child can learn and retain during his lifetime. Online classes have a short-term retention in child’s mind. Moreover, a child needs physical handholding to grow up. How can computer take place of a teacher or a parent? Online education is the domain of the middle class and the rich. Where will poor and slum children go if everything goes online? Guru-shishya mode is best for giving education.

Rajiv Boolchand Jain, Zirakpur

Pupils may find online teaching difficult

Continuity is prerequisite for success. If a student misses school for a day or changes his institution, he finds it difficult to understand lessons taught or adjust to the new environment. Hence, change over to online teaching due to pandemic will definitely affect the quality of education. All teachers may not be conversant with online teaching. The Administration must ensure Wi-Fi connectivity and computers for all students.

Dr Gurdev Singh, Mohali

initiative to keep system afloat

Due to Covid pandemic, everything has been put on back burner. This has caused anxiety and increased frustration among students and parents. The Administration's decision to start online classes is silver lining in this gloomy atmosphere. It will help students in many ways and bring discipline in their lives. They will remain focused. It will be an experience to learn for those, who are not adept to technology. With ample time in hand, students can hone up their skills.

Veena Mahajan, Chandigarh

Bridge digital divide

With the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, there have been many changes in children’s lives and the newest is the concept of digital learning. Luckily, it has come as a fun-filled and interactive way to learn. There are many, who cannot access online classes, as they lack resources like computer, smart phones and Internet connectivity. This brings forth the need to bridge digital divide. The authorities should work towards making Internet accessible to all. One to one student-teacher interaction via phone calls can be of great help.

Dr Shruti K Chawla, Chandigarh

No comparison with normal classroom

Online classes cannot be compared with normal classroom studies. Nor can proper results be achieved through online learning. A student is neatly dressed and attentive in his/her class whereas at home the same student is in a relaxed mood. In classroom, a student can discuss anything with his/her teacher or classmates, which is not possible through online education. Online classes will certainly affect students' performance.

Gurpreet S Malhotra, Chandigarh

Wish schools open soon

My grandson Vivaan is receiving his Class III lessons daily from his school through my e-mail ID as per the timetable. The child remains busy for at least three hours daily with two shifts. He is happy. But, he misses his classmates, teachers, practical contacts with them, the school classroom and playground. Above all, he misses morning assembly and school discipline. This certainly affects the quality of education. I wish schools open-up soon.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

Safety of students, teachers important

Safety of students and teachers is important. It is also difficult for students belonging to poor families to attend online classes at home. Many students do not have access to smart phones and Internet connectivity. Besides, speed issue and power cuts are dampener for online classes. Moreover, there is no policy or guidelines for online classes. Impractical experience will add further to parents' burden.

Col Balbir Singh Mathauda (retd), Chandigarh

Classroom education better for kids

During the nationwide lockdown, around 300 million kids are staying at homes. Many children have no access to online learning through laptops or cell phones. Online courses call for a greater motivation and self-discipline. A classroom has one or more instructors and peers, who can hold a student accountable for his/her work. In contrast, online courses involve setting own goals, tracking progress and meeting deadlines. Classroom education has the benefit of face-to-face interactions.

Vijay Malia, Chandigarh

Cannot inculcate values in students

Online education cannot inculcate virtues like discipline, patience, cooperation and coexistence. Moreover, the sense of competition is also not visible. A student learns a lot through interaction with teachers and other students in a classroom. Optional attendance always proves bad and increases involvement in immoral activities. Despite shortcomings, it will not be an exaggeration to say that online study has revolutionised education. Students not opting for online education will lag behind in life.

Anita K Tandon, Kharar

Not a reliable alternative

Online classes cannot be a reliable alternative for students and their institutions. Concentration and discipline are required for better understanding of tedious subjects, which is achieved in classroom. A good tutor can easily guess through eye contact and facial expression whether contents are clear to students or not.

Ghaninder Khanna, Zirakpur

Nothing wrong with online studies

There seems to be nothing wrong with ushering in of the novel concept of online studies in the wake of the e Covid-19 pandemic across the country. But the non-availability of requisite PCs, laptops and ipads amongst the student community could possibly be one of the major irritants. But, chances of quality of education getting adversely affected in the process largely appear bleak.

SK Gupta, Chandigarh

Weak students at receiving end

Brilliant students have more capability to understand, but what about average/below average students, who need regular monitoring and repetition of lessons more than once. They will be hit hard. Besides, slow Internet will affect studies of students attending online classes.

Sub Lt RK Kapoor (retd), Mohali

Saving lives more important

Online teaching would save many innocent lives. Learning may be on track once normalcy is restored post pandemic. Saving precious lives is more important. Teaching online will keep children busy. Something is better than nothing. Otherwise, an empty mind is devil's house.

Charu Malhotra, Mohali

Overall quality of education improved

Positively online teaching has enhanced the overall educational quality. Even some students, who do not attend classes regularly, are also getting their study material, learning through various resourceful methods adopted by their respective teachers with convenience of time and place. When the lockdown started, the semester was towards end. Almost 75% syllabus was already completed. Students got sufficient material and time for coursework.

Dr Shailja Beniwal, Chandigarh

Online education affects quality

In the wake of the extended lockdown some educational institutes started digital learning, an elitist approach, as a large number of students don't have access to advanced technology. Besides, digital education involves development of analytical and other intellectual skills. It also means acquiring practical skills, seek solutions to complex problems and learn to work in teams. The government should use services of Doordarshan/radio and ensure that content package provided by competent teachers is shared with students.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh


Curfew/lockdown norms in the tricity have been eased after a long time. This is expected to spur economic activity, bringing relief to labourers, workers and others. What more should be done to solve problems of those whose livelihood has been severely affected?

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