Lend that designer touch to your interiors

A room-wise guide to help revamp your spaces and make these welcoming

Lend that designer touch to your interiors

Match neutral colours with bright ones for the kid’s room.

Shristi Nangalia

Designers do not have a décor guide or rule book when it comes to decorating spaces. The design of each space is dealt with individually while honouring the context of the site and working in lines with the functional and aesthetical requirements. Having said that it is the designer touch which makes any dull and dated room turn into a welcoming and timeless interior volume. Herewith are some tips and tricks on how you can have your own Instagram-worthy living room, dining room, bedroom, kid’s room and more.

A huge artwork can take the décor of the living room to a new level

Living room: Find the focal point

The key to good design lies in a composed layout and proper layering of all elements of space. To get the décor of your living room right, look for potential areas where focal points can be achieved. A gallery of family photos or a huge artwork on the wall could take the décor of the room to a new level. Consider reupholstering the furniture and adding playful patterned cushions and a throw for a multi-layered, yet refined, appeal. Add an area rug, one that nods to the colour scheme of the upholstery and cushions. Top the space with table accessories or vases. Finally, introduce suitable indoor plants in pots and planters to enliven the setup. If you do not have a green thumb, dried flowers and potpourri could be the right fix.

Experiment with accessories in the dining space

Dining area: Try multiple patterns

The palette of the living room can act as a fair starting point to decorate the dining room since both the spaces ideally lie together in the home. The dining room is the right place to experiment with patterns, accessories and lighting. You can try accenting the space with multiples patterns in a similar colour or tone, creating an interesting tablescape with décor pieces of the same make, or bringing in a statement pendant light to crown the dining area. If the space and interior theme permits, you can install a coffee station or a bar trolley to effectuate a high-end allure to the space.

Place planters and figurines under the staircase

Bedroom: Create an intriguing backdrop

To amp up the décor of the bedroom and pull off a chic and relaxing aura, use the walls to create an intriguing backdrop. Paintings, floating shelves, mirrors, wall sconces can aid in building beautiful vignettes, while maintaining the style quotient of the room. Apart from that, you can invest in a colourful tapestry, rug or curtains to add warmth and personality to the space.

Kid’s bedroom: Punch in a dash of colour

An easy trick to design a lasting kids room is to pick up gender-neutral colours (like green, grey, beige, black and white) for the furnishing and built-in units. Blinds, bedcover, carpet, wall hangings, banners, etc. can be used to punch in a dash of colour to the room. Your child may also love unique additions like a teepee, a gallery wall full of his/her own drawings, a chalkboard wall, hanging fairy lights, etc.

Staircase: Install an engaging runner

A surefire way to build up the decor of the staircase area or stairwell is to install an engaging runner or add enhancements (like acrylic sheets, stick-on wallpapers) to the risers. The under-stair area and landing zones are a great place to place planters and figurines. If there is enough space, employ a couple of chairs or ottomans to tailor an intimate reading corner. Station a dramatic lighting fixture on the stairwell ceiling or wall to bring vertical interest. Wall hangings and wall art, too, can be situated as an instant solution too.


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