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Hailing the true Kerala story

Hailing the true Kerala story


The Malayalam film, 2018: Everyone is a Hero, which released in theatres, has become the first in the language to cross Rs 200cr in box office collection.

Currently streaming on SonyLIV, it continues to draw traction over Twitter and other social media platforms with #2018EveryoneIsAHero and #2018. The Jude Anthany Joseph-directorial has smashed every record of previous Malayalam blockbusters. It stars Tovino Thomas, Tanvi Ram, Kalayiarasan, Aparna Balamurali, Asif Ali and many others.

All about the film

  • The film was originally titled 2403 Ft with the tagline The Story of Unexpected Heroes.
  • 2018 was dragged into a controversy for showing the helplessness of the state government. PS Sreekala, director of the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission, denounced the film by saying that it does not show the real picture. He later gave a clarification stating that the movie is a small rendition of the efforts put forth by the state and the governments.
  • It is the Tovino’s second project to draw pan-Indian viewership. The first one was Minnal Murali.

—inputs by Shereen Jalali

What worked?

The disaster drama is based on the true story of the Kerala floods of 2018. Besides being a chapter torn from life, it celebrates the heroism of Keralites in the face of calamity, and also keeps you on the edge of the seat as you connect with each character with every passing second. Its theatrical release date (May 5) coincided with another film from the state, The Kerala Story. With its message of positivity and hope 2018, which was made in just Rs 10-15 crore managed a worldwide box office collection of approximately Rs 210 crore.

The film delves into the themes of survival and thrill, drawing inspiration from the agonising 2018 Kerala floods. It revolves around the narratives of individuals triumphing over adversity and showcases the profound impact of nature’s fury.

By portraying the experiences of various characters, 2018: Everyone is a Hero offers audiences an immersive and engaging experience. From the script to character sketch, the film speaks at a human level from one scene to another.

The lead character Anoop, played by Tovino, is relatable. An Army deserter, he volunteers to help out the flood victims. While it’s redemption for Anoop, who dies while saving others, other characters too show different shades of humanity. It has all the emotions encapsulated in a powerful punch. And, it also brings back memories of his performance in Virus, based on the Nipah outbreak in Kerala.

Fan fever

This record-breaking success has left fans overwhelmed. The film’s fan base witnessed an exponential surge when it was dubbed in various languages and was made available on the SonyLiv platform on June 7. It’s currently dubbed in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada.

Fans have flooded Twitter with praise for the movie, calling it ‘the true Kerala story’. They assert that 2018: Everyone is a Hero represents the true essence of Kerala in contrast to The Kerala Story.

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