CAA dangerous for country’s security: CM : The Tribune India

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CAA dangerous for country’s security: CM

CAA will lead to bigger migration than Partition: Kejriwal

CAA dangerous for country’s security: CM

Arvind Kejriwal

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, March 14

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday hit out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah asking who will provide employment, houses and resources to crores of people migrating from Pakistan and Bangladesh when the youth of our country are jobless.

Shah said, “The Delhi Chief Minister has lost his temper after his party’s alleged corruption got exposed.”

The CM, hitting out at Shah, said, “In his entire statement he did not answer even a single question that I had raised on Wednesday. He has only abused me, Kejriwal is corrupt… Leave me, I am not important. The country is important, 140 crore people of the country are important and let us talk about them.”

Kejriwal said on Wednesday that the fundamental question was how millions of migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh could be settled here when people in our own country were suffering without jobs and housing. “Firstly, arrange jobs for your children; that was my primary question yesterday.

Where will they find homes for those whom they want in such large numbers from Pakistan and Bangladesh to settle in our country? Where will the houses, jobs and resources come from for them? There is already so much poverty in our country; people here lack jobs and homes. How do you propose to settle them here?” he remarked.

He emphasised that the migration due to the CAA would be much larger than that from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. “Out of these 2.5 to 3 crore people, even if 1.5 crore people come, then where will they be settled? What will we do with them?” he questioned.

Kejriwal also addressed the issue of the Rohingya community, stating, “You (the BJP) also talked about the Rohingya community. They entered India after you formed the government, after 2014. How did they enter India? Did they come with your connivance or due to your failure? You have scattered the Rohingya community all over the country. By legalising these intruders and migrants, you are opening the doors for them, which will prove extremely dangerous for the nation. These intruders will enter India in such huge numbers that you cannot even imagine.”

Furthermore, he raised concerns about security, stating, “If the slums of these intruders from Pakistan are constructed right in front of your homes, would you accept it? Who are these people? Will your daughters be safe? Will you feel safe among these unknown people? Will our country be safe? What if Pakistan intentionally sends people? This will result in constant law and order problems in India.”

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