On National Youth Day, celebs talk about the problems faced by youth and what they need to do to overcome them

On National Youth Day, celebs talk about the problems faced by youth and what they need to do to overcome them

Pragati Mehra, actor

Real happiness

Pragati Mehra, actor

These days, there is stress among youngersters about their social media positioning and two minutes of fame. The need to be liked and accepted, and that has become their real happiness. They sure need to change that kind of mind-set.

Filter information

Harshali Zine, actress

Influencers today mostly come from the younger lot. So, it’s a responsibility to not get manipulated easily. I see influencers making meaningless content on social media, blindly promoting brands without knowing the side effects of the products they are promoting and the followers following their content blindly. But I feel both parties are innocent. The youth must learn how to filter the information they are receiving via any medium.

Out in nature: Somy Ali, actress

I think the issue that I have observed is that our youth are too involved with gadgets. They do not have any inclination to be out in the nature, spend time with friends, masked and vaccinated, of course, and have real conversations. It’s all about social media and video games as of now. There has to be a balance in life and that has to be solely the parents’ responsibility.

Understand them

Vijayendra Kumeria, actor

The major problems of youth is unemployment, mental health and also lack of guidance. The youth wants to be understood and should be able to express themselves, be it home, school or college. Covid has affected the mental health of youngsters as they are just wasting time on social media; they don’t know how to use their time correctly.

Speak up

Aditya Deshmukh, actor

Every generation comes with a different thought-process. Maybe sometimes their problems or their way of thinking is not being accepted. So, I think they should take those challenges on instead of labelling them as problems. Let them speak their mind.

Pick a hobby

Bhumika Chawla, actress

The youth needs to be more outdoors and more active. They need more interaction at the human level, than just virtual. Due to the pandemic and constant restrictions I understand it’s not easy for people. The youth must pray, meditate, read, exercise and pick up a hobby.

— Sheetal

Safe & sound

Ayushmann Khurrana, actor

The National Youth Day is yet another opportunity for all of us to commit ourselves to one important issue. As we begin this year, let’s join hands to end violence against children everywhere… Many young people today may have faced violence as children.” He adds, “I want to reiterate that violence and bullying in all its forms is unacceptable. We must build the culture of tolerance and ensure that our homes, schools and social networks are safe places for children. As UNICEF’s celebrity advocate for ending violence against children, I hope that together we can make a difference.”

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