Video of BJP leader Sonali Phogat beating up man in Hisar goes viral

Phogat defends herself, Congress asks: ‘Will Khattar Saheb take action’

Tribune News Service
Hisar, June 5

A video of Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sonali Phogat beating up a member of Balsamand market secretary went viral on Friday, drawing criticism from opposition Congress.

Balsamand is a village in Hisar district.

The video, which Congress leader Randeep Surjewala shared on Twitter, shows Phogat---who, after shooting to fame on the back of her viral Tiktok videos, had unsuccessfully contested last year’s assembly elections from Adampur---beating up Market Committee Secretary Sultan Singh.

She can be heard saying in the video, “Am I working to hear abuses from people like you? Do I not have the right to a dignified life. You (abusive work)…you have no right to live”, as she uses her slipper to hit Sultan Singh.

Sources in the village said Phogat, accompanied by 5-6 of her associates, came to the grain market’s purchase centre and spoke to Singh about some issues they were facing. The sources said things got heated as the group made its way towards the purchase centre and soon they saw Phogat beating Singh.

Phogat told police in her complaint that Singh used “indecent, derrogatory language” directed at her.

However Zonal Marketing enforcement officer Saheb Ram said the assault appeared “pre-planned and seemed to be a political stunt".

Sultan Singh said he noted down everything that Phogat had told. “She asked me to construct a shed and I have noted it down,” he said. Sources said Singh had also lodged a complaint with the police.

Congress demands action

Surjewala shared a video of the incident and demanded to know what action Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar would take against Phogat.  

“Exploits of the leaders of the Khattar government,” Surjewala’s tweet, which was in Hindi, said.

“The BJP committee of Adampur, Hisar, is beating the market committee secretary like animals. Is it a crime to do a government job? Will Khattar Saheb take action? Will the media still remain silent?” 



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