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Open House: What measures can be taken in future to enforce restrictions on bursting of crackers?

Crack the whip on violators, raise environmental empathy

Open House: What measures can be taken in future to enforce restrictions on bursting of crackers?

People burst crackers in Chandigarh on Diwali night. - File photo

It is telling how the air quality drastically dipped following the Diwali celebrations. So many of us who are educated flouted the norms framed in the public interest. A person who does not care about the health and safety of others does not deserve to lead a happy life in society. The administration should crack down on the violators.

NPS Sohal, Chandigarh

Offer incentives to ensure compliance

To ensure compliance with the cracker ban in the tricity in future, the authorities should offer some incentives. They could come up with some mobile game or app that would remind the residents to avoid bursting crackers. Further, the authorities can join hands with some religious leaders to raise awareness about the hazards of burning crackers.

Gaganpreet Singh, Mohali

Cancel licence if illegal crackers sold

Banned firecrackers were sold under the garb of green ones and the general public continued the fiery celebrations ignoring the prescribed time-limits on Diwali. The authorities need to take strict action against violators. Firstly, officials need to be present at cracker stalls so that any illegal sale of firecrackers is stopped and the licence of the stall owner cancelled. Secondly, the water and electricity connections of revellers, who burst banned crackers or violated the prescribed limit, may be disconnected with immediate effect or heavy penalties in the form of "application of commercial rates" be imposed upon them.

Gurnam Singh Rathore, Chandigarh

Raise awareness on cracker hazards

To ensure full compliance with the ban in future, the administration should spread awareness about the hazards of crackers to the environment and human health. This can be done by launching campaigns or posting about it on social media. The administration should reward the residents who follow the norms by not bursting crackers.

Gurdev Singh, Mohali

Ban manufacture of conventional crackers

The government should criminalise the manufacture of conventional firecrackers. The government should give subsidies to the industries that manufacture green firecrackers and those who use them.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

Follow up advisory with action

There is no point in issuing an advisory if people don't bother to follow it. The UT administration should instruct all SHOs to warn members of the public against bursting non-green crackers. Besides, there is a need to ensure that people do not burst firecrackers outside the two-hour window allowed by the government. An FIR should be lodged for every violation.

KC Rana, Chandigarh

Penalise SHO of area over violations

Penalise the SHO of area concerned for failing to enforce implementation of the directions on bursting of crackers. The MC should itself sell crackers to make sure no conventional firecracker was sold. The authorities can also explore artificial rain to get rid of air pollution. Crackers should be sold on bills.

Kirpal Singh, Chandigarh

Create awareness for environment’s sake

Create awareness about the harm these crackers do to the surroundings, the environment, animals along with their habitat and people, especially to those suffering from respiratory diseases or ailments that attack one's lungs or ruin immunity. Awareness events should be held in schools and colleges. In addition, heavy fines should be imposed on those trying to buy or sell conventional crackers.

Jannat Kaur Baidwan

Conduct raids at cracker factories

The problem should be addressed right from its root cause i.e. the cracker factory. Raids should be conducted to ensure these factories only produce eco-friendly crackers. The police should conduct road shows and rallies in schools educating children about the ban on crackers. Banners and posters mentioning the action on those found violating the ban should be put up at prominent places.

Biragam Singh, Rajpura

Multi-faceted approach needed

To ensure effective implementation of cracker ban, a multifaceted approach is crucial. This involves extensive public awareness campaigns, community engagement, strict legal measures with hefty penalties, increased surveillance using technology, promotion of alternative celebrations, collaboration with stakeholders, year-round environmental education and continuous evaluation for adaptive strategies.

Prithvee Yakhmi, Chandigarh

Rampant violations cause for concern

Residents make the mockery of the restrictions imposed on bursting of crackers. Noise pollution caused well beyond the prescribed time slots made it difficult for elderly and children to sleep properly and also created restlessness among birds and animals. It also increased the air pollution at a time when it has already reached alarming levels due to stubble burning in the northern region. The respective administrations must take a strict view of the situation and analyse the reasons for failure in thorough implementation of the orders by the agencies concerned, particularly the police, so that these are not repeated in future.

Sanjay Chopra, Mohali

Use drones to monitor violations

Drones with audio and air quality sensors should be used to detect violations and discourage the use of fireworks. A community-driven reporting system through a dedicated app that enables residents to report violations anonymously is the need of the hour. Local influencers and celebrities should be roped in to help spread awareness about the detrimental effect that the use of fireworks has on the environment.

Amanjot Kaur, Mohali

Hold awareness camps before Dasehra, Diwali

People living in densely populated areas, small flats, labour colonies and villages need to be educated about the harmful effects of bursting crackers. Multiple camps should be organised well before Dasehra and Diwali. School teachers should tell students about the benefits of smoke-free and green crackers. The police should also carry out raids at cracker stores and confiscate illegal products. The administration should blacklist vendors violating norms for sale of crackers.

Sharanjit Singh Kallah, Mohali

Admn failure as ban goes up in smoke

The cracker ban is flouted every year, causing troubles for patients of respiratory and heart diseases. An educated tricity should avoid bursting crackers as it increased the AQI level. Noise pollution caused by firecrackers are traumatic for animals. It is the total failure of the tricity authorities as the ban goes up in smoke. The tricity authorities and residents can collectively contribute in containing the rise in the level of air pollution on the festival of lights.

MR Bhateja, Nayagaon

Start planning early to check violations

The authorities should prepare well in advance and impose and implement stringent penalties for violations. Enforcement measures, including increased patrols and monitoring to catch violators, should be strengthened. Modern scientific technologies such as surveillance cameras and air quality monitoring systems should be employed to detect violations. The authorities must conduct public awareness campaigns to educate residents about the environmental and health hazards of violating the ban.

Anita K Tandon, Mundi Kharar

Authorities failed in enforcing curbs

All Diwali curbs failed to serve their purpose as the air became toxic while residents flouted the ban. Apparently, the authorities did not do much to keep tabs on violators. They just did the formality. To control air pollution on Diwali in future, there is need to educate people on the ill-effects of bursting crackers as they are the ones who defy the order. Needless to say, it is imperative to launch a crack down on factories manufacturing prohibited firecrackers. There should be a portal where violations can be reported.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

Govt must act, close cracker units

The government has to rise to the occasion and completely ban the manufacturing of firecrackers. Those involved in the business and employed in cracker factories should be compensated and given other jobs, respectively. It is also astonishing that people despite knowing the ill-effects of bursting crackers violated the curbs.

KK Mohan

Care for nature, go for Green Diwali

Residents of tricity defied the cracker ban by bursting them beyond the permissible limit, causing elevated levels of air and noise pollution. Officials concerned should ponder over the reasons for their failure in enforcing the ban. There is a need to create awareness about Green Diwali among people to prevent environmental pollution.

Adish Sood, Amloh

Burning crackers sign of happiness

Crackers are primarily designed to be burst for celebration or entertainment. One only bursts crackers in the event of happiness. Happiness is missing these days in most of peoples' lives. Bursting crackers is a matter of celebration and pride and is an emotional issue. The only measure needed to be taken is for safety. A bucket of water and sand should be kept near the site of fireworks so that these could come handy in case of any mishap.

Sanjeev Bishnoi, Panchkula

Deploy more cops for enforcement

People should be sensitised to the air pollution caused by firecrackers. The number of cops deployed for enforcing the restrictions on sale and use of crackers should be increased. Violators should be fined heavily.

Antra Rakheja

Regulations sans enforcement useless

The government had issued comprehensive guidelines and advisories for burning only green crackers, that too in a specified two-hour window. However, people delightfully violated the curbs. Banning pollutants and laying general guidelines are absolutely necessary, but such regulations prove useless if not implemented in true spirit. There should be adequate deployment of police force and PCR vehicles and mobike patrolling to instill the fear of action in the minds of violators.

SS Arora, Mohali

Blame it on poor enforcement

Tricity residents defied the cracker ban, exposing people to gas chamber-like conditions. In spite of permission only for green crackers, banned firecrackers were manufactured, stocked, sold and burst. The two-hour window for bursting crackers also proved to be a sham due to lax enforcement.

Vijay Shukla, Chandigarh

Impose ban on sale of crackers in tricity

This year too there was no adherence to the cracker ban order. The AQI level dropped to poor level on the Diwali day. People are not bothered about the impact that bursting of crackers has on the health of elderly and children. Unless there is self-discipline, the cracker ban instructions will continue to be ignored. Tricity authorities should stop sale of crackers if they are serious about preserving the environment. The police should ensure crackers are not smuggled into the tricity.

Dr Anil Kumar Yadav, Chandigarh

Rope in RWAs to enforce curbs

Housing societies and complexes should be given strict instructions not to allow bursting of crackers. RWAs should be assigned the responsibility of checking and ensuring the ban is not flouted in their respective localities. Cracker-free societies should be awarded, setting an example for others. A proper portal should be designed for people to report unauthorised sale of crackers or violation of curbs during the Diwali week. People should be sensitised to the harmful effects of crackers.

Saikrit Gulati, Chandigarh

Authorities failed in enforcing curbs

Bursting of crackers causes pollution that is dangerous for patients, kids, pregnant women, old persons, birds and animals. Besides, it causes serious threat to environment and human lives and wastes huge amount of money. Sensing the gravity of the matter, the Chandigarh Administration had imposed a ban on the use of firecrackers except from 8 pm to 10 pm on Diwali. But the ban was flouted with impunity, exposing the poor planning of the UT Administration in implementing its own decision.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh

Question for next week

Should the UT Administration remove the capping on registration of non-electric two-wheelers when charging stations in the city are yet to be made functional?

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