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Well, you get the picture!

Nature retreats, Ayurveda, ancient wisdom join hands with technology like DNA testing to bring a wellness revolution in 2020

Well, you get the picture!


If ‘fitness’ ruled the first decade of the 21st century, it is ‘wellness’ that’s become the buzzword as we move ahead. Self care, nature retreats, making most of ancient Ayurveda along with technology coming to aid, this field shall see a total revolution in 2020. From holistic experiences to power play of yoga, gadgets like fitness, sleep trackers, health checkers and a zillion of fitness apps shall unfold new facets in the arena.

# 1 Nutrition or cleansing events

The busy social calendar of 2020 shall see events, which will stress on nutrition and detox therapies. “Customised food and detox therapies like yoga and meditation will gain more popularity than ever before. For every individual, depending upon their physical state, are going to be a hit,” says wellness coach Avni Kaul. Such events will be quite visible through the year.

# 2 DNA testing

Science has opened up new ways to look into one’s wellbeing. Those, who don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, are increasingly opting for exclusive genetic testing. “DNA analysis helps one with in-depth insights of your ancestral heritage. To a curious fitness enthusiast, this will be a huge trend in 2020,” says Dr Paras, life-leadership coach, and founder of Matrrix. Trio testing, where mother, father and child are tested thoroughly assesses more than 250 hereditary diseases. This could yield insights not only into disease, but also into important areas including fertility, and longevity. “This will be a year of personalised fitness plans along with personalised diet plans,” emphasises nutritionist Preety Tyagi.

# 3 Wellness retreats

As the complexity of the world around us increases manifold leaving us struggling with physical and emotional turmoil, people are signing up for wellness retreats. Still a luxury, nature lovers are increasingly indulging in retreats. “It is an escape to unplug, recharge and renew your inner self,” says Nikhil Kapur, co-founder of Atmantan Wellness Center. “Various experiences like yoga, meditation, hydro-therapies, massages, naturopathy, Ayurvedic treatments are undertaken by people to ensure that they manage their physical, mental and emotional balance,” he adds.

# 4 Tech well-being

While technology is largely blamed for robbing us of our peace and quiet, it has now permeated the world of wellness in an adaptive approach. “In support of the monitoring of health, awareness, managing of wellbeing, the tech well-being consists of gadgets that make life easy,” offers Nikhil Kapur. Tracking daily walk distance, sleep cycle, diets, pulse rate, these tools allow users to stay aware of their wellness all the time. The year 2020 shall see a rise in this segment for the forever clued-in folks.

# 5 Cannabis tea

While Cannabis tea is used for medical purposes for long, its recreational uses would take over in 2020. “In the wellness industry, its hugely helps people with sleep disorders offering to soothe anxiety and bring restful sleep,” says dietician Shikha Mahajan. As we know sleep along with diet and exercise is the third significant dimension for people aiming at well being.

# 6 Plant-based meats

Indulgence and conscientiousness go hand in hand today. Not ready to give up on gourmet delight, people don’t want to disturb the delicate nature balance either, so in come plant-based meats. Derived from a plant with the taste and the texture of real meats, giants like McDonald’s and Burger King are now keeping vegan options. “The growing demand for realistic faux burgers has forced the food industry to explore such options,” says Shikha Mahajan. She warns, however, that this fad might be harmful. “From a nutritional point of view, vegan is not necessarily better, considering that most of the faux foods are highly processed to give them the desired texture and flavour.”

# 7 Blue therapy

Healing colour of serenity being the Pantone’s chosen one is not just ruling the fashion world, but also the wellness industry. Inspired by Wallace J Nichols’ Blue Mind, swimming, surfing, sailing or simply walking along the sea are going to be lapped up by people looking for succour. Labelled Blue Mindfulness, it refers to harnessing water to soothe us in a number of ways. “Water has the ability to give a paradigm shift to your body by alleviating pain we suffer from physical stress,” says healer Kuhoo Gupta, founder of The K Junction. Experiencing the blue waters can help in regulating emotions.

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