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Park wears a deserted look in Kurukshetra

Park wears a deserted look in Kurukshetra

The public park situated in 7-B Model Town near 50 Ft Road, Thanesar wears a deserted look. It is a park only for namesake and does not serve any purpose as it has been abandoned for months now. The overgrown tree branches are blocking the walking track and stray animals are seen squatting inside as the only turnstile appears to have been stolen. When it gets dark, the park is occupied by addicts and drug abusers. The authorities concerned must look into the matter at the earliest. Jai Bhagwan Galav, Kurukshetra

Overgrown trees cover traffic lights

After the monsoon season ends, the branches of the overgrown trees cover traffic lights and hide signboards at various places in the city, causing inconvenience to the commuters. These trees require periodic pruning and trimming as they grow fast. Their branches also cover the street lights, leaving the streets dark and dingy. The local administration must attend to the problem. Simranjeet Singh Chawla, Karnal