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Check out the movie review of Thana Sadar, starring Kartar Cheema

Check out the movie review of Thana Sadar, starring Kartar Cheema


Life is short, effervescent and what we do in this little span makes all the difference. Thana Sadar is a story set in the recent times — Punjab battling with corruption, drugs, terrorists; not necessarily in that order.

In Thana Sadar, SHO Ajit Singh rises as a lone star to battle the system. The youth hooked to PUBG and ‘powder’ isn’t interested in newly appointed SHO’s drug awareness drives. But trust charismatic Ajit to push the envelope. The protagonist’s character is flawless. He is all that one can imagine – capable, honest, a loving brother, caring husband, a dutiful son-in-law, as much as a cop who inspires his juniors and is concerned about the direction youth is going in. His style of working wins him friends, and since he’s a cop, many foes. The film picks up from real incidents – the Pathankot attack – how a cop gets embroiled in the big terrorist plot. But then it’s no sad story. Ajit makes an effort; along the way, he garners support.

The story by Happy Rode deserves credit for being in tandem with the times, and keeping the intrigue of a thriller alive. However, it unfolds rather slowly. In the second half, things move rapidly, leading to confusion at times. On the plus side, some of the night scenes with a police convoy on the move are shot beautifully. Dialogues are applause-worthy; the background score befits its theme. The film is full on masala mix, replete with an item number and a romantic song in due course.

Kartar’s envious physique, his bare back, washboard abs get ample screen space. People hoot and shoot (literally with phones cameras) as he does what he does best —fights and chases while oozing swag. He has the earnestness in his act that goes in tandem with the character he plays. Gunjan Katoch makes her film debut with this one; within the parameters of her role she does a decent job. Arsh Maini, the singer, also debuts as actor.

Vikramjeet Virk as menacing Moosa is impressive. Gurmeet Saajan plays the Man Friday aka Munshi in this one with aplomb. And like any malasa movie, despite an entire unit of Special Task Force, it’s our hero who has to engage in a hand- to-hand combat. Some of the action sequences are outstanding.

If you have been missing formula films and the camaraderie of enjoying a picture in a hall, by all means it’s for you. Since it’s a season of sequels, the makers leave this one open-ended too. Thana Sadar ends with a dancing ode to the Punjab police. Only a warning – it’s a typical masala film. If Bollywood has its Bhai, Pollywood just found its own Bhai, or do we call it Bai?

Thana Sadar

Director: Vikram Thori
Cast: Kartar Cheema, Vikramjeet Virk, Gunjan Katoch, Gurmeet Saajan, Mahabir Bhullar, Arsh Maini and Hobby Dhaliwal
Stars: ***

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