Setting parental goals

Setting parental goals

Ronit Bose Roy

There’s nothing more special in this world for parents than their children; the love for their children is selfless. However, sometimes destiny takes a bitter turn, and the same children who were loved in abundance reciprocate this unconditional love with apathy.

Colors’ new family drama Swaran Ghar depicts the story of one such couple. As parents they never think about themselves or their future and their children turn their back on them when they need their support the most. Popular TV actor Ronit Bose Roy is all set to join the stellar cast of Swaran Ghar with Sangita Ghosh and play the role of Kanwaljeet, a man of great character and a father who puts his family’s need above everything else.

Ronit says, “I am elated to be back on the television after two years and bag the role of Kanwaljeet in Colors’ new fiction show Swaran Ghar.”

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