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Rug-ged warmth

Impart a snug vibe to your house by placing wool rugs in your interiors

Rug-ged warmth

Bindu Gopal Rao

As a décor accessory that can instantly transform a space from drab to fab, rugs win hands down. Add a wool rug to your room this winter and enjoy the softness and durability that will last for generations. Wool rugs are available in several styles and patterns. Geometric patterns, florals, abstract, traditional designs, you name it and the style is available in wool rugs, the most popular being Oriental designs.

“There is never a wrong time or place to add a rug to your living space. Adding such accessories to your space is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is getting out of the bed and putting your feet onto a cold floor, a rug lessens this feeling, whether your flooring is marble, wooden or parquet,” says Hussain Somjee, managing director of MIMI Homes.

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Rugs traditional designs in warmer, deep saturated, subtle tones can add warmth to your place. Placing an intricately patterned rug on the solid flat weave or hand-knotted rug is a good idea. “Using high-end rugs in smaller sizes as wall hanging can also add to the winter interiors. Placing a runner on your bedside or smaller rugs beneath your resting chair or placing a warm shag rug in the balcony with some floor cushion to enjoy the sun on a winter afternoon can impart a nice vibe to your house,” says Angelique Dhama at Obeetee.

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No other carpet is as luxurious, timeless and classic as a wool rug. “Wool rugs also make great wall art. Given the nature of hand-knotted rugs, people are using these to transform their walls and the overall feel of a room. A colourful piece on the wall is good for the aesthetics of the room. The new rule with rugs is ‘more the merrier’. Using different types of rugs in layers is an easy way to add colours and patterns to a room or to experiment with trends. A mix and match of different rugs can add character and versatility to your house, both indoors and outdoors. You can experiment with rugs of different colours, textures and/or fibre like wool, silk, high/low or a flat weave with colour and pattern for a combination to stand out,” says Yogesh Chaudhary of Jaipur Rugs. People are spending more time at home than ever before. Hence, they have taken to decorating their homes according to their needs.

“If you are looking to add some attention to your interiors, consider ‘layering’ rugs by creating a patchwork of motives and patterns. For instance, instead of selecting one solid rug, you can consider putting a smaller one on top of a bigger rug at an angle or off centre and add to the aesthetics,” says Erik Jan Middlehoven of IKEA India.

So, while you enjoy your rugs, remember that vacuuming is the best way to clean your rug from time to time. Proper sanitisation in spray form should be done on a regular basis. 

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