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Here’s how Raveena Tandon bagged her first role

Here’s how Raveena Tandon bagged her first role

Raveena Tandon


Raveena Tandon made her debut in the Hindi film industry with Salman Khan-starrer Patthar Ke Phool in 1991. The actress spoke about how she got her debut role. Raveena would be seen talking about her maiden film during the The Kapil Sharma Show, which celebrated India’s influential women — Sudha Murty, Raveena, and Guneet Monga — each of whom have made a mark for themselves in their respective fields.

During a chat where life stories and experiences were shared, host Kapil asked Raveena about her first movie and how she landed the role.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Raveena said: “I was in my first year of college, and my friends and I would often go to the newly opened pizza shop on Linking Road. One day, while we were there, I saw Vivek Vaswani and Anant Balani sitting nearby. They were discussing the heroine for Salman Khan’s second film and Anant pointed towards me, and asked Vivek to talk to me. Vivek didn’t recognise me, but I recognised him as he is my brother’s friend and I told him the same when he asked my name. He realised I was Ravi ji’s daughter and that’s how we connected.”

She added: “Simultaneously, I was interning with Prahlad Kakkar and assisting him in shoots. Whenever there was no model available, he would make me stand in for free. During one of these shoots in Bandra, Bunty Walia noticed me, told Salman I would be perfect for films, and brought him to meet me. However, Salman didn’t personally meet me, only noticed from a distance. My father later received a call from Salim ji and that’s how I got another opportunity. You know how destiny works, what’s written will happen.”

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