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Open house: What steps should the govt take to provide uninterrupted power supply in Mohali?

Motivate people to save power, curb supply pilferage

Open house:  What steps should the govt take to provide uninterrupted power supply in Mohali?

Frequent power outages in Zirakpur, Dera Bassi and other parts of Mohali have added to people's woes. File

Uninterrupted power supply impossible

Public outcry against electricity cuts is unwarranted. The problem of power supply is very acute throughout Punjab. Despite making all efforts, the Punjab government and the PSPCL cannot meet the ever-increasing demand of energy particularly in summer. Supply and transportation of coal to thermal plants is a challenging job. The daily power demand has been rising due to heatwave. In view of the above position, the public should learn to bear with the circumstances.

TR Goyal


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Privatise power generation, supply

Frequent power outages have added to the woes of Zirakpur and Derabassi residents already reeling under scorching heat. People are suffering on account of the gross failure of the government to anticipate the demand for power in the peak summer season. Life has become miserable for people in these areas, especially at night. There is an immediate need for privatisation of the electricity generation and supply systems. The election promise of uninterrupted power supply has remained only on the election manifesto paper.

Dr Anil Kumar Yadav, Chandigarh

Purchase more power to meet demand

Mohali is witnessing a rise in unscheduled power cuts amid rising temperatures. To counter this, the purchase of electricity should also be increased so that the residents do not have to face long power cuts. However, the solution to control this issue in the long run is to harness the solar energy. Partial amount of the installation of solar panels should be paid by the civic authorities. Colonies, independent houses and societies should use solar energy only.

Saikrit Gulati, Mohali

Shift to solar energy gradually

The shortage of electricity in the state is one of the reasons for frequent power outages. Free or subsidised electricity leads to unnecessary use and wastage. The government should start awareness camp and reward those people who help to stop wastage in the state or all over the country. More and more solar panels should be installed so that state gets a permanent solution to the problem.

Avinash goyal, Chandigarh

Make judicious use of power at home

The frequent and unannounced power cuts in Zirakpur and its surrounding areas in the district have forced residents to spend sleepless nights amid the scorching heat wave sweeping the region. The defunct thermal plants must be revived to meet the burgeoning demand for power supply. The government must also abrogate the power pacts the erstwhile government had inked with the private players.


Bring more area under green belt

Unscheduled power cuts and low water pressure have left people fretting and fuming. Problem may worsen as temperature soars. The authorities concerned are charging exorbitant water and electricity bills but facilities provided do not accommodate with charges. The need of an hour is to bring more area under green belt which would help to balance rain. Therefore, instead of employing more area under-construction, either residential or commercial, we should plant more trees.

Charu Malhotra, Mohali

Govt, people should work in tandem

Power cuts are a common problem in Punjab. This is really surprising that over so many years nothing concrete has been done in this regard. The government must educate people and encourage them in saving power supply, ultimately, generating more power for them. We just cannot expect people to save electricity or we just cannot expect government to take all the lead steps instead both have to work in tandem.

Garv bhupesh, Panchkula

Moral duty of every citizen to save power

It’s the moral duty of all residents, including officials, to contribute their bit in saving the electricity. In most of the offices, AC’s are switched on an hour before the arrival of the official concerned to make the room comfortable. In the morning, the temperature is not so high and one can easily save the electricity for 2-3 hours. Also, the power corporation should put all the electricity meters outside the houses as done in Panchkula district. Also, the Mohali administration should cap the number of AC’s in a household and for every extra AC higher rate of per unit of electricity should be charged.

Savita Kuthiala

Plug wastage, theft of electricity

The authorities concerned must ensure uninterrupted supply of coal to the power houses and the Coal and Railway ministries must ensure that. All societies should be roped in to making the provision of solar power panels compulsory. The rooftops should be used for this purpose. All houses should have this system installed. Mohali city can easily be made a solar city. Financial help and availability of material should be ensured to residents. The authorities must ensure no wastage and theft of electricity. Staggered timing of offices and shops should be adopted.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Switch off lights when not in use

Power demand rises during every summer and often leads to power crisis. The government should generate more electricity to meet the demand. People too need to utilise power. Switch off lights and other appliances while going out and sensitise people on curbs on use of power. The administration should swing into action before the problem arises not after it becomes big. Residents should also cooperate in saving, misuses of power and water etc .

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

Educate people to save electricity

Power cuts are a common experience in Punjab. This is really surprising that over a period of so many years nothing concrete has been done in this regard. The government must educate people and encourage them in saving power supply, ultimately, generating more power for them. Crisis of any kind and sort needs to be fought and dealt with, by the people and the government together. We just cannot expect government to take all the lead steps instead people need to work in tandem.


Govt failed to act proactively

It has been a nightmare for residents of Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, Derabassi and other adjoining areas to face unscheduled power cuts during the past week. The pressure on Punjab’s power generation system is unprecedented at this time, with farmers needing uninterrupted electricity to run pumps to supply water for paddy transplantation. Adding to the problem is unprecedented rise in temperature. The situation could be avoided had the government and the PSPCL planned for the excessive power demand due to paddy plantation and summer season by purchasing power from the open market and by doing preventive maintenance of all the power plants in advance.


Declare power holiday once a week

Commercial establishments, including hospitals, malls and small industries should use

diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply in case of outages. There should be a power holiday once a week, it would definitely have an impact on the crisis. The government, private companies and shopping malls should use only 50% of AC’s and not to use power for publicity, hoarding and sign boards between 6 pm and 6 am. The Punjab government must reduce the timings of government offices and there should be a complete ban on the use of AC’s.

Anita K Tandon, Kharar

Govt must form a special task force

The regularly irregular power supply in Zirakpur, Baltana and Dhakoli area has made the lives of citizens miserable in this sweltering heat. Most of the working class people have purchased flats/houses in Chandigarh/Panchkula. While giving permission for construction to the builders the authorities have totally misjudged the power availability to them. As a result people who have invested their lives there are made to suffer as if they are the second rate citizens of the tricity. The government must form a special task force to address the issue and time bound remedial measures must be made known to the public.


Preparations should be done in advance

The power cuts at peak of summer nights and days has made life horrible in cities around Chandigarh. The non-calculation of power load in advance and the preventive maintenance of transformers and cables cause havoc in the peak summer. The advance procurement of coal and maintenance of the thermal plants also cause the shortage of power during summer. The government must encourage people to install solar plants on each house along with subsidy.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas, Mohali

Citizens behave in an irresponsible manner

When citizens behave in an irresponsible manner by wasting electricity at home, by not turning off the lights and fans when not in use, when we all forget our role as a responsible citizen, we leave higher authorities with nothing but power cuts. Electricity and other natural resources are to be used judiciously. Ultimately, this is our joint responsibility to make it available to one and all.

Anju Mohan, Panchkula

Urge people to go for solar power

Proper planning should be made with the help of experts. More electricity should be arranged. The number of air-conditioners should be decreased. These should be utilised when they feel necessary. Water-coolers should be used if possible. The administration should motivate the people to create electricity with the solar system.

Sumesh Kumar Badhwar, Mohali

Purchase power from neighbouring states

The need for continuous power supply becomes more during the summer season. It is observed that most of the times governments fail to provide regular power supply. It is prayed that each government should form policies and arrange budgets for producing adequate power. However, in case of failure to produce of its own the state governments should arrange to purchase from neighbouring states having surplus power.

NPS Sohal

Remove illegal connections

Frequent power outages in parts of Mohali district is a matter of concern. Officials of the PSPCL should be professionals from grassroots to top position. At the same time, it is the duty of the residents of the area to use the minimum required power. The department officials should check and remove the illegal connections. The defaulters must be punished.

M R Bhateja, Nayagaon

Check misuse of electricity

The government should generate more electricity or seek alternative sources to provide uninterrupted power supply to residents. Solar panels should be mandated on all government buildings, private offices and tourist places as well. The government needs to stop the misuse of electricity at the same time. Illegal kundi connections should also be checked.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

Can’t blame govt for everything

Due to frequent power failures as well as interrupted water supply, we people start blaming the government for its failure. But an in-depth study of the problem will help us to know that the public too is at fault. Poeple don’t voluntarily declared the true power load of our houses. So, how they can expect power corporation to make proper arrangements?

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Power saved is power produced

The PSPCL authorities must ensure that enough power is supplied to Mohali. To meet its requirement, solar energy plant must be encouraged at all residential/ commercial / industrial buildings to augment power supply. At the same time public must be issued instructions, how to save power by switching off all power and light points when not in use. Remember power saved is power produced.

Col TBS Bedi, Mohali

Harness solar energy to fulfil gap

The government has not woken up to the ground reality to take effective and timely steps to augment the power hortage in extreme summer when the demand is at peak and the power generation, both thermal and hydel, is at their lowest levels. The shortfall in supply and demand can be met by tapping the solar energy.

SC LUTHRA, Chandigarh

Curtail free power in phased manner

Over the decades, the politicians played dirty vote bank politics and kept on offering free power to farmers and also encouraged power theft. Resultantly, the PSPCL turned virtually bankrupt and could not buy sufficient coal in time. The state government should curtail free power supply in a phased manner and also stop power theft to improve the health of the PSPCL. The politicians should not rob ‘Peter to pay Paul’.

KC Rana, Chandigarh

Become self-sufficient, use solar energy

Power outages, especially during peak summer are unbearable. If Punjab’s needs are not met by indigenous generation then borrowing from other states is one option and a long term solution is becoming self-sufficient by harnessing the abundant solar energy.

Sapna Sharda, Chandigarh

Electricity theft escalates problem

The problem of electricity shortage problem in Punjab is not new. Frequent instances of power theft also escalate the problem. It can be checked by strong action by the authorities concerned. Instead of providing free power, the government should strengthen the system by utilising these funds in lieu of free power.


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