Watch: Chandigarh Police develop device to keep lockdown violators at bay

Administration has declared UT a containment zone

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Chandigarh, April 26

Chandigarh Police has found an interesting way to catch coronavirus lockdown violators while maintaining social distancing.  

 The cops have developed an instrument that comprises a five-feet-long metal rod fitted, which can be strapped to a policeman's arms, with a tong-like structure at one. 

The other end attaches around the waist of the violators so that they can be led to the police vehicle, without coming in contact with them.

Sanjay Baniwal, director-general of Chandigarh Police, shared a post on Twitter where a policeman can be seen demonstrating how the device functions.

“VIP Security wing of Chandigarh Police has devised this unique way of tackling non-cooperating corona suspects and curfew breakers. Great equipment, great drill !!! Way to go @ssptfcchd and Insp Manjit, HCt Gurdeep, HCt Pawan and Ct Usha,” Baniwal tweeted.

The Administration has declared Chandigarh a containment zone and curfew has also been imposed in the city.

Despite the country-wide lockdown, which has been extended till May 3, many have violated the rules and ventured out on the roads.

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